PaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland

  1. PaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland

    I've uploaded a Scottish league database that I've been using in some form or another since FM09
    This features a much more competitive Scottish league, both domestically and on the European stage, with all teams much more evenly matched for a much more difficult challenge.
    This is my first version, so there will probably be a few tweaks needed here and there, but overall I reckon it's pretty solid.
    I understand this may not to be to everyone's liking, but if you like to play in Scotland but get bored rather quickly by the lack of challenge offered, then I definitely recommend you try this.
    This is my first time uploading my own custom database, so any feedback would be appreciated.

    Features -

    - Much improved Scottish league system consisting of 3 leagues of 20 teams and greatly increased league reputations.
    - First and Second divisions feature promotion playoffs for teams finishing 3rd to 6th
    - All teams have a much improved Reputation, letting them attract a better class of player.
    - All teams have vastly increased budgets, helping them pay for those better players
    - All teams have upgraded stadia, with the potential to be greatly expanded upon further.
    - Added Super Cup where the winners of the Premier League play the winners of the Scottish Cup
    - No work permits
    - And many more little tweaks here and there, I can't even remember most of them.

    So have a go, see what you think, and most importantly, have fun !!

    Leagues -

    PaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland-spl1.pngPaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland-sd1.pngPaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland-sd2.png

    Typical Finances -

    PaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland-typicalspl.png
    Premier League Team Finances

    PaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland-fdtypical.png
    First Division Team Finances

    PaddyBhoy's Scottish Dreamland-sdtypical.png
    Second Division Team Finances

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  2. really want to use this but cant use it because on fm it says there is a xml error at the end of line any help please?

  3. its not a xml error it says there is an empty token at the line of scottish division

  4. Where is the download link for this ?

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