Wycombe: Wandering Along

  1. Wycombe: Wandering Along

    Apologies for the terrible pun in the thread title

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    Wycombe: Wandering Along-bbc-sport-banner.jpg
    Wycombe Wanderers today announced the appointment of relatively unknown manager Rick Smalling as the man to take the reins at Adams Park. When asked for a comment, Rick did not have much to say, offering a few choice words to the Journalists gathered at the press conference:
    ?I?m very pleased to have been appointed as manager here, and I look forward to helping the club achieve greatness, step by step.?
    When pushed for details of how he was expecting to achieve this, Smalling smiled and told the press they would need to wait to find out, before leaving the room.

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    So, I've spent a while assesing the club etc, and i've concluded that, as my transfer budget isnt huge, i'm going to build the squad by developing the youth facilities, and bringing through young players, although my Under 18s is entirely greyed-out.


    Wycombe: Wandering Along-wycombe-facilities.jpg

    Wycombe: Wandering Along-wycombe-senior-squad.jpgWycombe: Wandering Along-wycombe-u21-squad.jpg
    And below i've posted profiles for some of my hopes for the future:
    Wycombe: Wandering Along-josh-scowen.jpgWycombe: Wandering Along-junior-morias-profile.jpgWycombe: Wandering Along-kortney-hause-profile.jpgWycombe: Wandering Along-lee-angol.jpgWycombe: Wandering Along-max-kretzschmar.jpgWycombe: Wandering Along-tom-fletcher.jpg

  2. July 2013

    Wycombe: Wandering Along-wycombe-logo.jpg

    Friendly: Nuneaton 3 - 2 Wycombe
    McNamee - 1
    Filkins - 74
    Taylor - 81
    Morgan - 4
    Pittman - 46

    Wycombe Player of the Match:
    Jon-Paul Pittman (8.1)
    Wycombe: Wandering Along-jonpaul-pittman.jpg

    Friendly: Wycombe 1 - 4 Preston
    Kuffour - 40Beardsley - 24
    Essabr - 53, 63
    Hause (og) - 82

    Wycombe Player of the Match:
    Jo Kuffour (7.1)
    Wycombe: Wandering Along-jo-kuffour.jpg

    Friendly: Thamesmead 0-3 Wycombe
    Bloomfield - 7
    Appiah - 33, 38,

    Wycombe Player of the Match:
    Kwesi Appiah (8.7)
    Wycombe: Wandering Along-kwesi-appiah.jpg

    Friendly: Ebbsfleet 0 - 5 Wycombe
    Delfouneso - 3
    Pittman - 26, 34
    Appiah - 30
    Morias - 86

    Wycombe Player of the Match:
    Patrick Antelimi (9.3)
    Wycombe: Wandering Along-patrick-atelimi.jpg


    Wycombe: Wandering Along-wycombe-july-13-transfers.jpg

    Bit of a mixed month overall, but i'm pleased at the number of players i've managed to add without spending a penny

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