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FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0


    1. New update pack is coming in 15 March.
    2. Added all those missed transfers like : Xandao (Kuban Krasnodar) , Ireneusz Jelen (Gornik Zabrze) , Artur Kotenko (Dnepr Mogilev) , Markus Gustafsson (Viborg) , Amine Linganzi (Accrington ) , Ian Henderson (Rochdale) , Conor Clifford (Leicester City) , Cha Du-Ri (free) , Anthony Elding (Sligo Rovers) , Bismark Acosta & Alejandro Castro (IK Start) , Kikas & Juary (Sporting B) , Kris Boyd (Kilmarnock) , Rory Boulding (Dundee United) etc ...
    3. Lots of missed contract renewals in every country.
    4. CA/PA changes to reflect Gareth Bale's long shots * Cristiano Ronaldo's technique , plus some changes.
    5. Galatasaray's affiliate with Reading.
    6. Two new wonderkids. Patrick Pfucke from Mainz & Guillermo Lara from Barcelona B.

    Dont forget to visit my fb page for pictures here :

    FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

  2. 1st post update with newest update 2.0. Please leave feedback!

    Enjoy !

    Also like my page to get more news about the updates here :

    FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

  3. There was a mistake if you downloaded and there were no transfers file inside please redownload.

    Last edited by pr01991; 15/03/2013 at 09:02 PM.

  4. Good work on that last update, seems clean and correct.

  5. Thanks a lot Zaffarano!

  6. ◄Important Notice►

    From now on, Ι would like to work more closely with you , the gamers , in terms of scouting.
    I come from Greece. I can get the best information for greek teams through greek football pages. What I want from you, is to give me info about things happening in your country , so I can pass them to the game. The result will be a very detailed and enjoyable game through your knowledge given to me.

    Portugal for example :

    You are from Portugal. Because of that , you know the portuguese language and you read the portuguese football papers/blogs. I cant get the correct info for my packs from Portugal. I want you to write in a notepad once a month, what happened in your country : Players/managers/staff left,signed,deceased,retired.Also relationships. Likes/Dislikes and so. If you want you can also make suggestions on future CA/PA abilities so I can change them into the correct ones. Also economical changes,stadium changes and so. Everything that cant be included in the FM game. Like a real life scout !!

    You dont have to be afraid, its not that hard. All the help i ask , will be delivered back to you , by downloading a pack that has everything you want to see, inside!!

    Feel free to contact me for explanation , info or questions in the page as a post.

    Lets all try to have the game we want!!

  7. charlie mulgrew from celtic needs and pa update made hes by far celtics best defender

  8. @owensybhoy , make your suggestions about which attributes need to be improved.

    1. New update pack is coming in 1 April. (Not a joke )
    2. Many transfers from all around the world even the smallest one (ex. Poland,Belarus,Croatia,Uzbekistan,Sweden,Switzerla nd,China and so.)
    3. General changes like duplicates removed and corrected some club names.
    4. A new wonderkid , Panos Armenakas from Watford.

    Still applying things into editor send me your info too !


  10. Will you be including west ham united's move to Olympic stadium in 2016-17

  11. @noggin, Sure i will !

  12. Cheers pr01991, thanks for all your hard work

  13. Thanks a lot mate , i hope you like it

  14. have you done obafemi martins to seattle? and gave seattle abit of a rep boost following his signing?

  15. will u change jan jansen the Holland manager. its really Louis van gaal . its jansen on van gaal profile

  16. @rossoldiniho, yes i have done him. I dont think although that seattle should get a boost :/

    They signed one player from levante not beckham nor nesta

  17. fair enough, the updates out today isnt it?

  18. Yes i am packing in some minutes it will be up!

  19. Check the download section to find the latest update packs!

  20. Sunderland's New set up

    DOF - to be confirmed sometime in April
    Head Coach - Paolo Di Canio
    First Team Coach - Fabrizio Piccareta
    GK Coach - Domenico Doardo
    Fitness Coach - Claudio Donatelli
    Head Physio - Giulio Viscard

    Steve Walford, Jim Henry, Steve Guppy and Seamus McDonagh - have all left

  21. Thanks andrewcoates77!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by pr01991 View Post
    Thanks andrewcoates77!
    First Team Coach - Fabrizio Piccareta - he is actually going to be Assitant Manager

    No problems. If you need any help with anything give me a shout

  23. Hi, I've used these packs successfully before but am struggling to get this one to work. I'm on mac and have them in the correct editor data folder in documents and they are available to tick as changes but once I start the game as liverpool there are no transfer updates. Any help would be great!

  24. Did you delete all the previous files inside the editor data folder before extracting the 4 new into?

  25. Whether it is possible to create not which youths in Chelsea

  26. sergei2608, please explain better what you mean.

  27. sergei2608, thats ok but some of them dont even have a date of birth?!? And i doubt that there will be any video of them in youtube so i can see them in action.

  28. why can't i download this, my download finishes after 3 seconds

  29. If you have problem downloading press F5 to reload the page. The size of the file is 177 KB.

  30. can you add 'Gedion Zelalem' 16 year old Arsenal Wonderkid, already calling him the next fabregas, check him out, rave reviews

  31. Ok i will thanks!


    1. Next update is coming in 15/4/2013.
    2. All the latest transfers,manager changes, and many other that have been missed from previous packs or the official 13.3 patch.
    3. Future transfers that wii take place the summer have been set as joining on 1.7.2013.
    4. Two new wonderkids. Joe van der Sar from Noordwijk & Jeremie Boga from Chelsea.
    5. Ten new CA/PA changes. Which players? You have to discover!
    6. I have done a worldwide work about retired players. Players like Pires,Olivier De Cock,Georgi Borisov,Pavel Mares,Mario Galinovic,Asbjorn Rode Sennels,Jari Litmanen,Nicolas Gillet and many more wont be available for transfer because they have retired also in-game!

    Dont forget to follow my facebook page here : FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0
    Last edited by pr01991; 12/04/2013 at 09:26 PM.

  33. can someone help me, i just installed the game and have downloaded this data and transfer update pack, logos and face megapack and have extracted the files to sports interactive folders editor data and graphics(which i created) and have ticked the box which says reload skin on confirm, but nothing changes, pato is still at milan and logos and pictured stay the same.
    I would appreciate the help, thanks.

  34. You have to use the official 13.3 patch with the latest winter transfers.

  35. where can i download it?

  36. Only from steam.

  37. Pr0,

    is possible to update CA/PA from Lucas Cândido? He plays at Atlético Mineiro and Brazil Under 20.
    The guy is considered the new Gilberto Silva and an absolute beast as DM. He should have at least PA 160.
    He's also considered a great player for his high Positioning, Anticipation, Work Rate, Influence and Marking.

    Thanks mate.

  38. Sure i will , Salmao, thanks!

  39. hiya buddy. just wondering what time were you putting the update out?
    looking forward to it

  40. Hello everyone! The new update (Update Pack 2.2) will be available in 3-4 hours from now ! Stay tuned !

  41. Fresh update from the download center ! Download from there !

    Make sure you delete all my previous files before installing the new ones.

    Have a nice game!

    Join my facebook page here :

  42. Is the Holland manager name fixed?

  43. I have forgotten it sorry!

    I have changed that now , in the next release he will be okey!

  44. have u updated all mls transfers

  45. when will the next update come out? and will Gedion Zelalem be in it?

  46. Smoggy90, i am not sure if i havent miss any at all , but i can say i have done a lot transfers from MLS.

    ryanatkinson3, the next one will come in 1 May , and yes i will include this player. Thanks!

  47. luv the new update buddy

  48. Thanks mate have fun

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