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Local (English) football 15 tier database
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  1. Local (English) football 15 tier database

    A localised database containing 15 tiers; from the top to the bottom;

    Attachment 299508

    My database has the following impact if anyone is interested;

    -A consistant 'local football feeling' for consecutive seasons (all boundary settings tested at a high 'localness score';

    -A 'sunday league' feel from tiers 11-15;

    -All irl cups including the 'Hackney & Leyton Sunday League cups';

    -Fairly accurate kits for nearly ALL teams (only did 'shirts' tbh);

    -All clubs have year 'founded';

    -All clubs have a city/latitude/longitude to support 'keeping it local';

    -All added teams (ie not in the database under 'continental base region') set to 'amateur' to furthur promote financial well-being and the 'sunday feeling'.

    -NO 'reserve' teams;

    -A very real but alternative balance league structure to support the theory;

    -Pitch sharing for sunday league teams to create the 'just a kick about effect' (worn out pitches/long ball);

    Attachment 299505

    -Introduction to the 'London' (fictional), 'Isle Of Wight (real)' and 'Channel Islands (combination of real/fictional)' leagues to match the best interests of 'balancing promotions/relegations' by promoting the 'local factor' AND my personal spin on lower league football.

    -Combining of the Channel Islands into 2 tier leagues (7 teams per island, per league) and introducing them into mainstream English football. Also mainstreaming of the Isle Of Wight and London leagues. Supplementing this approach with keeping these teams 'local';

    -A 'sunday league' structure to match irl-introducing the irl 'Hackney & Leyton Sunday Leagues/cups', with fairly accurate shirts (struggled with year formed tbh so put as 2013), real league and real teams.
    -15 tiers

    Attachment 299506]Attachment 299507[ATTACH=CONFIG]each[/ATTACH


    FA Cup
    Capital One Cup
    Community Shield
    Johnstone Paint Trophy
    Conference League Cup
    FA Trophy
    FA Vase
    Isthmian/Northern/Southern League AND President Cups
    ALL regional cups
    (Kent cup; Essex cup; East Midlands cup.....etc)
    Channel Islands Sunday Cup
    Isle Of Wight Sunday Cup
    Island Hopping Sunday Cup
    (Channel Islands and Isle Of Wight combined)
    Albert Daniels/Dickie Davies/Jack Wolpole/Hackney Gazette Cups
    (Hackney & Leyton Sunday League Cups)
    Sunday Cup
    (All of Channel Islands/Isle Of Wight/Hackney & Leyton teams involved)

    A grand total of 40 cups!

    Localised football - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats
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  2. Well done mate, I constructed the Level 9 Pyramid.. and Have not had time to go any further so I am glad for the other people on the site that someone has done this..

    There will be a few people that are happy now, I know its time consuming to go past L9 so hats off to you!

    I will post any requests of me going further in my thread to your thread mate

    Good work!

  3. You have not had time due to your attempt of doing other world leagues!!!!!!! impressive! Should we work together? I leave that up to you;

    Thanks for the praise. The whole reason behind my idea was an experiment i had with regards to keeping teams within the various local communities.

    My tiers 1-10 are complete (although have added fictional elements-though all irl content is untouched);

    Tier 9=93.33% irl (adding of 1 league 'London Premier');
    Tier 10=85% irl (adding of 3 leagues 'London 1', 'Channel Islands' & 'Isle Of Wight');
    Tier 11=no irl leagues (so far), but continuation of the above leagues;
    Tier 12-15=Hackney & Leyton sunday leagues

    I may add 'versions', once a month (or so) as already have 1 request to add to tier 11;

    My English llm editor-level 12 (post #24) 'urstuffplz1' will have to get back to me on the answer as i do not want to add just 1 team, but at the same time would rather add miniture leagues as tier 11 down has kind of a sunday feel 10-15 teams in each league on my database (due to a lack of info wikipedia provides at tier 11 also a factor);

    With regards to posting threads, i dont mind if we work together on the English tier system, but i do offer a slightly alternative database to the irl lower league structure (although my database is more real then fictional);

    I am hoping that any requests on tier 11 will simplify 'regional boundaries' as it took 6-10 hours of testing the boundaries and it was very hard to accomplish-took alot of thinking Localised football - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats but i guess we will see what teams/leagues are requested

    So i am hoping for it to be more alternative at this stage (tier 11) so there is some sort of sunday league feel at this level. Any requests for my version 2 will be cut off and worked on on feb 1st 0000 hours. I am not 'adding 1 team' as i dont think that should warrant a new version. But i will do an alternative lower division that includes requested teams within their local leagues including the team requested.

    What do you think?

  4. Would someone be able to add in the Northern Leicestershire Leagues down to league 4? (tier 14-17?) I currently play for a side in league 3 of the Northern Leicestershire leagues and would very much like to take them to the premiership.

    If someone doesn't have the time or patience to do this, could someone let me know how to make this happen using the editor?

  5. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    Wow! Loving the dedication!
    Will be downloading this shortly, thanks.

  6. Valentinius-of course i can do that for the version 2;

    I could combine Leicester senior leagues tiers 11/12, into 1 league (due to only 6highlighted teams in wikipedia)-having kit info is essential i feel ('City'=Leicester and 'formed'=2013, but i feel kits need the information), i also see what teams in these 2 leagues are all ready in database). I aso did find this for the leagues below - free web hosting provider May i suggest the following;

    Do you want me to add your team to tier 11 (1 additional league is quicker for me), or did want all the northern Leicestershire teams involved? I leave the choice to you. What team are you btw?

    Let me know your choices as from tiers 11-as from this tier down, i choose to cater more for requests. I will stress though, that all teams that i need to 'create' will have 'amateur' status (unless all ready in database).

    Also if you want the local cups adding that you play in, could you give me the leagues that participate in per cup, for example;

    'Tom Onions' memorial trophy=only northern premier teams'

    As i have no idea on what leagues enter in what cups.

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  7. Version 2 of my database


    (requests close on 1st feb 2013 @ 0000 hours-requests after this to be added to version 3-if needs a version 3);


    -South West Peninsula division 1 (including Helston)-tier 11. Also 'Throgmorton cup'.

    -Leicester Senior or/and northern leagues-tiers 11-16 (top 2 leagues combined). Cups possible. to be confirmed by Valentinius


    SMcManus84 thanks for the praise

    Last edited by rookiemanager2; 25/01/2013 at 12:51 AM.

  8. Many thanks for doing the Helston add!! Going to download now!

    Also, how do I download the link? Can't seem to do it.
    Last edited by urstuffplz1; 25/01/2013 at 10:42 PM.

  9. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    Where do you put the file? Create folder 'editor data' and put it in there??

  10. You mis-read, v2 not done yet.

    I think so SMcManus, theres a guide knocking about on here somewhere

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