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U.S. Sassuolo - The New Force In Serie A?
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    change of plan - i had decided on RB Leipzig (40,000 stadium, decent players and staff and in bottom German division) but then i thought that the German league would soon lose its appeal.

    Then I thought of my beloved Newcastle but then i thought if i could nearly win the league with Sassuolo how would i find that a challenge?

    So I am now looking a bit closer to home lol
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  2. How about Pompey get them back to the top make them in to a force to be reckoned with

  3. Start with Ferro of Argentina, try to make them win the Primera Division again, historically they were one of the best teams of Argentina.

  4. although I'm a Middlesbrough supporter, I would say go for Newcastle... Its usually nicer and more fun managing the club you like.

    With maybe the objectives of creating a all-domestic team?
    Given the num of foreign players in the premier league, it might take a while to create a domestic team winning domestic + european glory.

  5. Newcastledownunder
    Go to Newcastle and only allow yourself to sign players who were trained at Newcastle for 3 years between 15 and 21, and young English players who are younger than 17, so that you can win the Champions League with an entirely homegrown team.

  6. A league two team would be my shout, Wycombe or Oxford!
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  7. Newcastledownunder
    Actually, why not try the British Steel Challenge? Where you get every trophy from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland using only British players?

  8. Really an excellent career. I wonder played down to it, you can share with us? A of course if you don't mind

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