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4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking

  1. 4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking

    Hello guys so i found out another tactic for fm 13 its basically 433 with overlapping fullbacks set to all out attack, max creativity. I won all competitions with Ajax Amsterdam first season. Only bought 3 players ( Bacca, who wasnt eligible for UCL anyway, Ryan Donk not eligible also, and Arouca who was playing UCL which i won vs Real Madrid in final)....I destroyed Chelsea, Utd, Barca in UCL stages won group won super cup won cup won League but no record broken so with better team mby u can break some records.
    4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking-20180620162347_1.jpg4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking-20180620162359_1.jpg4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking-20180620162408_1.jpg4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking-20180620162412_1.jpgClick image for larger version

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  2. Yeah i wanted to add the CBs are set to Man Mark u can edit that to zonal if u want mby its better

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