i want to try something new like manage a team in italy seria B or The Championship or even a lowere team from top divisions like Sassuolo or cardiff . with these goals in mind, But i dont know which team to use so any suggestions would be great ..

1. Only buy players form the country of selected club
2. Dont buy players over 25years old
3.Promotion to top division in 2 seasons/ depend on which club i pick mite go with lower clubs in top division like sassuolo/ Cardiff
4.when in top division finish top 12 fist season
5. 2nd season in top division qualify for Europe league
6. Win top division. become a household name
7. Become champions league reqular

I fell these goals can be meet easier in Seria A more then the Premership + i have better knowledge of the italian leagues..
whichever team i pick i will be documenting how it goes