A Seaside Story

  1. A Seaside Story

    I was a local lad in Whitby, I'd spent all of my life living there, like numerous generations of my family before me. I'd always followed two football teams, Sheffield United and Whitby Town; the local non-league club.
    Every week, me and my Uncle would trek up to the Turnbull ground and watch The Seasiders, Whitby Town. I was lucky growing up, my Uncle was good friends with the clubs chairman, Graham Manser; so I always got to go in without paying the hefty ?5 entrance fee.
    I wasn't surprised when I found out that the club's player-manager Darren Williams stepped down from the managerial role in the summer, after announcing that the job didn't allow him enough time to keep up with his main job of being a window cleaner.
    I was curious about the vacant role of manager at Whitby Town, and I thought that I might have a chance of getting the job because of my close affiliation with the chairman, after some persuasion my Uncle managed to negotiate me a contract at the blues, earning an impressive ?500 per week.
    I instantly felt like a celebrity in the small seaside town, I took over the back page of the Whitby Gazette and was recognised by inhabitants of the town.
    My managerial career started there...

  2. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read my opening post, future updates won't be as detailed, feedback is appreciated and I hope you follow the story.

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