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Fredrik Midtsjo - Rosenborg

  1. Fredrik Midtsjo - Rosenborg

    • Position: Midfielder
    • Club: Rosenborg
    • Age: 19
    • Birth Date: Aug 11, 1993
    • Height: 1.76m
    • Weight: 70 kg
    • acceleration
    • creativity
    • passing
    • first touch
    • dribbling
    • determination
    • jumping
    • crossing
    • corners
    Screenshots: (October of the 3rd season)

    Fredrik Midtsjo - Rosenborg-fredrik-midtsj-_-overview-attributes.pngFredrik Midtsjo - Rosenborg-fredrik-midtsj-_-overview-information.pngFredrik Midtsjo - Rosenborg-fredrik-midtsj-_-history-career-stats.png

    Seems like you can pick him up for pretty cheap as well! First time I have seen him before, he looks quality!

  2. Norway has some great talents this year, and they are all cheap. It's a must have league if you're a bargain hunter. Will post Midtjso's SS later on, he's amazing.
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  3. WOW! After Selneas, his teammate (lost his name) now there is this new Norwegian master! What a talent!
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  4. anyone seen him develop?

  5. I've had him for 4-5 seasons in my Newcastle save (don't play on it anymore though) and he does develop quite nicely. His technical stats seem to reach their peak quite early and doesn't improve that much more, at least in my save, but his creativity, flair, off the ball and strength rocketed for me. I think, once in his prime, he can easily reach 20 in both creativity and decisions and around 18 in most of his important technical attributes and off the ball, flair and composure depending on how you train him.

    Important to give him a lot of playtime. When he was out on loan at West Brom in my third season (after I had him tutored and such in my club) he grew very quickly and had a lot of good matches. I'll see if I still have the save, but anyway - he does have the potential to become a good Premiere League playmaker or inside forward.
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  6. here is an update of his stats on my QPR save great, great player!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fredrik Midtsjo - Rosenborg-fredrik-midtsj-_-overview-attributes.png  

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    here is an update of his stats on my QPR save great, great player!
    And only 21!
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  8. Wow such nice devopment, great find Raikan, wik=ll have a Look at Him from My Tottenham Save...
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