What team should I be for my story?

  1. What team should I be for my story?

    I only just got the game so im playing a little Spurs save at the moment to get use to things. So I would like to know from you guys which team you would want to see me manage and make a story on?

    Leave your ideas below and I will start the story later tonight.

  2. Chelsea!

  3. Arsenal

  4. Southampton or Getafe.

  5. A. Madrid

  6. Liverpool!

  7. Anderlect

  8. CSKA Sofia.

  9. AC Milan

  10. Athletico Madrid

  11. RB Salzburg

  12. Thanks for the feed back guys. I will be making two stories on this game and both of them will be long term saves. I am still getting use to the game at the moment so as Athletico Madrid got two votes I will make a story with them as the sort of ' easier ' save. I also quite like the idea of doing a smaller team such as Anderlecht or CSKA Sofia so I will look into both of them aswell. Expect a Ahtletico post later one tonight!

  13. Why not make it tougher by playing a team that from countries like India,Indonesia or even my country Malaysia?^^

  14. Because they cant play in Europe, and I have already made a story with Anderlecht

  15. yeaa saw that...is alright...just a suggestion about it^^

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