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Bezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge

  1. Bezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge

    Bezza and Seanhrfc: The Channel Islands Challenge
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    Ladies and gentlemen! One of the most unique stories to grace these forums. If you're looking for a story with real-life elements, intense rivalry, miracles, passion this story will have it all. Bezza and Seanhrfc control Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands Challenge. With hours of hard-work, myself and Sean have set up this complex, detailed network game. It consists of the most complex database I have ever made myself, which we developed from scratch, with what we believe to be fairly accurate.

    Totalling probably a good 20 hours of researching, editing and testing, we've came up with this save. It's inspired by the fact Channel Island Guernsey entered a team into the English Divisions, which has reached the Isthmian Division 1, 2 divisions beneath the Skrill North/South. Essentially what we've done is create both Jersey and Guernsey as nations in their own right, then developed their top leagues with local sides, and added each a side into the Skrill South. Seanhrfc will then take over both the domestic side of Guernsey in the Skrill South and the national side, whilst i do the same with Jersey. Currently neither of us control any side in the FNB Prilaux League (Guernsey's top division) or the Jersey Football Combination, however they both have a team within them which has average youth, training and recruitment, providing some source of national players.

    It's been a huge process to get this save up and running, and we'll probably see some bugs down the line. However quoting Sean himself 'The obscure, geographical knowledge of me and the editor nerd have done it'. So as you can see, the save is absolutely massive. It's going to take ages to do , and i'll probably just reach league 2 while Seanhrfc is winning the champions league! But both of us are well up for the challenge, and there's already been a load of trash-talking across our steam chat! Currently we're looking at doing 6-Month Updates, each. I'll probably let Seanhrfc do his first then copy his format so it doesn't look untidy, as my stories suck. Hopefully with a few of you guys following and pushing us on we can give the Channel Islands European Dominance!

    Next update includes an international 'friendly' between the two rivals, and an intense league fixture in the Skrill South!

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  2. Look forward to this. Has potential to be very good and interesting. Well done and good luck.
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  3. Come on you Guernsey Islanders!! Green Army!!

  4. Sounds interesting. Good luck
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  5. Looks fantastic, hopefully you stay dedicated to this and it could be one of the best stories to ever grace FM-base
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by kiedude View Post
    Looks fantastic, hopefully you stay dedicated to this and it could be one of the best stories to ever grace FM-base
    I don't think dedication will be a problem, we're both fairly determined I think, EUROPE WILL BE OURS

  7. Looks good, will definitely be following this!

  8. The first half of our season has been played, its been exciting! Update coming from me soon.

  9. Good luck man!!

    Tapatalk-kal k?ldve az ?n GT-S6810P-el

  10. Mid Season Update - The Green Side

    Name:  guernsey fc badge.png
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    Name:  transfers.png
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    With a 29 man squad of Guernseymen in place, transfers were not really a necessity but its always nice to strengthen the squad. Baird, Murray, Prince & King come in to bolster the youth squad. The rule of only being allowed to sign 3 non-Guernseymen on permanent deals left me scrounging about the loanees, with very little quality wanting to make the trip across the English channel. In came Dutton, a combative midfielder, and Brett who will slot in at left back. With the lack of a big man up top, Ladji Soukouna was signed as an option. He's a player who can play anywhere on the field so is always a good player to have. Andy Atkins is another Target Man who brings lots of experience to the fore, albeit with very limited technical ability.
    Name:  squad part 1.png
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    Name:  squad part 2.png
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    The squad was original built around a 3-4-2-1-0 formation (a well known tactic on the forums I was trying. However I decided to change mid-season as I don't think we had the right players for it, so I needed strikers and full backs quickly!
    Name:  team + tac.png
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    I decided to switch to one of my own more familiar tactics, a deep 4-4-2 counter style utilising a Target Man up top.
    Name:  results 1.png
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    Name:  results 2.png
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    We had a very mixed start to the season. The football we played was good using the 3-7-0 and we created CCC for fun but often lacked the finesse and composure needed to tuck the chances away. I decided a strategy change was needed which also meant re-shaping the squad. After a shaky start using my deep (switched after the Thamesmead game) we settled into some very good form with new signing Soukouna leading the line.
    Bezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-soukouna.pngBezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-sean-page.pngBezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-matt-le-tissier.png
    The first player above has been the revelation that is LADji Soukouna. He's a rather unorthodox striker, but using his strength and aerial ability he has lead the line grabbing goals and assists to help us onto form. Please ignore the pictures, as I am using a logo pack the config files seem to have messed up and left Le God and myself with some comical pictures :p. As you can see, I am what you would call a limited winger. I have pace and crossing ability so I knock it past players and ping it in from the byline, but I bring little else to the table - as many of my managers in real life have found out. Matt Le Tissiers screen shot was taken moments before he broke his leg and was out for 8-9 months and most likely he will retire from the game
    Name:  lucky bastard.png
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    The first Muratti saw us leave the Godly land of Guernsey by ferry to St Heliers, the capital of the shithole known as J*rsey. In similarity to the venue, it was a game that lacked character, entertainment and most of all quality. There were two highlights in the first half. The first was a cross by J*rsey that was so poor it left Gosselin confused as he nodded it the wrong way past Falcon. It was the only way they were ever going to score. The other highlight was the game being paused for 5 minutes in order to remove a large turd that had been left on the pitch, presumably a dogs although the lacklustre facilities on offer may have left a player no option but to use the pitch. In the second half, we battered them controlling the game but J*rsey soaked up our pressure. In the dying embers of the game we crashed it against the bar from a CCC which summed up our day. We left the Arena as 0-1 losers deflated and angry. The bastards in red had stolen a lucky win, revenge would be ours when they make the trip to the green side.
    Name:  table.png
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    Nevertheless, we sit top of the table at the mid-way point! A mixed start to the season left us hovering in and out of the playoffs, but our run of form towards the end powered us up the table where we belong

    Name:  GREEN ARMY.png
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  11. July - December 2013

    Bezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-jersey-flag.jpgIt's been a patchy six months for the Jerseymen. The Board set expectations of promotion in the pre-season, which were always going to be hard to acheive as our squads are only top half material , and in a tough league with reputable sides like Eastleigh and Ebbsfleet.

    The Squad:

    Tom Seeman - The big man between the sticks is a major player for 'The Beans'

    Haydn Chaplin - Although inconsistent so far this season, he is our primary Right-Back
    Jim Present - A pretty standard defender

    Trent Grande -The big man. Crucial tower at the back
    Timmy Decker - Although meant for backup, he has been our most impressive trainee, improving rapidly
    Gary King - Another solid centre-back never the stand-out but always consistent.
    Nathan Baker - Not really had his chance as yet.

    Graeme Le Saux - The golden oldie, assistant manager and player, however not been anything great this year as yet.
    Peter Antrobus - A Regen from our youth, looking pretty good so far

    Yohan Artaud: Often the playmaker in the middle.
    Jake Low: Able to be a ball-winner or playmaker, very versatile and solid.
    Matt Ribbon: Prefers the attacking role, however not been too special this year.
    Ethan Flack: A holder, however not held in high regard by our backroom staff.
    Charles Parnell: A very strong hardworking holder.

    Bezza: My player. Dangerous going forward and has been causing some damage down the right, and I think there's more to come.
    Raviola: Struggles to start however has been influential of the bench on occasion. Also can play on the left.

    Matt Tricker: Suffered an early injury, however similar to Raviola.
    Harry Rollins: His stats look very good, lots of potential for this guy.

    Lacosta Le Cout: One of the most feared in the league. A hard-working versatile finisher.
    Tristan L'Amaze: Has not yet met his high expectations.


    Bezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-2013-12-15_00012.jpgBezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-2013-12-15_00013.jpgBezza and Smp20 : The Channel Islands Challenge-2013-12-15_00014.jpg

    These are the 3 main tactics i use, the first two more than the latter. The second is played on the break and can be particularly effective with Muscat in the Trequartista role and Bezza and Le Cout either side. It's also the one used to trounce the scum in green in our home fortress.


    Sean and Myself decided that we would have a limit of 3-Non Nationals per season. So far I've made two. Our squad were both well structured, so they were signed because of their potential.

    Stephen Muscat
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00001.jpg
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ID:	443991

    Signed as an unnattached Guernseyman, right under the nose of our rival manager, clearly our fortunate opposition has no talent for scouting #PageOut, I think he's still bitter about it. Although slow, his technical stats are amazing, he was on 4 acceleration and 5 pace when signed, both increased, so I have high hopes for him.

    Rob Nash

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00008.jpg
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ID:	443996
    A young English Central midfielder who i was drawn to because of his particularly high passing and touch for this level. In 3 years he will be a Jerseyman too!

    Key Players
    In terms of the rest of our squad , there are a few players that I think are crucial to any success we have.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00002.jpg
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ID:	443992
    The first is myself. Although he's not got significantly better stats than any other winger in this league. Often played far forward, he has chipped in with several goals this year and is the regular starter on the right.

    Lacosta Le Cout
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00003.jpg
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Size:	185.6 KB
ID:	444015
    Although he would've probably been the second choice striker had the young Tristan L'Amaze not suffered a long-term injury. But Le Cout has been dangerous uptop contributing 11 in 24. He can also play out wide left , where he's dangerous too.

    Tristan L'Amaze

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00005.jpg
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Size:	184.7 KB
ID:	444018

    Tristan L'Amaze. My high expectations for him were crushed when he got injured. He's returned now, perhaps he can be key in getting us promoted in the second half of the season, but having only played 2 games , he's not himself.

    Tom Seeman
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00004.jpg
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Size:	184.1 KB
ID:	444017

    The Goalkeeper. The amount of times this man has saved vital chances is countless, and he earns his spot on the list.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00006.jpg
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ID:	444036

    We had a really good start, however we've faded away towards the end. Hopefully in the second half we regain our form and begin working iur way to the top of the league. I've picked a couple of matches to mention specifically.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00010.jpg
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Size:	172.3 KB
ID:	444041

    In the early days we faced our formidable rivals. In a tactical battle, where I out-done the predictable Page, we countered there defensive 3-7-0 by breaking on them hard. Although the 'Guernsey Gaylords' ,their famous nickname around these parts, did there best to hold out our superiority we broke through in a game where they created only a singular chance. Pretty embarrassing for the scum in green. THE ISLANDS ARE RED!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00011.jpg
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Size:	174.9 KB
ID:	444044

    Vital because of their high league position, we trounced Weston Super Mare when we faced them at home.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00007.jpg
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Size:	208.0 KB
ID:	444059

    So we find ourselves in 3rd place. Our Season could really go either way from here, dependent on our form, but right now we're in the hunt, but could face bad form and drop out. In truth, it's too close to call.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-12-15_00009.jpg
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Size:	188.7 KB
ID:	444061

    Well, I don't know too much about finances, but i'm pretty sure that doesn't look all that good....

    So although the Green may be leading the race, the war still rages on!
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  12. Muscat = Judas...capped only so he can never play for Jersey. He will be forgotten.

  13. this is awesome, will def follow!

  14. Just to let you know the games still going strong. Updates for the rest of the first season will be posted soon!
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  15. After hours of gruelling through generating a database (mostly Bezza) and playing through it, it seems that with the new patch out database is not compatible HUGE disappointment as we can't continue. This is how the first season finished anyhow:
    Name:  end of season table.png
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    Myself and Bezza would both like to do a story but with all the heartache we will not be doing the same save. Instead we will be going for an unemployed, english lower league challenge. Keep an eye out for it!

    Thanks for reading.


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