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  1. Road to Europe. - St Mirren FC

    Road to Europe - St Mirren FC

    Ever since promotion from the First Division in 2006, St Mirren have yet to even make the top six never mind Europe in Scotland's top flight! After the recent glory in winning the Scottish League Cup last season has brought back a little optimism in Paisley. But familiar times were to follow after that, finishing 11th in the SPL and yet another season in the bottom 6. Change was needed, so the board decided it was time to bring someone new in, in myself. I aim to push for the top 6 in my first season, using the fantastic youth set up St Mirren have to help me there to build a strong platform to push for Europe the year after.

    If anyone has any tips on tactics to use or players to sign then please post below!

    Wish me luck!!
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  2. I have a tip for you. Sell McAusland! Sell McLean, Sell Kelly, sell Grainger, Van Zanten and Barron. Get rid of Caprice, Bahoken and Cornell. Doesn't matter how you do the rest of the season, you get rid of those players you should be automatically given Europe.

  3. Hi, I did save with St. Mirren, until my computer messed the save. I found Thomas Reilly to be vital in the AMC role. I used a 4-2-3-1 at home and a 4-4-1-1 away. They have loads of great young talent to use. DON'T sell Grainger, he is fantastic as a wing back, like a Baines for the poor man. Also Cornell was my best keeper and I was 4th just after Christmas, I had been 2nd for a while. I recommend buying a right back if anything.

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