No player value

  1. No player value

    I made Vietnam a playable nation, and all the players value is stuck at - and I am not sure how to fix it. I have made Vietnam a playable nation in 2012 and the player value actually goes up and down.

    Someone help?

  2. Players have no value if they're not tied down to full-time contracts and maybe even part-time ones, though I'm not too sure on that. Non-contract and amateur players have no value and so often they'll get poached.
    Could that be the reason to your problem?

  3. Value for all Vietnamese players is at - ( 0$ ) I even created a superstar and traded him to Barcelona and he scored 20 goals and still valued at 0.

    I tried giving my players good contracts and still value is stuck.

    All players in the country is this way so I don't think its the contract reason

  4. A similar thing is happening to me, I modified the Welsh leagues and all the players have no real transfer value.

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