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English Transfer Budgets 13.1.1
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  1. English Transfer Budgets 13.1.1

    Here are the starting transfer budget for the English Premier League clubs on the official version on Football Manager 13. The first number is the lowest amount of transfer money, and the other number is the highest.
    Leave a comment below if you want me to do this with another league!
    In this link you can find more transfer budgets: Transfer Budgets 13.1

    Arsenal: £30m - £37,5m Wage: £1,5m p/w - £1,6m p/w

    Aston Villa: £0 Wage: £800k p/w - £900k p/w

    Chelsea: £30m - £39,5m Wage: £2,3m p/w - £2,6m p/w

    £1,5m - £2m Wage: £725k p/w - £800k p/w

    Fulham: £9,25m - £13m Wage: £750k p/w £875k p/w

    Liverpool: £3m - £4,1m Wage: £1,5m p/w - £1,7m p/w

    Man City: £35m - £46,5m Wage: £3,1m p/w - £3,6m p/w

    Man Utd:
    £30m - £38m Wage: £1,7m p/w - £1,9m p/w

    Newcastle: £7m - £8m Wage: £875k p/w - £925k p/w

    Norwich: £3m - £3,9m Wage: £300k p/w - £325k p/w

    Q.P.R.: £4m - £5,5m Wage: £1,1m p/w - £1,3m p/w

    £10m - £14m Wage: £375k p/w - £425k p/w

    Southampton: £4m - £5,75m Wage: £450k p/w - £525k p/w

    £1m - £1,3m Wage: £550k p/w - £600k p/w

    £1,5m - £1,9m Wage: £850k p/w - £925k p/w

    £10m - £13,5m Wage: £375k p/w - £400k p/w

    Tottenham: £30m - £39m Wage: £1,3m p/w - £1,4m p/w

    West Brom:
    £6m - £7,25m Wage: £625k p/w - £650k p/w

    West Ham: £0 Wage: £675k p/w

    Wigan: £5m - £7m Wage: £425k p/w - £475k p/w
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  2. Would love if you could do this for Serie A!

  3. give me 10-15 min and it's done!

  4. Don't suppose you could do blue square north too?

  5. cerberus86: yes, will start now

  6. Brill mate cheers appreciate the time ur taking to do it

  7. Cheers mate!

  8. know where i can find the a link to download fm 2013

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