Qatar League Challange

  1. Qatar League Challange

    I've made 4 new qatar leagues with the best teams from europe in them. The super league is the top league and has 14 teams of which 2 are relegated. The premier league has 14 teams of which 2 are promoted and 3 are relegated. The championship has 24 teams of which 3 are promoted and 4 are relegated. The national league has 24 teams of whcih 4 are promoted. There are also 3 cups. The Qatar Cup which consists of every team. The Super Cup which is the Super league and the premier league teams and the League cup which is the championship and national league teams. Everything is the same as the normal game(reputation, stadiums, squads etc) but the prize money is huge. The winner of the super league gets £100,000,000 so after a few seasons there is a lot of money for clubs to spend. If anyone is interested in trying it, i would be happy to put a link up for the download.

    If you want anymore info, feel free to ask questions!

    Thanks Greg

  2. Yeah dash us the download and i'll give it a go boss!

  3. The download is on the download page...still waiting for it to be cleared though.

    If there are any issues, just let me know

    Thanks Greg

  4. I'll start tonight!

  5. can't download?

  6. Post link to your download please, would like to try this very much.

  7. it should work. if you go on the download page then custom edits and the click on qatar league challange. it's got 33 downloads and no one else has complained so i presume it works.

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