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    Hello I am looking to take my Leeds United team from 2021 to the online stage, I have players suck as Erick Torres, Danny Welbeck, Joe Allen, Ryan Bertrand, Ciaran Clark, Will Hughes, Mason Bennett, and many young energetic regens! Looking forward to a challenge.

    Any takers?

  2. Hello! I would be excited to join you in a challenge. I'm really eager to try this versus mode. I have a 2018 Arsenal Team with some awesome regens on my first team playing along side with Leandro Damiao, Rafael, Joel Matip, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Aaron Ramsay to name most of them actually.

  3. hey man, brilliant, if you're around tonight around 11pm GMT we can have a game, add me on steam my name is 'cajee'

  4. Will be hosting a VERSUS mini league, aiming for 5 or 6 teams, will settle for 4. Will start 11pm GMT! First come first serve got a few friends in so should be fun! Hope to see you there,

    add me to Steam, cajee, my server name will be cajee's league, password will be cajee

  5. Hi update to anybody interested, we will be starting at 10pm! We have 3 - 4 people defo playing, so anyone else please you are welcome to join! Please if you do join be dedicated to playing all 10 games and finishing the custom league

    thx :d

  6. If you decide to do another one of these in the future i would be up for it

  7. i would wanna join do i need 2 add u on steam?

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