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Any Erick Torres fans out there?

  1. Any Erick Torres fans out there?

    Young cheap AM at the start of the game, I'd be interested to hear from other players who've developed this player. I got him and played him as AMC for 2 seasons, then converted him to a poacher and he players as poacher now or covers MC role as advanced playmaker attack... I have some other good ST in my team so he isn't getting as many games as I'd like but after a recent stat spurt I've decided he is now first choice ST again.

    Top recommendation!

    Erick Torres 2021

    Any Erick Torres fans out there?-ericktorres2021.jpg

    Here's his history with the 1 season he played every game as Poacher highlighted..a nice goal return..

    Any Erick Torres fans out there?-ericktorres2021history.jpg

  2. I love Torres.. Well not literally not brought him on this one. Think I will now

  3. I Signed him for my Man utd side in 2016/17, its now 2021/22 and the side has boasted strikers such as RVP, Rooney, Hernandez, Damaio and Doumbia and torres has outscored all of them, i think when i start a new save he will be a first purchase

  4. tubby's Avatar tubby
    Newcastle United, Rosenborg BK Star Player
    He is a very good player, however he is but the cake. Carlos Fierro is the icing which lay upon him and carve a path to the gods
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  5. Yea deffo agree with tubby and try to buy them both early on in the game before someone else snaps them up

  6. 2015/16 wolves save. Going to remould the team to fit in a lovely bit of mexican cake

  7. I have him in my Sevilla team alongside Carlos Fierro he's been in my team 2 seasons or so after being recommended by Fierro cost me £20m
    Doesn't score that much in a season 10 goals or so ( I play him as a DLF alongside Fierro upfront due to my formation and likeness of using wingers) but sets a lot up for Fierro who has managed to score 39 goals for me in all comps one season. Surprisingly despite his average ratings of around 7:50-8's doesn't always get called up for the Mexico squad

    Im around the 2021/22 season mark and teams are always sniffing around him tho thankfully due to a contract clause he has a minimum release clause of £60m which thankfully puts them off.
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