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FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0

  1. Adnan Januzaj from Man Utd is Mistakenly listed as Albanian instead as Belgian, a Small correction which i have done myself.

  2. @KaiRooney , thanks a lot for your words , i really apreciated it.

    I will check him and change him for the future releases thanks!
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  3. HELP

    I am a bit of a novice when it comes to downloading add ons to FM. I would very much appreciate some help

    I have downloaded the update which only took about 30 secs to complete. I have moved the downloaded folder to the FM folder and into a created folder called "Editor Data". Is this correct?

    I have started up a new game to check if this worked but it has not. Can somebody help me with this and if possible, maybe do a step by step instruction for me?

    Sorry to be a pain

  4. C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\Editor Data , is the correct path is it ok so far?

    You have to open with winrar the pack you downloaded ,go to the folder inside with the name "Files" , copy the 6 files , and then paste the 6 files inside the folder named "Editor Data".

    So far ok ?

  5. Yes that is the correct path mate. I have just downloaded Winrar, I never really download anything so I have literally no idea what I am doing to be honest lol!!

    How do I open the pack that I downloaded on it? Any chance of a step by step?

  6. The pack you downloaded is in winrar format now. The purple box! Double click ---> The open the folder named Files ---> Select the whole 6 files & Copy ---> Go the path we said and then there paste them.

    Then open the game ---> new game etc etc.

    You have to download only the 1.5 update not the 5 others!

  7. Ive got it working, thank u so much!!

  8. Have fun

  9. Great Job. thanks.

    I wish to give you a couple of suggestion as fan of AC Milan.

    Kevin Constant is playing as Left Back (he is no more CM since 2 years) and during last market AC Milan has bought him totally from Genoa (COMUNICATO STAMPA « Genoa Cfc – Official Website)

    Stephan El Shaarawy is playing Left Wing...not Right. I don't really understand why in FM he is right wing...

    Last but not least, I don't remember if you added the last acquisition of AC Milan, Bartosz Salamon from Brescia.

  10. @daron1337, i have added Bartosz Salamon dont worry.

    I will change the others thanks!

  11. Great job man! Are you still trading players? Would be really happy if you could trade some Swedish players and I could help you with a list of the trades

  12. When you say trade what to you mean mate?

  13. Downloaded it, great work mate, game is definitely more enjoyable now!

  14. Hello, great update u got here, congratulations.
    I have just 2 corrections to make, since it's about my favorite club, Sporting Clube de Portugal(SCP)
    In the transfer of Izmaylov to FC Porto, we got Miguel Lopes in a 50/50 co propriety deal, like the italians do, but since it's not possible to do that, i think, probably a loan or something -> Sporting confirma Izmailov no FC Porto ::
    And the transfer of Marius Niculae was canceled at last minute due to possible ineligibility for being already transfered this season. -> Sporting desiste de Niculae ::

  15. @OwenFM13 , thanks mate i am doing my best!!

    @Rinket , ok i will sort them thanks!

  16. proposals for the next update:

    1) delete future transfer for Matias Suarez to CSKA Moscow
    he remained in Anderlecht

    2) Vagner Love in CSKA
    Vagner signs for PFC CSKA | Club news CSKA. Professional Football Club

    3) Ricardo Jesus (Avaí Futebol Clube (SC) ---> Atlético Goianiense
    he doesn't belong CSKA Moscow now

    4) Dawid Janczyk ---> free agent

    5) are you sure that Frank Lampard to join LA Galaxy?

    6) Milan Rodić and Luis Neto in FC Zenit

    7) Willian in Anji
    Willian to Anji!,

    8) Brazilian defender Douglas signed 5-years contract with FC Dnipro
    Douglas signed contract :: News :: FC Dnipro :: Official Site ::

    9) Jose Baxter
    contract with Oldham Athletic until 2015

    10) Ross Barkley on loan to Leeds United

    11) Aleksandr Prudnikov to FC Alania

    12) Didier Drogba in Galatasaray

    13) Valery Gazzaev - FC Alania manager since november 2012
    (He became president (2011) and then also manager (November 2012) of Alania Vladikavkaz)
    Gazzaev Returns to Coaching at Alania | Sports | RIA Novosti
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  17. 2, 7 , 12 are done in the pack in 1 February.

    I will cancelled lampard's future transfer in the next.

    Barkley is less than six months loan.

    All the other will be done thanks!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by pr01991 View Post
    2, 7 , 12 are done in the pack in 1 February.
    sorry, but i see these players in their previous clubs
    can you check them?

    and don't forget 13th point

  19. Mate especially drogba was also in the picture in the 1st page , isn't it logical to be in time for the pack in 1 Feb ?

    Did you only passed them 1.5 update pack or did you use it with previous packs?

  20. i deleted previous packs from editor data)

  21. I have included them , so i dont know what happened with your game. Do again all the necessary stuff, download and extract again.

  22. Adrian Ropotan in Volga NN

  23. Have you done any CA/PA changes to anyone from West Ham or Liverpool. If so, who?

  24. hi i've done everything it says, created editor data, ticked the boxes but when i start a new games transfers haven't been updated..

    Can anyone help Please??

  25. thanks

  26. @SJW123, i dont remember download and check the CA/PA changes text with the changes.

    @tattymatty, game is original? Also you tiched the box then in the new screen ticked only my six files ? ( and not other creators files).

    @konsta11 , have fun

  27. Ryan Nelsen to join Toronto FC as head coach
    Nelsen oversees first Toronto training session | MLS News |

    Spartak to Loan Welliton Back to Brazil

    Alania Sign El Salvador Forward Zelaya

    FC Rostov Signs Promising Defender
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  28. Hi,

    If i currently have your previous old update in my "editor data" folder, what should i do??? overwrite with the new file??

  29. @xxlin , yes delete all the previous files and replace them with the new ones.

  30. Do you have a download mirror for the file. You've hit your download limit on the provided link.

  31. @JmeBud , Redownload again this is not possible.

  32. delete future transfer for Adrián Centurión to Anzhi.
    Argentinian has problem with health.

  33. @FCZP, ok mate thanks!

  34. last changes Otelul Galati, Romania : Otelul Galati - All transfers - take a look here please

  35. Cant seem to get the download to actually start downloading, any suggestions?

  36. @stewmitchch , did you click the dowload button?

  37. Read the instructions.

  38. i have a one questions about this i need create the new folder, i mean folder editor data? right?

  39. all right with the patch, but Bartosz Salamon is a Central Defender. And in this position he will play in Milan. Well done !Regards

  40. Loans from Otelul Galati to other teams:
    Marian Pop - Olimpia Satu-Mare
    Razvan Ochirosii - CF Fuenlabrada
    Constantin Miselaricu - Delta Tulcea
    Bratislav Punosevac - FCM TG. Mures
    Sorin Cucu - FCM Tg. Mures
    Cosmin Garleanu - Dunarea Galati
    Bogdan Chipirliu - Dunarea Galati
    Ousmane Gueye - Dunarea Galati
    Florin Stoica - Dunarea Galati
    Cenk Firat - Dunarea Galati
    Andrei Marus - Dunarea Galati

    Transfers from Otelul Galati to other teams:
    Marius Pena - FC Baku 100.000 euro
    Cornel Rapa - Steaua Bucuresti 100.000 euro
    Gabriel Viglianti - End of career
    Laurentiu Bus - Enisey free
    Stefan Mardare - Rapid Bucuresti free
    Danut Enescu - gone, but searching a team; unemployed
    Bruce Inkango - same situation with previous free
    Milan Perendija - Mordoviya 100.000

    Arrivals: transfers from other teams to Otelul Galati
    Victor Astafei - from Gaz Metan Medias
    Alexandru Zaharia - CS Turnu-Severin
    Marquinhos - Paraná *
    Daúd Gazale - CD Universidad Católica
    João Felipe - Flamengo reserves or U21 *
    Cosmin Vancea - CS Turnu Severin
    Lucian Murgoci - Otelul II *
    Samoel Cojoc - end of loan I think... quality right back *
    Daniel Popescu - loaned from Dunarea Galati, quality left back *
    Alexandru Tudorie - Otelul Galati Reserve Squad, U18,19, not accepted in senior squad, but trains with them *
    Costin Curelea - Sportul Studentesc, trains with squad, not transfered, trying to become free agent before

    *-needs some attributes improvements because reputation of inferior leagues makes them being less quality than real


  41. Hi, I downloaded and extracted the files to the editor data file but when i click start new i dont get the pop up box the select allow changes. Anyone know how to fix this?

  42. Did you follow carefully all the instructions?

  43. yeah deffo mate. I have downloaded things like this before and they usually work. I am using steam if that makes a difference?

  44. Did you create the editor data folder inside sports interactive folder? And extract there the 6 dbc files (only) inside?

  45. The editor data file was already there and yes extracted only the 6 files. I am just about to open editor and do a quick file edit to see if it brings up the allow changes box with a editor file i create.

  46. hmm thats strange. When i created my own editor save file it worked no problem

  47. pls change favorite club for Antonio Candreva (Lazio) - it's Lazio, not Roma

  48. @davidwoodmass , you are doing something wrond try again.

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