A Journeyman Series (youtube)

  1. A Journeyman Series (youtube)

    Along side my Crewe career, I have decided to start a journeyman series. I am starting unemployed with a sunday league footballer reputation and basically just seeing where I get to by finding a new club every season..

    If you like the sound of this and would like to follow this, then please subscribe to my channel and I hope you enjoy this as much as you have my Crewe career so far

    Thank you!

  2. Episode 1 is just a short introduction to the series:

    FM14 - Journeyman - Ep1. Introduction - YouTube

  3. Episode 2: A review of my pre season fixtures and signigns at my first club, Witbank Spurs in the South African 2nd tier

    FM14 - Journeyman Series - Ep.2 (Pre-Season Review) - YouTube

  4. A review of the first half of season 1 with Witbank Spurs

    FM14 - Journeyman - Ep.3 (Mid Season Review) - YouTube

  5. Next video in my journeyman series:

    FM14 - Journeyman - Ep.4 (Mid season form) - YouTube

  6. It's the final day of the season and an awful run of form has left us down in mid table, can we end the bad run with a final day win?


    Please vote on my poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/816283

  7. Please vote on my poll:
    Vote: What should I do next?

  8. Not sure how long I will stay at Witbank Spurs for but anyway I have signed a new 1 year contract

    A Journeyman Series (youtube)-max-bailey_-news-inbox-6.png

  9. A review of pre season followed by the first league game of the season with Witbank SpursFM14 - Journeyman - Ep.6 (Season 2 pre season review) - YouTube

  10. In this Episode I review the games so far in the league and then do a live commentary against Baroka FC


  11. Are you still enjoying this series?


  12. next video from my Journeyman series, and it's my first change of clubs as I move to Rhyl in the Welsh Premier League....

    FM14 - Journeyman - Ep.9 (A new chapter) - YouTube

  13. Today's episode is the first live commentary with my new club (Rhyl) An absolutely mental game against Newtown that includes 7 goals...I also have a bit of a rant about how the league is structured

    FM14 - Journeyman - Ep.10 (This league is fucked up!) - YouTube

  14. In this episode my Rhyl side play in the euro play off quarter final...the winner of these play offs will qualify for the Europa League

    FM14 - Journeyman - Ep.11 (A chance for Europe) - YouTube

  15. Next video in my Journeyman save: FM14 - Journeyman - Ep.12 (Time for a break) - YouTube

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