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  1. Joel Pohjanpalo

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    : Joel Pohjanpalo
    : HJK (Finland)
    : Sept. 13th, 1994 (17 at start of game, turns 18 in first season)
    : Finnish
    Position: ST (Natural) /AMC (Accomplished)/AML/AMR / MC/L/R (Competent)

    • Intelligence
    • Flair
    • Determination
    • Finishing
    • Quickness
    • Dribbling
    • Jumping
    • Strength

    Description: Young, intelligent, and cheap Striker or Inside Forward. Has the mind of a senior player while still having time to develop his technical and physical abilities. He will play at some lower levels (he signed for my British League 1 Crewe team for 100k).

    If signing for a major club, I would send him out on loan to develop further.

    : Determined

    Suggested Roles: DLF, Striker, Inside Forward

    This is him at the start of the game

    This is him in the last month of my first year at Crewe (he missed 9 weeks with injury)

    Currently, I have him on a training regime to improve his quickness. Next, we will focus on dribbling and passing. He mostly plays in the AMC / AML role for me, but next season I want to incorporate him as a striker more. First PPM I'm teaching him is to place his shots (he comes with no PPM).

    I learned about him after a news report linking him to Liverpool (the club I support). He originally turned down a contract offer from the Reds, but had allegedly re-kindled his interest in them.

    He had a thread from last year floating around, but his stats weren't much to look at then. He got a significant boost this year, likely because of some of his performances on the pitch for HJK.

    Here is some footage of a hat-trick he scored in Finland in his second league game and first ever start in the Finnish Premier League (Veikkausliiga). Pohjanpalo scored a perfect right foot, left foot, header hat-trick in 2 minutes and 42 seconds in HJK's first league fixture of the season. HJK was trailing 0-1 before Pohjanpalo took matters into his own hands and the game ended 3-1 for the current title holders

    At 100k in the first season, he is worth the gamble of developing for the next couple of years. Especially for lower league teams, he can be an investment that will quickly gain in value. After his first year with me at Crewe, his value already more than doubled and that's with minimal attribute improvement.


  2. Looks a very good player! great find

  3. Sign him cheaply while you can. Likely on his way to bigger league and club in january.

  4. I Found Him at The Start And Played Him For Swindon For 4 Years Then In The Premiership He Was Worth 12M And He Scored 14 Goals I've Had Bids Of 16M And Above And Rejected Great Player

  5. Why have you bumped a seven month old thread?

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