Max Clayton 32 goals in first season

  1. Max Clayton 32 goals in first season

    My biggest success is 18 year old striker who lifted my club to Premiership.
    He plays poacher role,and i use 2 strikers all of the time.

    Max Clayton

    Club: Crewe
    D.O.B: 18
    Nationality: English
    Position: Striker

    • pace
    • finishing
    • composure
    • speed
    • strength
    • aerial ability
    • technique
    Personality: balanced
    Team personality: determined
    Media comparision:Dubbed new Michael Owen(season 2).
    Buyout price: around 4mil

    Max Clayton scored for me 32 league goals for my Peterborough side what helped me allot to be promoted in Premiership.
    Just started second season and played 3 matches all 3 wins Newcastle, Liverpool And QPR are easily beaten so I will fight for Champions league spot in my first Premiership season.

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    hey bud, please use the template in the link above!

    nice season though, him and Mason Bennet look really good

  3. I done first 15 matches in second season he scored 11 goals so probably he will pass 20 goals even he is 19 old.Other important thing is that his partner in atack is 17 year old kid because Billy Sharp all the time has low morale and i never use player with low morale.I am curently on 3 position and doing great,even defeated Man united in avay match,btw some people asked to show my tactic,personaly me still didnt decided will I make topic regarding that because i use almost same tactic last 5 years and wining all major trophies without no any problems in 5 years period so for now is just small secret.
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  4. In second season he have been average he scored 19 goals, but team success was great we finished 4 so we will see how he will perform next year in Champion league.

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  5. First Team

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