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Marco Capuano - Pescara
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  1. Marco Capuano - Pescara

    Name: Marco Capuano
    Club: Pescara
    Nation: Italian
    D.O.B: 14.10.1991


  2. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    Do you have all these players in 1 list?

  3. Nope.

  4. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    Well I best get sifting through posts then hadn't I!
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  5. Jores Okore still tops it for me.

  6. Marco Capuano - Pescara-294589d1356555550-marco-capuano-marco-capuano_-overview-profile.png
    Looks more than decent
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  7. This guy has been a first team player for me since day one & although I should be looking to upgrade him in terms of ability... you just can't argue with his level of performance.

    Marco Capuano - Pescara-marco-capuano_-history-career-stats.png Marco Capuano - Pescara-marco-capuano_-overview-attributes.png

    EDIT: And just to put into context exactly how good his performances have been for me this season...

    Marco Capuano - Pescara-serie-a_-stats-player.png

    Highest average rating in the league, alongside my other CB in second place.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Vanjagl View Post
    Attachment 295039
    Looks more than decent
    Here he is again a year on ... My first choice CB now he is top class. Amazing i have better stat CB's but like someone already said ... His level of performance and consistancy is brilliant.

    Marco Capuano - Pescara-marco-capuano_-history-career-stats-3.pngMarco Capuano - Pescara-marco-capuano_-overview-profile-2.png
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  9. He has great hidden attributes. Not to mention that quick CB's are great in FM13.

  10. Marco Capuano - Pescara-marco-capuano_-history-injuries-2.png

    Another thing about this guy other than the above that i have stated is that in the whole time i have had him ... I signed him in 2013-1014 and im now into 2017 and he has been injured just twice both totalizing to a massive 17 days out.

    They guy is so mr reliable does more than just a job when you look at his stats you wouldnt rate him high enough but he is a legend.

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