Versus Mode - Import team

  1. Versus Mode - Import team

    How do i save a team from another game file so i am able to import a team into versus mode to play head to head tournament?

  2. thats what im trying to work ok, lololol

  3. View Club
    More Actions
    Export Team For Versus Competition

  4. Chris, where do you do that? On the Vs bit or on your own actual game?

  5. Looking at the manual, please tell me you can do this with the normal game not just classic!!

  6. Ok I just found out. You can do it on both career and classic. On classic its easy to see, but on career, click on your squad then click on your team now, so brings up info of your team and on the right it says take action or just action, and bang click export.

  7. I tried this for the first time today. Took my Season 6 Newcastle side to play a guy who went Sheffield Wednesday.

    My team was crammed full of quality regens and I went 6-0 up after an hour, then the guy quit.

    Oh how I laughed.

  8. How do i play against my friend on versus? we are both new to this and cant find eachother to join eachothers game, help ASAP would be great!

  9. how do you do it on classic mode??

  10. can i play versus with my friend via lan without steam?

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