Willie Brooks - The Chosen One

  1. Willie Brooks - The Chosen One

    Willie Brooks
    38 Years Old

    Ive love football my whole life but did not have the skill to play it. Since i was a young boy ive wanted to be a Football Manager after being a assistant manager at the Seattle Sounders for eight years i finally got my chance in Germany....
    Willie Brooks - The Chosen One-044-arminiabielefeldfcgermanysoccer.jpg
    Germany Division 2
    DSC Arminia Bielefeld football club
    Prediction - 18th

    The Squad
    Willie Brooks - The Chosen One-952b59838a1f4fa2537c8d6845c16f14.png

    Willie Brooks - The Chosen One-13bdc7fa0802bc97815d35d6a1d183e8.png

    i would ideally like to add a keeper and a midfielder but the finances are not good here no transfer budget and there is very little wage available

    In my first meeting with the players my translator had to speak in German for me. The players seemed skeptical once they learned i was an american manager as they looked at each other confused.

    first month will be on the way shortly along with anything else i do

  2. July

    Kaiserslautern 3-1
    German Second Division
    Willie Brooks - The Chosen One-412eb1989841651ffbfb86f8fc2aae53.png

    Scorers : Francky Sembolo (66)

    Karlsruhe 3-1 Bielefeld
    German Second Division
    Willie Brooks - The Chosen One-8b1fa76472ec31415c30bf1708f0d2b5.png

    Scorers : Arne Feick (2)

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    Nice start mate, I'd just make the writing a bit bigger so it's easier to read!

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