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FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0

  1. Classic Mode

    Can´t get it to work in classic mode. Works in normal mode only..

  2. SC Braga e FC Shakhtar Donetsk chegam a acordo por Ismaily — Sporting Clube de Braga

    + don't forget about João Carlos from Anzhi - now in game he has options in his contract that he end career in 2014 - it's false

  3. when was is the next update was out ?

  4. @brooksy08, As long as i have time , i will pass them thanks!

    @Tjompiz, i have no idea mate i havent check it through classic mode.

    @Qrag, the next one comes tomorrow , 15 February!

  5. Because in my packs i want to "speak" with number take a look of the latest update in 1 February. Until now there are almost 10.000 downloads which is almost 667 downloads per day!! This number makes it (if not the Number 1), one of the most succesfull updates that there are out in the web !

    Also has voted my packs as the best out there !!

    Timeline Photos | Facebook

  6. Krylya Sovetov Samara have signed Spartak Moscow midfielder Emin Makhmudov on a one-year loan

    Lokomotiv Extend Yanbaev's Contract
    Lokomotiv Extend Yanbaev's Contract | Football | R-Sport. All the top sports news

  7. any chance this works with fm2012?

  8. you've left Boyata at FC Twente when he has returned to Man City (just letting you know not trying to shoot you down, im just a perfectionist)

  9. @belizeno, i dont think so.

    @Forder22 , No boyata is in Man City..

  10. In how many юудет updating Moscow time

  11. In how many there will be an updating Moscow time

  12. Quote Originally Posted by sergei2608 View Post
    In how many there will be an updating Moscow time
    с Англией разница в 4 часа
    апдейт выйдет вечером - сам считай, ночью уже сможешь скачать

    Bentley ----> Blackburn

  13. In 2-3 hours from now!

  14. Whens the next update mate? wanting to start a new game

  15. In half an hour probably!!

  16. Newest update is up [15.2.2013]. Check everyone 1st post and have fun
    Αnd dont forget my facebook page here --->
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  17. 1) David Bentley
    Tottenham loan David Bentley to Blackburn Rovers - Transfers - Football - The Independent

    2) why do you ignore Vagner Love?
    Vagner Love in CSKA
    Vagner signs for PFC CSKA | Club news CSKA. Professional Football Club

    3) i think my problem with Drogba in China - it's China football update
    i don't have any idea about is

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0-lgzizhaocxs.jpg  
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  18. 4) Ryan Nelsen must be MLS Toronto manager
    BBC Sport - QPR defender Ryan Nelsen named new manager of Toronto

    now he in QPR staff - it's incorrect

    5) Vladimir Obukhov (Spartak Moscow) ---> Torpedo Moscow (on loan until 06.2013)

    6) Arthur Maloyan (Spartak Moscow) ----> Shinnik Yaroslavl (full transfer)

    7) Alexandru Epureanu (Krylia Sovetov Samara) ---> Dinamo Moscow (end of loan)

    8) Samba in QPR
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  19. 9) Leandro da Silva (Arsenal Kyiv) ---> FC Kuban on loan until end of season

    10) Vladimir Dvalishvili (Polonia Warsaw) ---> Legia,34501-dwaliszw..._do_legii.html
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  20. You are keep saying the same , so i keep saying the same too. Download only the latest pack 1.6 , delete all the other packs of mine, make a new game, and then see. Keep only my 6 files and not other creators files. Do this , and come inform me again.

  21. I dont meant to split hairs but you got spelling mistakes buddy. It Nacho Monreal not Natxo.

  22. @AdstheNads, yeah but its not my fault. SI had the name like this i didnt change it wrongly. I will change it in the next thanks.

  23. where do i extract the file to?

  24. @sheku05k , read the instructions text inside the .rar .

  25. Is Craig Beattie at Barnet?

  26. @needausername, Yes!

  27. Quote Originally Posted by pr01991 View Post
    @needausername, Yes!
    How did you base the attributes for Edgar Davids? And is there any way he can be kept on as a player if i take Barnet job?
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  28. Probably he will stay! I made his attributes as he was in previous football manager games..

  29. Xandão (Sporting Lissabon) ---> Kuban
    contract until summer of 2016

    Anton Putsila ( SC Freiburg) ---> Volga Nizhniy Novgorod
    contract until summer 2013

  30. cancel future transfer for Matias Suarez to CSKA Moscow
    RSCA.BE - Mati Suárez reste à Anderlecht

    Kanu (RSC Anderlecht) ---> Terek Grozny

    Kuban to Sign Marseille’s Kabore

    Akaki Khubutia ---> Mordovia Saransk
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  31. @FCZP , ok mate added thanks!

  32. Hey all, hope you enjoy your time playing FM13 with my packs. I want to inform you that the next release is for 25 or 26 February due to SI's official patch release, probably the next month. You can also get a lot of information about what each packs include in my official facebook page. Day by day i make announcements.

    (For example :


    1. New update pack (1.7) will come in 25-26 February due to being abroad and didnt find the expected time to work on.
    2. I have completely done the transfers from Süper Lig (1st division of Turkey) . Now i am working on the 1st division of Romania, so the next pack will include also all the transfers from Romania.
    3. Also i have done all the latest worldwide transfers like Nigel Reo Coker,Mikael Silvestre and so.

    At this point i would like to inform all of you , that I am not working on FM12. My last update come before FM13's release so dont ask for FM12 updates. Some said that the current updates for FM13 work on FM12 so give it a try you dont have something to lose. )

    You can also invite your friends to play with my packs and join my facebook page here :

    FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

    And some images for the next pack :

    8th Update - 25/26 February - FM13 Transfers Update Pack 1.7

    Thanks a lot and have a good time

  33. Great update,
    just noticing some changes for stoke:
    - Begovic should be wanted by Man United and City (I don't know if you can change this)
    - Jerome's long shots should go up because he seems to only score stunners
    - Huth is still injured with a viral infection which changed a good while ago

  34. And brek shea is 22 not 20

  35. @tomthrower, begovic cant be set to be wanted by clubs.
    2ndly, brek shea is actually 22, i havent changed him.

    I will take although a look at Jerome and Huth thanks!

  36. Newest Update is up ! Download link to be found in the 1st post !!

    Also like me here :
    FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

  37. Nevermind
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  38. @Incognito92, ??

  39. Have you done latest transfers for the MLS?

  40. @willo123, Yes i have done many.

  41. Just downloaded FM2013 after playing the demo. Couldn't stand playing with those old rosters. Downloaded these as I hear they're the best rosters. Unfortunately the MLS rosters are lacking in a lot of key areas/transfers. That's completely understandable though seeing as I'm sure you have a massive workload with all these transfers. MLS is starting soon (March 2nd) and I'm willing to offer a helping hand. I just learned how to do some stuff on the editor so I'd like to redo the MLS opening day rosters and possibly send them to you so you can use and I can post them too.

    I'd just use your current changes and fix the MLS portion. Figured I'd ask your permission before I begin to start or post them. I've already done 2 of 19 teams (Philadelphia and New York) and I'll continue doing the rest for my personal use. Let me know if you'd like me to send them to you or post them when I'm done.

    *I won't be creating any prospects that aren't in the game. Just doing all the transfers to make sure the rosters are up to date on opening day.

  42. @MarkG31 , your offer is much appreciated. But there is a small problem.. I wont give another update until the official patch's release (which will include the MLS transfers).

    So you can update my file for your personal use and use it only by yourself and not post it or publish it.

  43. Quote Originally Posted by pr01991 View Post
    @willo123, Yes i have done many.
    ahahahahahahaha. You funny

  44. @zeepalin , why i am funny?

  45. Some of you may have noticed mistakes on the new (13.3) database. Either contracts renewals,players joined/left a club,relationships,CA/PA attributes and so.

    Please write them down and then post them here in my topic, so I can change them in the next pack in 15 March.

  46. Shed End
    Football - Transfers Page : All the transfers

    perhaps this site will be usefull.
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  47. I know this page but its not so accurate enough...

  48. Shed End
    ight. I remember I've faund gr8 site with all world football transfers. It was brazil or portugal site. Just thought it might be helpful.

    Good work with the update, btw.

  49. @Shed End, thanks a lot

  50. Important Notice

    Like last year, from now on , Ι would like to work more closely with you , the gamers , in terms of scouting.
    I come from Greece. I can get the best information for greek teams through greek football pages. What I want from you, is to give me info about things happening in your country , so I can pass them to the game. The result will be a very detailed and enjoyable game through your knowledge given to me.

    For example :

    You are from Portugal. Because of that , you know the portuguese language and you read the portuguese football papers/blogs. I cant get the correct info for my packs from Portugal. I want you to write in a notepad once a month, what happened in your country : Players/managers/staff left,signed,deceased,retired.Also relationships. Likes/Dislikes and so. If you want you can also make suggestions on future CA/PA abilities so I can change them into the correct ones. Also economical changes,stadium changes and so. Everything that cant be included in the FM game. Like a real life scout !!

    You dont have to be afraid,its not that hard. All the help i ask , will be delivered back to you , by downloading a pack that has everything you want to see, inside!!

    Contact me for explanation , info or questions in the page as a post , via personal message or even better find me here in facebook :

    Lets all try to have the game we want!!

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