Request - Release Them All Database

  1. Request - Release Them All Database


    Back in CM0102 there was an application that released all players from their current clubs and was AWESOME, it was a save with all players free and clubs buying them like crazy making way new teams

    But it had some bugs like teams that didn't bought any player or didn't bought goalkeepers...

    Would be awesome to have a database like that in FM 2013, with all players free agents

    And to be more awesome it would be great to have this "mod" integrated with a world league, with the best clubs of the world in a country, buying players randomly...awesome

    So, anyone with plenty much time to do this? It will rock man

  2. Yeah i enjoyed that alot too.
    I found it here from fm12 The Global Free Agent Challenge

  3. Anyone made a new one for 13?

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