transfer update for leeds?

  1. transfer update for leeds?

    Has anyone got a transfer update with the new leeds lonaee's
    jerome thomas, michael tonge, alan tate at the club
    really interested in doing a save.

  2. I think they're at Leeds on LFCMarshall's update, not too sure though mate. He will be adding the takeover in January also.

  3. Yeah same as the guy above, check out LFC Marshall's Transfer Update, he normally updates every so often..

    He is the main guy for transfer updates, load his editor file and you find all the Current Leeds players.

    In honesty as a fellow Leeds fan wait till after Friday

    i.e. Supposed Takeover day

    Then LFC should make GFH Directors and add them to the Leeds Board aswell.. Maybe you could suggest it to him on his thread.


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