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Mason Bennett - Derby County
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  1. Mason Bennett - Derby County

    Name: Mason Bennett
    : Derby County
    Nationality: English
    Position: Striker

    • pace
    • acceleration
    • fitness
    • stamina
    • determination
    • strength
    • heading
    • long shots

    Suggested roles/positions:

    Poacher - Attack


    Mason Bennett - Derby County-mason-bennett_-overview-profile.pngMason Bennett - Derby County-mason-bennett_-reports-scout-report.png
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  3. thank you mate will update it!

  4. For a 16 yo, he's ultra fast. Could be one of the best EPL poachers.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Vanjagl View Post
    For a 16 yo, he's ultra fast. Could be one of the best EPL poachers.
    new Defoe x 4

  6. Amazing player. Bought him for my Colchester United save for £7.5mil at 17. In the England squad at 19 with 2 caps. My coach reports still have him at 5 star potential.
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  7. thanks lox, keep us updated on his progression!

  8. Here he is on my Derby County save! I will be keeping him in my first time from 16 I hope see how he progresses

    P.S delete my thread on him, Didn't realize there was one already - I know "search bar is my best friend!"

    Mason Bennett - Derby County-mason-bennett_-overview-attributes.png
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  9. DanWalsallFC
    Walsall First Team
    Signed for Chelsea on mine in the first season for £2.8 million and became Premier League's youngest goalscorer on his debut!
    "Remember the name.. Mason Bennett!" Gonna be a good player I think!

  10. A little update on Mason Bennett, in his second season playing as a lone striker, Note I am playing a possession tactic so it isn't a high scoring one.

    His value has gone up a lot also note all the assists I'm very happy with him thus far!

    Mason Bennett - Derby County-mason-bennett_-overview-attributes-3.png

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