(Fm 2013) Legends Database Full
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  1. (Fm 2013) Legends Database Full


    Over a long time this was the Legends Full data on the football legend.

    Share with you the same passion, interest and excitement playing the players went on to myths

    The Pele, Maradona or Hungary powerful players back, play and feel okay!

    Through a Preliminary Assessment Database is fairly complete and thorough, process error out if you have feedback you next time.

    Dow Link New Update :

    Dowload the folder then copy to: editor data (Documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2013 data-editor)

    Newgame Then, select the file, and mark on the dow.

    This is a basic list of names of players:
    This is the face a few legendary players, but not enough, but will update more

    Dow load :

    Most famous players have a few players not on the list, you find on google or Fmrte okay.

    designer by : nolano123 , băng tùy phong

    Mail : [email protected] or b[email protected]
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  2. Note: For version 13.3.0

  3. I have to say that I'm impressed. Number of legends brought back to life is huge. I've played for 2 months so far and the only thing that I could wish for is facepack and few Polish players like Kazimierz Deyna and Włodzimierz Lubański.
    Well done, sir!

  4. Well done, although some players are in the wrong club.

    So, C. Ronaldo is in Sporting, but Nani is in Man Utd. Zidane is not in Bourdeaux and Porto does not have Deco.

  5. deco ,ronaldinho ,eto'o in Barcelona , Manchester so many myths and so unnecessary C ronaldo .

    thanks all

  6. can u add some more please:
    aston villa - peter withe, olof mellberg, dwight yorke,
    not sure who he played for think its river plate: batistuta
    man utd: young beckham, neville's, butt,
    crystal palace; ian wright
    blackpool: stanley matthews
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  7. also u could add patrick kluivert in to maybe barca or ac milan
    and a young ronaldinho to PSG

    i have emailed you some more names
    Last edited by bautie; 21/06/2013 at 02:15 PM.

  8. You keep playing the season 2-3, and then make suggestions to me

    Updates are coming, I appreciate your comments

    Thank you

  9. when can we expect any update?

  10. This is an update

    I only do the players and the overall uniformity of the club.

    Not able to edit the details of the personal opinion .

    Thank you , play fun .

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