Welsh Lower Leagues are finally here!!

  1. Welsh Lower Leagues are finally here!!

    I've just completed the FM14 editor data file for the Welsh Lower Leagues down to tier 4 with accurate and working promo and rele.

    You can find it on the steam workshop as 'Welsh Lower Leagues'.

    I had great fun on FM13 with the lower leagues getting Welshpool Town back in to the Welsh PL and taking down the giants, TNS. I highly recommend it for anyone either looking for a fun save or even someone trying to do the Welsh League Challenge and raising the WPL profile by becoming giants of Europe!

    Also, feel free to rate it up and favourite it (once you have subscribed of course)
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  2. how do i activate lower leagues for english league mate

  3. Quote Originally Posted by redarmy88 View Post
    how do i activate lower leagues for english league mate
    If you head over to my thread, in the Transfer and Editing section..

    I am in the process of making it.

  4. Sorry, just realised this is in the wrong section, will move it to the Custom Leagues section now.

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