trying to use the 2013 update with the 2011 game help!!!!!!!

  1. trying to use the 2013 update with the 2011 game help!!!!!!!

    hi i am trying to use the latest lfc marshall update but wont work with the 2011 version, i know the new file is xml and the old types were dbc, is there any way i can get this to work?? also in relation to the real time editor, is it possible to transfer players normally, or do you have to use the future transfers etc thanks so much

  2. you need to download one that is specifically for 2011 that has new updates on it.

    go the the football manager 2011 section and find one.. the new LFC update is configured to only work on FM 13 databases as is every editor file they only work on the game they are configured for.

    have a look on fm 11 section.

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