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From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau

  1. From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau

    Hey guys!

    This is my first story ever and I hope I'll have your support. I'm going to lead a club from the 5th tier in Germany to the Bundesliga or even European Cup winners!

    I'm going to do these by using tactics I've made.

    First, I want to know who is interested in a save like this?

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  2. These are my favourite stories I always start at the bottom and try to reach the top so good luck I'll watch with interest.
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    First I want to introduce you to the manager.

    His name? Heiko Torn. Heiko is born and razed in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the 5th city in Germany and is situated in the south of Germany. He doesn't support Frankfurt, the biggest team in the city, but he doesn't hate the club either. There is only one team in the world Heiko really doesn't like... What team do you think Heiko doesn't like?
    Well, it's the biggest and most successful club of Germany,... BAYERN MUNICH

    His dream is to get his club to the Bundesliga and compete with Bayern Munich in the competition but also in the European Competitions.

    Next update: CLUB INTRODUCTION


    2 years ago (I'm now at the start of 2015-2016), on the 25 of june 2013, one day before Heiko's 26th birthday, Bayern Alzenau appointed Heiko Torn as the new manager of Bayern Alzenau.

    Bayern Alzenau is a club in the Hessenliga. The Hessenliga is one of the 14 competitions from the Oberliga, the 5th tier in Germany.

    Bayern Alzenau has only won 1 competition in its history since 1920, the year Bayern Alzenau was founded. In 2011 Bayern Alzenau has won the Hessenliga, now its Heiko's responsibility to win it again, because that's the only way to get to the Regionalliga, the 4th tier of Germany.

    The Hessenliga is a weird competition. To gain promotion, you must win the league and after winning the league you must win against another Oberliga league-winner...very tough!

    Next update: SEASON EXPECTATION AND PRE-SEASON (2013-2014)
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    The prediction is that I will be 5th. But the media thinks I'll be 18th... Never trust the media, 5th place is very realistic, but I'm hoping for more...

    Their are probably 3 teams who will battle for the title:
    1. FC Eschborn: The club has just relegated from the Regionalliga and most of their best players stayed. Surely number one candidate to win the league.
    2. SV Wiesbaden: A small club, but they have the best selection from the league.
    3. FSV Frankfurt II: The second team of the second biggest club in Frankfurt: FSV Frankfurt. In this team play the youngsters and the first team players who were injured and recovering. I think this team will be the hardest one to beat.

    Pres-season games:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-29-om-21.18.56.png

    All 5 games were played in the stadium of Alzenau: 5113 people can enter the stadium, with only 933 seaters.

    First game was against Winterthur, a team from the second division of Switzerland. I deserved more, but when I was losing 2-1 at half time, I changed the whole squad. And their was one player, Boubacar Traore, who managed to get a red card in the first 10 minutes he played under my management. So down with 10 men, and my best players substituted...

    Second game against SVW Mannheim was better. We drew 1-1 against a team from the Regionalliga, so not bad I think.

    Third game was another difficult game. It was against Reid, the 5th team of Austria. We were 2-0 up at half time, I saw a very very good performance from my team in the first half! Again, (in every pre-season game) I changed the whole squad during half time. They managed to score 2 goals in 3 minutes and a late goal. I was a bit disappointed but I could be very proud, 2-3 is a good result.

    The 4th game was an easy game. FCA Darmstadt was just relegated from the Oberliga (they played in the Hessenliga). 3-0 up at half time and 10 minutus before half time it was 7-0. The last 10 minutes my defence was weak and they scored twice.

    The 5th game was against a team who plays in another league from the Oberliga and their prediction is the 5th place. This was a game against an equal team and we managed to grab a 3-2 win. Not deserved but 2 minutes before the end we scored the winning goal, so a bit of luck.

    I was pretty happy of the pre-season. I hoped that we could take that form to the league!

    Nest update: END OF SEASON! (2013-2014)
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    In the first games I saw that my defence was weak and my attack was inconsistent. So I asked some advice on the forum. Here you can read the issues I've had: TACTICAL HELP NEEDED WITH BAYERN SAVE (this is interesting if you want to see my tactic).

    But at the end of december I was happy what my team has done in 2013: 4 losses, 3 draws and 14 wins, not bad.

    The Hessenliga-games in 2013: T= Home game U= Away game (I'm from Belgium so my FM 14 is in dutch)
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-29-om-23.09.44.png

    At the beginning of the new year I knew that the battle for the title was between SV Wiesbaden, Eschborn and me, because FSV Frankfurt II was too inconsistent.

    At the start of 2014 SV Wiesbaden's results were very inconsistent and Eschborn took the first spot of the league. Until I managed to win against them, a very deserved 2-1 home-victory. Could I hold that first place an win the league?

    Well here are the results in 2014:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-29-om-23.10.05.png

    After the loss against Stadtallendorf (the first game I won 7-3, so very disappointed) I saw Eschborn coming back. I was now second in the league 1 point behind Eschborn, but they had 1 game more, and I had 3 points more than SV Wiesbaden.

    After the draw against SV Wiesbaden I had 4 points more than SV Wiesbaden and 6 points more than Eschborn. So with 1 game before the end of the season I was sure that I would win the Hessenliga! My first trophy!

    The last game I played in the Hessenliga was with a B-team, but I was still disappointed, because it was the last home-game and we should have won that game...

    This is the league table at the end of the season:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-29-om-23.09.22.png

    Know, the most important game of the season: the Promotion Playoff against Oberneuland.
    Oberneuland away, a very very tough game it would be...

    After 90 minutes it was 0-0, thanks to my central defenders and left back.

    And after 120 minutes it was still 0-0, so penalties would decide who promotes...

    The penalties:

    I began.
    Bayern Alzenau: First penalty.......SCORED.
    Oberneuland: First penalty...........SCORED.
    BA: Second penalty.....................SCORED.
    O: Second penalty......................MISSED a top save from my keeper.
    BA: Third penalty.......................SCORED, it's know 3-1.
    O: Third penalty.........................SCORED.
    BA: 4th penalty..........................SCORED, if they miss I promote!
    O: 4th penalty...........................SCORED, know their's a lot of pressure on my last shooter...
    BA: 5th penalty.........................SCORED and Bayern Alzenau promotes!!!

    At the start of the season I would be happy with a top 5 finish, I hoped I would be in the top 3, but that I would win the league and promote was only a dream, 'till now!

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    Hello guys and welcome to the start of my second season with Bayern Alzenau.

    The expectation was that I would be 18th (last) and relegate. Of course I didn't want to relegate so my aim was to be out of the relagation zone (only the 18th relegates) and have better finances, because we were in red...

    The 3 teams that would battle to win the title:
    1. TSV Alemannia Aachen a team which played in the Bundesliga in 2006-2007! After the relegation to the 2. Bundesliga they had bad finances, until they relegated to the Regionalliga. Know their finances are better and they have the best squad to win the league in my opinion.
    2. FC Victoria Koln 1904 is one of the three teams in the Regionalliga based in Koln. They have a good squad and great ambitions.
    3. SC Fortuna Koln is another team from Koln. They have also great ambitions, because they have played in the 2. Bundesliga 15 years ago.
    The third team from Koln I was talnking about is FC Koln II, the youth team of FC Koln. This is not the only second team in the league: FC Schalke 04 II, Bayer Leverkusen U21, Borussia Monchengladbach II, Fortuna Dusseldorf II and VfL Bochum II are the other second teams in the league. My expectation was that one of these second teams would relegate and that Schalke 04 II and Bayer Leverkusen U21 would battle for promotion with the three teams above.

    Know the squad overhaul. I had some really good, but also some really bad players last season. The bad players could leave the club and of course I want the better players to stay. Zubayr Amiri, an Afghan internetional, was the player of te season 2013-2014, but he didn't want to renew his contract...
    The other players their wage demand was too high for my club, only 4 players received a new contract.
    My goalkeeper Ricardo Dobert, central defender Daniel Muller, my right back and new captain Markus Wosiek and my striker Alessandro Frob. Alessandro was the second striker last year, but he will be my first striker this year.

    I signed a lot 22 new players and I had know every place covered twice. I was know ready for the new season!

    Pre-season games:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-11.48.25.png

    Pres-season is very short in Germany so I played only 4 matches.

    First game against FC Schalke 04 II, a league concurrent, was a deserved 4-2 victory. I tought it would be 1-0 at half time, but they scored twice before the wistle. In the second half I dominated, with two late goals I managed to grab a 4-2 win.

    Second game would be very tough against Chomutov, a team in the first league of the Czech Republic. It was a very convincing and easy victory. Their goal was in the 90th minute so they were never a thread.

    Third game was against another league concurrent, Bayer Leverkusen U21. They were very good and they deserved the win. But I was a bit disappointed because we were leading 2-1 at half time and their winning goal was an own goal in the 90+2' minute from my goalkeeper...

    The fourth game was a very easy game. I was happy with the clean sheet, but we should have scored more then twice...

    I was very happy with the pre-season games and I hoped I would do goodin the league...

    First eleven games: 2 wins, 8 draws and only 1 loss
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-11.56.20.png

    And this is the table after the first 11 games:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-27-om-15.41.24.png

    Next update: CUP MATCH + END OF SEASON!
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    Since I played in the Regionalliga, I can compete in the DFB Pokal, the German Cup.
    I was very nervous for the draw, but at the end very happy with it.

    The cupmatch was a home game against Eintracht Frankfurt! They managed to finish 4th so they are in the Champions League.

    The stadium was full, 5113 people watched the game and that was a new record! We received 110K for the income!
    But that was not the only good thing... The match was on TV and we gained 600K for that!

    Now the finances are better the club invested in the youth: the youth level and youth complex were razed!

    Now the match... I played very defensive, but their attack was too strong so they scored several times, but I was pleased with the performance of my players.

    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-13.00.57.png It was a loss and a big one, but not as big as I expected! And I was very happy that w could score against such a strong team!

    At the end of the season Eintracht Frankfurt relegates to the 2. Bundesliga. Next season the Frankfurt-derby is back!

    I can tell you that we had a very good season. We were not relegated!
    Maybe we had a top-half finish... Or even better... Maybe we won the league...

    Here you see the rest of the results:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-13.05.39.png The lost three games were very disappointing...But I'm very happy with the results!

    Here the table at the end of the season:

    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-13.08.18.png

    We had a very good season and we finished 8th! Our defence was the 5th of the league, but our attack must be better...

    I think I must be very happy with the season and it's a deserved title for Uerdingen!

    Next update: SEASON EXPECTATIONS + PRE-SEASON (2015-2016)
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  9. nice game!
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  10. thanks mate, I hope for some more readers

    What do you like? What do you think I should change? The first 2 seasons were very quick because I was further in the game, know I can go further in depth if you want...

  11. an update with your tactics, best players, financial status and anything interesting that happens in germany in general
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  12. well done mundo, this type of story has real potential to be one of the most interesting on the game, low tier of germany leagues most people wont explore ever until they read about it here

    Keep up the good work mate
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  13. Ok working on it! Thanks for the support!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by callamity View Post
    well done mundo, this type of story has real potential to be one of the most interesting on the game, low tier of germany leagues most people wont explore ever until they read about it here

    Keep up the good work mate
    Thank you mate! I hope I will inspire some players, but my aim is to have some readers who support me and help me where needed!

  15. Does anyone know how to change your language in the game? It's set on dutch, but I want to change it into english, so I can post screens instead of giving boring translations :p

  16. Ok language is changed.
    Tonight there will be a next update!
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    Darkology said that it would be nice to see an overview of what is happening in Germany.

    Season 2013-2014:
    In the 3rd tier Red Bull Leipzig were the champions and also Heidenheim promotes to the 2. Bundesliga!
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.27.27.png

    In the 2nd tier there were 2 teams who gained promotion to the Bundesliga: Fortuna Dusseldorf won the league and Greuter Furth were second. Mainz won the promotion playoff against Union Berlin, so no Berlin derby next year.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.30.51.png

    The race for the title in the Bundesliga was between 2 teams: Bayern Munich (the team I hate) and Borussia Dortmund. Who made it... Well you see it here:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.32.32.png It is DORTMUND!

    DFB Pokal:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.50.12.pngThe first cup under Guardiola.

    Maybe it is interesting to show you the Europa League, Champions League an World Cup.

    Europa League:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.35.47.png Bayer Leverkusen reached the last 16 and Stuttgart and Bayern Munich the last 8. Tottenham (a team a support in real life) are the winners!

    Champions League:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.37.32.pngBorussia Dortmund reached the last 16 and Schalke 04 the last 8. Juventus has won the cup, very surprising!

    World Cup:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.40.17.png It is a shame that Germany didn't make it to the second round!
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.40.38.pngFrance are the surprising winners, but they got some great youngster like Pogba & Kondogbia.
    Algeria were 4th after a 2-1 defeat against Uruguay, but that was the biggest surprise of the tournament that they reached the semi-finals!

    Season 2014-2015:
    No world cup this time.

    3. Liga:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.44.51.pngHalle wins the league and Kalsruhe and Chemnitz promote!

    2. Bundesliga:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.46.06.pngFreiburg wins the league and 1860 Munchen promotes, so next season a Munchen-derby!
    Koln has won the playoff against Eintracht Frankfurt and they promote.

    This season there was only one team who could win it and that team is... Bayern Munich.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.48.56.png

    DFB Pokal:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.51.07.pngA win for Fortuna Dusseldorf, what a great season they had!

    Europa League:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.52.56.pngHannover 96 and Werder Bremen reached the second knockout round.

    Champions League:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-30-om-17.54.21.pngSchalke 04 reached the second round, Dortmund the quarter finals and Bayern Munich has lost in the final against Real Madrid. AS Monaco in the semi-finals was a big surpris, but they won in 2013-2014 the French Ligue 1.

    So this was a worldwide overview of the last 2 seasons.

    Next update: TACTIC + PLAYERS + PRE-SEASON (2015-2016)
    This update will be online at the end of the day.
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  18. wow world cup won by France??that is a BIG surprise!Thank you for the info, keep it up mate

  19. As i sincerely also don't like bayern will be following this. Love it so far. Keep 'em coming.

  20. I'm now busy with pre-season games. You can expect a new update later this evening.


    Hello guys, first I want to wish you a happy New Year!

    It's now the 18th of July in my Bayern Alzenau save and this will be the first game in the Regionalliga Nordost for Heiko and his men.
    Last year Bayern Alzenau was in the Regionalliga West but this season they aren't, hopefully things go good this year too!

    The new league:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-17.14.17.pngThere is 1 team I've already played against: FSV Frankfurt II in the Hessenliga in 2013/2014.

    I'm not completely happy with my tactic, it's a counter-attacking tactic, but my aim is to be a midtable team this year and after this season I want to change the tactic in a possesion/attacking tactic and win the league. I don't want to play tiki-taka, but more a Dortmund/Klopp style of play: quick attacking football, and a lot of possession against weaker teams.

    This is my tactic for now:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-31-om-19.31.26.png I have a backup tactic, but that was the tactic I used in the beginning of last season, but that tactic is too defensive and with that tactic it's hard to score.
    The mentality is attacking, but I have most of the games 45% possession, even against weaker teams.

    Now I'm going to show you a squad overview and a comparison with other teams:

    Goalkeepers: Ricardo Dobert and Felix Low.
    Ricardo will be my main goalkeeper and Felix will be my backup. But if Ricardo makes stupid mistakes (like last year), I'm not qoing to hesitate to select Low.

    Right backs: Markus Wosiek and Amadeus Piontek.
    Markus is my first right back, but only because he is my captain! His average rating must be better otherwise Amadeus will be in the starting 11.

    Left backs: Victor Gradl and Baris Odabas.
    Victor was great last season and I hope he will be even better this season. Baris is a decent backup left back, but also a decent backup DM and he has lots of potential.

    Centre backs: Daniel Muller, Manoel Splettstober, Torsten Hartung and Matthias Bienek.
    Daniel Muller is certainly my best and main centre back. He will always be in the starting 11 if he's fit. He is my favourite player and he has a very high average rating the last 2 seasons. Manoel is already good, but has also very good potential. Torsten is good and he is 2 footed! Matthias has a lot of speed, something I like in defence.

    Defensive midfielder: Patrick Hilser, Baris Odabas and Franklin N'Goma.
    Patrick is a very good anchorman and he has some space to grow. Baris will always be on the bench, because he is a decent left back and DM. Franklin is someone for the future, very good potential. Something I don't like about Franklin is that he had 2 own goals in his 6 appearences he had for the club...

    Central midfielder: Frank Schreiber and Felix Horger.
    Can't say much about these players. Felix is new (2 days at the club) and Frank was the backup since January. My main central midfielder has left 5 days before the start of the competition, very disappointing...

    Attacking midfielder: Alexander Reith, Dennis Leiper, Stephan Schmik and Andreas Schwolow.
    Alexander and Dennis are my main attacking midfielders. Dennis is out for 4 months so Alexander will play most of the time. Stephan is backup for my left and right wing, but can also play as an AMC. Andreas Schwolow is young and has potential, but he can leave if he wants..

    Right wing: Alexander Vogel, Dominik Almeida and Stephan Schmik.
    Alexander was good last season and will start this season. Dominik is new, but a very good concurrent for Alexander and he has a lot of potential. Stephan is a backup.

    Left wing: Dominik Schwertel, Fatih Sezer and Stephan Schmik.
    Dominik has the best stats, but Fatih plays better. A very tough choice...Stephan is a backup.

    Striker: Julian Bidon, Alessandro Frob and Jozef Gasparovic.
    Julian has the best stas and he missed pre-season because he was flirting with other teams. Alessandro was the best striker last year and the fans favourite. Jozef is very good when he starts of the bench, but not good enough for a whole match. Julian or Jozef may leave the club.

    I have some good youngsters, but one player will play some matches this season. His name? Gualtiero Rizzo. And he will play as a striker.
    Here his stats:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-31-om-20.04.34.png

    Here an overview:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-31-om-20.03.16.png

    It has been a long post so I'm not going to evaluate the players performances during the pre-season games.
    The pre-season games:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-31-om-20.05.56.png
    5-0 convincing victory over Flieden.
    4-2 victory, attack was good, defence wasn't.
    4-1 victory, 1-0 during half time for Grunstadt, very good performance after the break.
    The last 4-2 victory was very good, 2 faults from my 2 goalkeepers...

    Team evaluation:
    Attack: very good.
    Defence: inconsistent.

    So this is a long post. I'm now going to celebrate New Year with my girlfriend!

    Greetings from Belgium.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-31-om-19.26.05.png   From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2013-12-31-om-20.00.40.png  
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    Hello guys

    I've just finished the first 5 leaguegames of the season 2015-2016. I can tell you that my job status is very secure:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-21.57.38.png

    My aim was to have 9 points out of 18, but I'm happy with the games and the 7 points:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-22.01.20.png

    First game: The first game was an away game in Berlin, against the second team of Hertha BSC. They were 19th in the third division last year. The first half was not good, we had 2 CCC's and we couldn't score one of them, 0-0 at half time. After the break they played better and scored 3 times, in the 84th minute Reith scored the goal that we deserved.

    Second game: It was a home game against Babelsberg. After 4 minutes they were 1-0 up, but my team played good and we scored the equalizer in the 9th minute. It was the second league goal of Alexander Reith. In the 14th minute we scored from a set piece, it was an own goal of Hasan Seifi. They had most of the possession, but we defended well and won 2-1. It is our first win ever in the Regionalliga Nordost!

    We played a friendly against the secon team of Kalsruhe, an easy 2-0 victory and it was the first game of Dominik Muller, my new centre back. I signed him because Bienek was flirting with other teams.

    Third game: An away game against Zwickau. Zwickau had more than 7,000 visitors in their opening game at home... This match there were 'only' 2,000 visitors and they saw an very easy game for the home team. After 14 minutes they scored their first goal, but we equalized via Julian Bidon, the striker who couldn't score last season... But 2 set pieces later it was 3-1 for the home team... 3 set piece-goals in 3 matches is not good...

    Fourth game: An away game against Plauen. It was a match between 2 clubs who battle against relegation, but we won convincingly! After 17 minutes Schwegler scored the opening goal and after 24 minutes Reith (yes with his third goal!) dubbles the score, 2-0. In the 29th minute we conceded, but Julian Bidon scored 2 minutes before half time and we had our 2 goals lead back. After the break we defended well, but they scored in 78th minute from a set piece, again... This time it was an own goal from my DM Baris Odabas.

    Fifth game: A home game against Rot-Weiss Erfurt, they were second last year so this was going to be a tough game... After 9 minutes my striker, Julian Bidon, scored and we were leading 1-0. But Erfurt was better and they scored three times before half time: game, set and match. No was that we were going to score twice or even three times against Erfurt, one of the best teams of the league.

    Sixth game: A very important game against another mid-table team: FC Lokomotive Leipzig. We were leading 2-0 after 26 minutes, 2 goals of Julian Bidon, the man in form! But in the 45th minute the scored 2-1. And in the first minute after the game Paul Schinke scored again, it was a fantastic goal from 20 yards! It was a disappointing result after the 2-0 lead, but not a bad result.

    7 points in 6 games, that's not enough to be in the top-half, but we played against 3 teams in the top 5...
    The table:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-22.42.15.png We are sitting on the 10th spot. I hope we can climb on the table and I'm hoping for the 6th-7th place to end this season. Higher is even better!

    This is not the only thing I want to tell you. The Champions League and Europa League groups of the German teams and the World Cup U20.

    Champions League:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-22.49.15.pngGroup A: Schalke 04 (3rd in Bundesliga), Atletico Madrid (3rd in Liga BBVA), CS Pandurii (Romanian First League Winner) and FC Basel (Winner of the Swiss Super League. A tough group, but I see Schalke in the second round.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-22.52.50.pngGroup D: FC Chelsea (3rd in the Premier League), Olympiakos (Winner of the Greek Superleague) Borussia Dortmund (2nd in Bundesliga) and AS Monaco (2nd in Ligue 1). An even tougher group then Schalke 04, but BVB must capable to go to the second round.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-22.57.28.pngGroup G: Shakhtar Donetsk (First in Ukrainian Premier League), PSG (First in Ligue 1), Bayern Munich (Winner of Bundesliga) and Club Brugge (1st in the Belgian Jupiler Pro League). A group of Champions, but I think that Bayern is the group favourite.

    Europa League:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-23.00.37.pngGroup A: Granada (4th in Liga BBVA), Galatasaray (only 5th in Spor Toto Super League), Vitoria Guimaraes (3rd in Portugese Premier League) and Fortuna Dusseldorf (7th in Bundesliga and winner of the DFB-Pokal). I see Granada and Galatasaray goint to the next round, but Fortuna has a chance when they get the support of their home crowd.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-23.06.15.pngGroup B: TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (6th in Bundesliga), FC Red Bull Salzburg (Winner of Austrian Premier League), Metalist Kharkiv (4th in Ukrainian Premier League) and AS Nancy Lorraine (3rd in Ligue 1). A group with very even teams, but I don't see Hoffenheim going through.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-23.11.52.pngGroup G: Trabzonspor (6th in Spor Toto Super League), AS Roma (14th in Serie A and winner of the Italian Cup), Hapoel Tel-Aviv (2nd in Israeli Premier League) and HSV (4th in Bundesliga). AS Roma is the group favourite in my eyes and Trabzonspor and HSV will battle for second place.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-23.17.35.pngGroup J: Kuban Krasnodar (6th in Russian Premier League), FC Kobenhavn (Winner of Danish Superliga), Borussia Monchengladbach (11th in Bundesliga) and Ajax (5th in Eredivisie). Gladbach and Ajax will go through, I think. They are the best teams.

    World Cup U20:
    Italy has won the World Cup U20 in 2015. They won against Germany in the quarter final.
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-02-om-23.26.40.png

    So this was the July-August update. My next update will be after September-October.
    Greetings from Belgium!
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  23. poor defence there.why don't you bring your CM a bit deeper and convert him into DM?might help

  24. Most of the goals I concede are set pieces, but I can at least try it!
    Thanks for the tip

  25. First match with 2 DM's, a 1-0 away win against Rathenow, a concurrent for the 7th place. Now we are looking for a parent club, because our finances are decreasing quickly...

  26. well done.. will be following...

    i enjoy germany lower league but gave up my Kiel save.
    Got them promoted to 2nd Div and struggled since, no matter how i change the tactics.. just could get results.

    My Kiel set up is similar to yours.. with 2 DM.. did well in 3rd Div but could not find the right tweat for the 2nd Div.
    Supports Hoffenheim irl, thus I always try to look for loans from them.

    I conceed a lot from set-piece as well, not sure how to resolve it. But i score from freekicks often.
    I have 3 players distrupting the wall.. it seems to work.

  27. But the tactic with 2 DM's is not so good. 4 games: 1 win and 3 draws. Ok no loss, but I score lucky goals and I can't counter-attack quickly to hurt the other team and that is my aim...
    This will be a hard season, I don't think I will relegate, but I'm struggling a lot.
    After this season a attacking-possession tactic would be nicer to watch and would make my save more interesting.
    I have 1 big problem, the pitch is relayed, but after only 5-10 home games the pitch is again really bad...
    So if I want to play more possession football, my pitch must be better... I hope the finances aren't that bad at the end of the season and than can I maybe ask to relay the pitch again, hopefully...

    Thanks for the support guys!

  28. Brendn's Avatar Brendn
    Modern Day Legend
    Good start my friend.
    From the sounds like it, this season will be consolidation before a promotion push.

    Pity about the state of the pitch, possession football is very entertaining and pleases the crowds.

  29. September & October

    Hello guys

    This will be a short update because I want to finish 2015 today.

    Reith and Lepper are both injured so I had to play Schwolow on the AMC position. For a few matches I changed AMC in MC, but that didn't worked well: 4 draws.
    I have changed the tactic in another way: CM (S) becames DLP (S), Anchorman (D) became defensive midfielder (S)
    and advanced playmaker (S) became attacking midfielder .

    Fixtures of September and October:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-11.15.54.pngA lucky 1-0 win over Rathenow (an own goal) was the beginning of a great month September with no losses! October was a bit disappointing because we lost against Meuselwitz and had a draw against Berliner AK.

    Because most of the teams are in the region of Berlin we loose a lot of money to travel and that's not good for our finances:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-11.23.42.png

    But there is also good news: We have found a parent club: Sandhausen in th 2. Bundesliga!
    We get around 12K a year and the recettes for the friendly are also for my team. Not much but every penny counts!
    Sandhausen 11th at the moment in the 2. Bundesliga and I will support for them in the hope that we will get more money in the future!
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-11.24.06.png

    This was the update I hope I can finish November and December today and give you a next update.
    The fixtures before the New Year:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-11.28.13.png
    Only 5 games and I hope I will be 7th and not 10th...
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-11.29.19.png
    Last edited by Mundo1996; 03/01/2014 at 11:34 AM.


    Hello guys

    As there were only 5 leaguegames in these 2 months this is the 2nd update of the day.

    I'm going to analyse every game, because this was the best month so far this season!

    First game:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.28.44.png A 0-1 victory over Neustrelitz. They were 4th in the league and were the best team in October so an excellent win. We had 3 CCC's, but could only scored one. The defence was very good and we had a clean sheet.

    Second game:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.32.26.pngWe lost the first game of the season against them with 3-1, but this day we were superb! Both teams had 1 CCC, but my goalkeeper kept it out and Bidon scored our CCC! In the last 5minutes we pushed forward and scored twice.

    Third game:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.34.16.pngBest game so far this season! We created 5 CCC's and scored three of them, not bad. My defence was, again, very good! We won twice last season against FSV Frankfurt II, but this time I wasn't sure of the win.

    This was November: 3 Wins!
    And my DM Hilser is the player of the month November! Great performances of him, 8.33 average rating and 2 goals!

    Last game against Babelsberg was the first victory of the season. This time it was 6th against 7th in the league...
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.40.24.pngWe won again, a deserved 1-3 victory! This time we had 3 CCC's and scored 2 of them. They had 4 CCC's, but my defence was ver very good and we only conceded one!

    A game against Zwickau. Last time we lost, but this time we played at home...
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.43.47.png We were losing 2-0 after 7 minutes and they dominated us in the first half. I was furious at half time and Gualtiero Rizzo came of the bench in the 50th minute. From than I played on overload and Rizzo scored his first goal for the club! In the 89th minute we received a corner and the best player of the season so far, centre back Daniel Muller, scored with a beautiful header! 2-2 and I was pleased with the performance in the second half!

    Again 2 very good performances of my team! I'm a very proud manager!
    4 points against 2 tough opponents is really really good. Again we had the player of the month and this time it was the right winger: Alexander Vogel.
    He had an average rating of 8.1, scored 2 goals and gave 2 assists!

    Fixtures of November and December:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.50.28.png

    And this is the league table on the first of January 2016:
    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.49.32.png

    I can't wait for the youth intake and the moment (04/01/2016) that the new youth facilities are finished!

    Next Update: January & February
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    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.56.09.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.56.17.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.56.25.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.57.29.png

    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.56.35.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.56.44.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.56.56.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.57.06.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-13.57.22.png

    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-14.05.42.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-14.06.04.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-14.06.25.png
    No German player in the world team of the year.

    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-14.08.14.pngFrom Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-14.08.23.png



    From Oberliga to Bundesliga, The New Bayern, Bayern Alzenau-schermafbeelding-2014-01-03-om-15.05.21.png

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  33. Pffffff I was very busy with school and had several problems so that's why it tooks that long for the new update.
    So I wanted to make a new update, but therefore I need some screens. I open FM and my computer crashes...

    I restart the computer and re-open FM 14 but all my saves are gone, so no new update guys... I think this will be the end of the Bayern Alzenau story.

    I hope you enjoyed the save and I will begin a new save: Scandinavian Challenge.

    I'm very sorry and I will thank you for all the support!

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