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Lower League Country Database - Requests
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  1. Lower League Country Database - Requests

    I have already created an English database for Lower Leagues!
    And a USA one too..

    I am now a little bored and want some more to create could people please request some countries they would like a database for which you can play as lower leagues than available on FM.

    Let me know
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  2. Would you be able to create the welsh leagues to level 4 or 5 please?


  3. yes will get on it

  4. Cheers, you know how long it will take? Itching to start with it!

  5. Haha, I am doing it now.. but there are some problems it will not let me promote teams after Level 3!!
    Its so irritating, because of the leagues get split and it depends on the area of your team.. quite hard

  6. Welsh Lower League Update

    Done it mate! Sorted the problems out too.. you will find there is the odd few leagues lower down missing.. As FM Editor does not have them and they would take a long time to make!

    I have gone quite far down actually i think! Here it is Wales Lower League.dbc

    Remember to save it in
    My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data

    If you don't have editor data then create the folder!

    Enjoy mate!

  7. hey man, i would really appreciate if you could make a german lower league database, down to tier 5 (currently it's down to tier 3).
    edit: haha just noticed you replied in the other thread i made a month ago...
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  8. as the man above said any chance of the german tier 5 plz

  9. and also the lower leagues from the rep of ireland

  10. Will do German later this afternoon and I will keep you informed about Rep. Of Ireland

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