World Domination or the "what the **** was i thinking" story

  1. World Domination or the "what the **** was i thinking" story

    Ok guys,

    here is another story from me, after ending the Bristol City and Career Mode. I have since replaced the Bristol City story with one as the Gibraltar national team, here is the story that will replace the Career Mode story.

    In this series I will try and win as many trophies world wide as I can. To make this even more interesting i am setting up all possible leagues around the world, this includes the likes of Malta, San Marino in Europe but also the likes of Guam, Kiribati and Curacao.

    I hope to do this continent by continent, i believe im going to start in Oceania, im hoping to do the continents in the following order: Oceania, Concacaf, Asia, Africa, South America and then Europe.

  2. sounds like an amazing story ive tried to do this a few times cant wait to read it and good luck and have fun

  3. cheers mate, most of the updates will be videos as I have a youtube channel.

    im either going to really enjoy this and play for god knows how long or will give up in about a week. hopefully it will be a long term save

  4. just an update guys, I have now sorted all the leagues that can be done on the game.

    in total its 149, though I was expecting a lot more but Africa only have 7 playable leagues. I am currently doing this file and will upload the 1st video tomorrow.

  5. Intro to the Series

  6. here is te new episode of the series:

  7. episode 3: end of season review

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