1. Wisdom?

    How good does he get? He's a right plonker for me in the Championship and I'm not playing him because he keeps scoring own goals and just is quite poor

  2. tubby's Avatar tubby
    Newcastle United, Rosenborg BK Star Player
    Things wrong with this thread:

    - Only a last name? COME ON
    - Why post this in Wonderkids if he's 'a right plonker' and poor
    - How is he poor/ scoring own goals if you're 'not playing him'
    - Needs more informationdetails. What club are you, how long have you had him, potentially where are you playing him though there's only 1 obvious answer, your lack of everything leads me to ask it anyway
    - What are his player instructions?

  3. Andre Wisdom

    He's supposed to be a wonderkid

    I played him because he was moaning I didn't, played him > own goals scored

    Bradford, championship, 2 seasons

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