Ncfc4lyf1's January Update

  1. Ncfc4lyf1's January Update

    Welcome to my January transfer update, as some of you may remember I did an update back in the summer, which proved to be more successful than I expected. As I only started work on this a couple of days ago, it only has a few hundred changes, meaning not everything may be uptodate. However I have included the following:
    - Staff changes in UK
    - Retirements in UK
    - Transfers in UK (and short loans, I will expire them all and go through ended ones at end of each month)

    Please give suggestions to help. I will upload once I have done player stats for Edgar Davids, and James Beattie (who I accidentally made a non player instead of player/non player)

  2. Untitled - Download - 4shared - James Earl

    Here is link to download, most up to date version. No edgar davids yet, still waiting to Load up FM11 so I can copy stats over...

    Will be in updates section on here soon
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  3. are these transfers for 01.01.2013 or from the start of the game?

  4. Start of the game

  5. i have found many links for january transfers, really appreciate your work. but im trying to find accurate transfer dates.. eg. joe cole jan. 3rd 2013 to join WH

  6. I understand this, however I feel this would make the game unrealistic

  7. how does it make it unrealistic? surely thats more real

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