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Atalanta Story

  1. Atalanta Story

    Hi. I've decided to start posting my Atalanta save as a story for you all since I'm really enjoying the save and hope you will enjoy following it too!

    Unfortunately I hadn't decided to make this a story during the first season so the first season will be simply 2 big half a season updates as they're the only times I've got screenshots for. As such I'll do a 'Meet the Squad' at the end of the second season summer transfer window, which I've just finished.

    Okay so onto the first update I guess!

    To begin with here's my transfers for summer and January:

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00007.jpg

    Alberto Cerri and Daniele Rugani were signed by paying compensation to their clubs early in the window but neither is really good enough quite yet for a starting spot, hopefully they'll be ready by next season but they both look like great prospects and were cheap as chips too! When I sold Carlos Carmona it quickly became apparent that I needed a new Central midfielder so I went after the young Argentine Gaston Gil Romero, he's already good and goes straight into the starting line up. Simone Del Nero was signed as back up to my better left sided players and will probably only play a few games all season. Lorenzo Tassi is similar to Cerri and Rugani in that he isn't ready to start every game yet but hopefully will be within a season or 2 as he looks a top prospect as well!

    In January I was given an extra ?8.07m to spend by the board which means you'll probably be asking how I spent ?12.8m, well I signed Daley Blind using Monthly installments is the honest answer. Speaking of Daley Blind, he quickly became first choice left back for me as he was, well, by far my best player in that position... Rodrigo Gomez was signed due to a lack of quality down our right wing and became an instant starter too, the young Argentine's dribbling skill is simply amazing, already 19 at only 20 years of age!

    So here's my Serie A results until the end of January:

    Atalanta Story-serieaaugjan1314.png

    We started with a very, very tough run of games against arguably 4 of the top 5 teams in Italy in our first 4 games. All I was thinking to myself was "Please don't lose all 4 and get sacked before this even begins" but amazingly we only lost 1 of the games and probably should have won against Napoli and Inter but I'll definitely take 5 points from those 4 games I thought to myself but then we just kept getting better and better! Until December, we were seemingly unstoppable and I thought we might actually be able to challenge Juve for the title but then well, everything went wrong for 2 months in December and January. German Denis just seemed to lose his scoring touch once December came and we went on a terrible run throughout the winter.

    With this where were we in the table?

    6th is about where I wanted us to get this season so to be there is very encouraging however after the start we made to the season I have to say I'm a bit disappointed and I think we can get Champions League this season if we just manage to get back on track.

    Obviously the league wasn't the only competition we were involved in as there was the Italian cup that I was hoping for a really good run in, so could we have a good cup run?

    Atalanta Story-italiancup1314.png

    No. Apart from Baselli playing amazing every game, the cup was pretty disappointing really. So that's that competition over for a season.

    Well there's the first update. I'll post the second half of the season at half time in Arsenal vs Marseille
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Atalanta Story-5.png   Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00007.jpg   Atalanta Story-serieaaugjan1314.png  

    Atalanta Story-serieatablefeb14.png   Atalanta Story-italiancup1314.png  
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  2. have a soft spot for Atalanta as they have a tradition of being an excellent football academy and producing lots of talented prospects... will keep an eye on this

    and lol at Simone Del Nero he was supposed to be my superstar signing for my San Marino team in serie C1 and turned out to be an inconsistent, injury prone flop instead
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  3. looking good mate!

  4. February to May 2014

    So as I left you, we were out of the cup and in a terrible run of form, dropping us to 6th in the league.
    So here's the rest of the Serie A Results:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	serieafebmay14.png
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ID:	426457

    So despite our Winter blues, we managed to turn it around seemingly, losing only twice more in the season, away to Catania and Fiorentina. Overall the second half to our season was exceptional with some highlights being a 2-1 win away at Milan and a 4-1 home win against Lazio.

    After that impressive second half to the season could we get ourselves into the top 4 and a European place?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	serietable1314.png
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ID:	426458

    We did more than that! Second place in my debut season is a lot more than I ever expected but to be honest, everyone else (except Juve) underperformed, especially both Rome and Milan clubs. I'm expecting a tougher challenge next season so I'm just hoping for Champions League Qualification again.

    Here are the squad stats:

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00002.jpg

    No real stand out performers, Denis got a lot of goals but was pretty crap in the second half of the season to be honest. A real team effort I guess you could say

    Player of the Season - Daniele Baselli
    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00003.jpg
    A very good season for the new signing, started the season as back up but quickly established himself as a player who must be played every week due to his good performances. An absolute star in the cup, averaged about 8.5 in his 3 games if I remember correctly

    U21 Player of the Season - Akos Kecskes
    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00004.jpg
    Like Baselli, didn't start the season as first choice but by the end of January he'd established himself as an undisputed first choice alongside Yepes in defence. Will start next season as first choice CB, but alongside who?

    So the real story starts next update with pre-season 2014 I guess, I'll post that up in a little bit. Just watching CL highlights

  5. Pre-season 2014-15
    Before I get into my signings, this was (obviously) 2014 and so there was the World Cup in Brazil. Well this threw up some really unexpected news:

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00008.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-26_00009.jpg

    That's right, Daley Blind, who was poor for me in all honesty, was the best player in the World Cup. All I can say is that he better replicate that form for me this season!

    Here's my transfers then:

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00010.jpg

    Up Until Furkan Asik they were all co-ownership deals being sorted out so no real news there. The only real news on the outgoing front was Bonaventura going to Fiorentina. He is a good player but he asked to leave and he wasn't a world beater really, wouldn't have been first choice this season anyways. So onto my actual signings:

    1) Furkan Asik : A regen CB from Turkey. He's already a top player with at least 15 in Heading, Tackling and Marking so will go straight into the first team squad, probably 2nd choice CB but may force his way into being 1st choice. At only 18 years old and only ?3m he was a real bargain and will surely be worth at least 2 times ?3m by the end of this season
    2) Roberto Pereyra : The big money signing of the summer at ?16.5m, he'll go straight into the first team as first choice AMC, which unfortunately puts last season's player of the season Baselli onto the bench. He can also play MR though which is a major advantage as he'll most likely play every game now. A real star and probably our best player now.
    3) Vitinho : Unbelievably CSKA let this kid go on a free so I snapped him up quickly before anyone else got interested. Still had to pay ?4.6m for him in the end due to an agent owning 40% of him but still a bargain. He'll battle Maxi Moralez for the starting ML spot.
    4) Sam Byram : I was a bit light on the right side of my team with only 3 players specialized for RB and MR so the fact that Byram plays both very well made him an obvious purchase. Not first choice for either position but first choice backup for both so will get plenty of games.

    I'll do a full meet the squad after this update.


    Atalanta 1 - 2 SL Benfica
    Cerri (86)

    Atalanta 1 - 3 Atletico Madrid
    Denis (82)

    Atalanta 1 - 1 Estudiantes LP
    Cerri (57)

    Atalanta 1 - 0 Manchester City
    Cerri (4)

    Udinese 1 - 2 Atalanta
    Cerri (4, 37)

    Chievo 1 - 1 Atalanta
    Cerri (77)

    I think it's fair to say that Cerri had a decent pre-season! Apart from him it was underwhelming at best. Very poor defeats against Benfica and Atletico but to beat Man City was very pleasing.

    To end with, here are all the big deals in Serie A:
    Atalanta Story-2013-11-26_00016.jpg

    Interestingly, my deal for Pereyra was the biggest incoming. Guess that shows how far the Italian league has fallen since the 90s and early 2000s, or maybe clubs are starting to develop youngsters...

  6. Meet the Squad

    To begin with before the actual meeting of the squad, it'd probably make sense to show you all my tactic

    Name:  tactic1.png
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Size:  427.9 KB

    It's not the most complex formation ever but it seemed to work for me and I haven't been able to get any formations to work on this year's game for some reason. Onto the squad


    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00001.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00002.jpg

    Consigli is undisputed first choice, he was one of our star players last season. Colombi will get some game time but not much really, he'll play in cup games and maybe a few European ones depending on our group, which is likely to be hard since we're a 4th seed.

    Right Backs

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00003.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00004.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00005.jpg

    Nica is first choice but Byram isn't far behind him really and could become first choice if Nica doesn't perform well enough early in the season. Unfortunately for Almici, he is 3rd choice and will likely not get many games at all hence him being listed for loan.

    Left Backs

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00006.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00007.jpg

    Daley Blind is my first choice after his World Cup exploits and to be honest I hope he performs because Barlocco isn't anything special at all..

    Centre Backs

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00008.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00009.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00010.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00011.jpg

    Rugani and Kecskes will start the season as first choice partnership but Furkan Asik is knocking on the door. Stendardo is simply experienced backup to those 3 youngsters. I tried to get Carvalho but he wanted ?60k a week and I just can't offer that.

    Right Midfield

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00012.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00013.jpg

    Rodrigo Gomez is obviously first choice. I mean, look at him he's amazing and only 21 still! In actuality Byram is backup to him but since he's primarily a RB I put him in there. Raimondi is third choice but can also play RB, where he is 4th

    Left Midfield

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00014.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00015.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00016.jpg

    Despite my woes at Left Back, Left Midfield is loaded with 3 players. Vitinho and Maxi Moralez are battling for first choice, it all depends on how Vitinho performs in game but his stats suggest he is better. Troisi is 3rd choice and not likely to get much game time

    Central Midfield and Attacking Midfield Centre

    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00017.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00018.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00019.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00020.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00021.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00022.jpg

    Central Midfield is loaded with exciting young talent. The first choice trio would be Pereyra in AMC, Cigarini as DLP and Gil Romero as BWM but they can all play at least 2 of those roles which means 1 or 2 injuries should never be a problem. I have big hopes for Pugliese and Tassi and hope they can form a partnership to last many years in the centre of the park and hopefully Pereyra can be an assist machine for me.


    Atalanta Story-2013-11-27_00023.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00024.jpgAtalanta Story-2013-11-27_00025.jpg

    All 3 of these players were here last year with Denis being undisputed first choice. Well after his poor second half to last season and Cerri's impressive rise this has changed and Cerri is now first choice striker. He's young but already is a class act and hopefully can lead me to glory for many years!

  7. Im really sad now. You let go Guido Marilungo to Napoli.. Will follow - Atalanta is one of my favourites in Italy

  8. Quote Originally Posted by scan18 View Post
    Im really sad now. You let go Guido Marilungo to Napoli.. Will follow - Atalanta is one of my favourites in Italy
    He didn't really fit in unfortunately, would've been 4th choice striker and wasn't good enough for the right wing job :/. I wanted to try developing him too but Cerri's a much better prospect tbh!

  9. August 2014

    Only two games this month but there was also the Champions League draw at the end of the month to look forward to, hopefully it's not too tough on us!

    Serie A
    Atalanta 3 - 1 Chievo
    Cerri (26), Pugliese (66), Rugani (88)

    A good win to start out season off. Good to see 3 of my young Italian stars taking centre stage and scoring for me too.

    Serie A
    Pescara 1 - 3 Atalanta
    Rodrigo Gomez (), Pereyra (), Nica ()

    This was the turn of the foreign stars to take centre stage it seems! Another good win and this means we start our season with 2 good wins out of 2 games.

    This is how the table looks:
    Name:  tableaug14.png
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Size:  187.3 KB

    Not much to be said really, too early in the season. Good to see Juve lost though.

    Like I said there was also the Champions League, would it be kind to us?
    Here's our group:

    Bayern Munich
    Tottenham Hotspur

    God no. We got almost the toughest group possible! Will be very hard to get through from here so realistically my aim is to beat Galatasaray into 3rd place and go into the Europa League, hopefully go quite far and get some decent coefficient points so we don't get such a tough group next time!

    September will be up soon!

  10. September 2014

    A big month for us with 2 games a week every week after the international break. Could we keep up our winning start to the season?

    Serie A
    Atalanta 3 - 1 Cagliari
    Vitinho (3), Cerri (27), Rugani (75)

    3-1 seems to be our favourite scoreline! Good to see Vitinho get his first goal as to be honest he was pretty crap in August!

    UEFA Champions League Group E
    Tottenham 2 - 1 Atalanta
    Pereyra (83)

    2-1 flatters us as we were absolutely terrible and deserved this defeat. Brings us back down to Earth very quickly to show that Europe is just on another level compared to Serie A.

    Serie A
    Parma 0 - 0 Atalanta

    A bore draw, really shit game to be honest.

    Serie A
    Atalanta 2 - 2 Inter Milan
    Rugani (47), Tassi (78)

    Rugani has started the season in amazing goal scoring form for some reason and has already got three! We should've won this game but alas, you win some and you draw some. Good to see Tassi score against his old team.

    Serie A
    Sampdoria 1 - 1 Atalanta
    Rodrigo Gomez (61)

    3rd draw in a row and with Bayern at home next game.. Not the ideal start to the season but at least we've gone another month undefeated in the league. Sampdoria away is a very tough game too so a draw is a good result.

    UEFA Champions League Group E
    Atalanta 2 - 2 Bayern Munich
    Vitinho (4, 71)

    We were unlucky not to win this game but a draw against Bayern in our first European season is very respectable! Vitinho played superbly here and has improved gradually throughout the season so far.

    Here's the Serie A table:
    Name:  tablesept14.png
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Size:  187.2 KB

    So we've dropped off a bit but I'm still happy with our start. Like I said my aim is top 3 again and a title challenge will be a real bonus as I think Juve are just a bit too good. Speaking of Juve, I have my away game against them next month so my unbeaten run may end very soon!

    Player of the Month - Vitinho

    Name:  cnt486399_h348_w619_aNoChange_na-estreia-oficial-de-vitinho-cska-vence-e-mantem-lideranca.jpg
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Size:  46.9 KB

    Noone really stood out this month so I'm going to give it to the man who got the most goals. Also almost single-handedly beat Bayern Munich for us so player of the month goes to Vitinho!

    I've just finished playing October so shall update in a little bit. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the layout of the story, is there enough information? Is the font okay?
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  11. October 2014

    Another big month ahead of us with our away game against Galatasaray, as well as a few key league games, most notably Juve away.

    Here's how we got on:

    Serie A
    Atalanta 3 - 0 Lazio
    Pereyra (31), Torsiglieri OG (51), Cerri (56)

    A very good win against one of our main rivals. Got us back on track after a disappointing run of 4 draws in a row last month.

    Serie A
    Juventus 2 - 1 Atalanta
    Vitinho (10)

    Absolutely gutted to lose this game, we bossed it for the full 90 minutes but 2 bits of magic from Tevez mean we lose. A win here would've been huge to so a real disappointment to lose.

    UEFA Champions League Group E
    Galatasaray 1 - 1 Atalanta
    Pugliese sent off (29), Vitinho (63)

    After Pugliese got sent off early on this was always going to be a tough game as Galatasaray are no pushovers. A decent point but I was hoping to win I guess, must beat them at home now though

    Serie A
    Atalanta 3 - 1 Siena
    Baselli (2), Cerri (pen 12), Teodorani OG (17)

    A good win to get us back into winning ways in the league. Should be beating teams like Siena to be honest though so no real shock

    Serie A
    Catania 1 - 5 Atalanta
    Vitinho (7, 16, 46), Cerri (41, 79)

    WOW. What a performance from Vitinho, 3 goals and an assist. Absolutely destroyed a very good team in Catania on their own patch. Starting to look like we're hitting some semblance of form

    Serie A Table:

    Name:  tableoct14.png
Views: 320
Size:  189.2 KB

    A good month pushes us up to 3rd place in the league. Our goal difference is very encouraging as well. It's very tight though with just 4 points between 1st and 4th after 10 games.

    Player of the Month - Vitinho
    Name:  t_94669_autor-de-um-gol-contra-o-atletico-mg-pela-copa-do-brasil-e-expulso-contra-o-atletico-pr.jpeg
Views: 606
Size:  35.5 KB

    The Brazilian really stole the show this month especially with his performance against Catania. Cerri also had a good month but Vitinho is quickly turning into the star of our team from the left wing.

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