AC Perugia - Fabrizio 'White Feather' Ravanelli is back

  1. AC Perugia - Fabrizio 'White Feather' Ravanelli is back

    Hello fellow managers!

    I decided to manage AC Perugia, the club which had great players in the past like Angelo Di Livio, Gennaro Gattuso, Fabio Grosso, Marco Materazzi, Sebastiano and Paolo Rossi, Muller and the mighty White Feather, Fabrizio Ravanelli. I have created my profile after Ravanelli for various reasons like he played for Juventus and was born in Perugia. I know he is also in the game but he is not that talented staff at the moment.

    Right now I have finished two seasons, so below you can find a summary of both:

    1st season, Serie C1 B
    Nothing unusual at the beginning, no money to spend, fairly low wage budget, a lot of loan players. I had a clear idea which tactic I will use as in my previous save I won the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg, so I wished to see if it is working in the lower Italian league. The tactic itself is not too complicated, 4-3-3 Balanced ? Standard, with only 7 team instructions being used and only a few player instructions.
    I can say, it worked pretty well, we did manage to win the league, the Serie C Cup and the Serie C Super Cup. Nice start, isn?t it? Here are some screens about league table, statistics and the best players:

    Serie C1 B league table: View image: 32
    Transfers: View image: trans
    Player statistics: View image: statok
    Serie C Cup matches:
    Wingers, Fabinho and the younger Insigne: View image: fabinho View image: insigne
    Playmaker Bekdemir: View image: bekdemir
    Young talent Ortenzi: View image: ortenzi
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  2. 2nd season, Serie B
    My primary goal was to keep the well perfoming players together, extend loan contracts as we had to do without money, again. It worked, except in case of Bekdemir as we were not able to afford 50k EUR per month for him. Sad but true. Anyway, the previous squad with some free players ended up in a brilliant season again, where we didn't struggled even a bit, from the 6th round we lead the league nearly and grabbed the well earned promotion. You can say it was a succesful year, but the best part still follows. With a counter attacking 4-4-1-1, we faced teams like Genoa or Serie A holder Fiorentina through the way to the Final of the Italian Cup to face Inter. Well, we managed to win it I do not know how to be honest. We are a good TEAM, but very young and inexperienced. Check the pics below:

    AC Perugia - Fabrizio 'White Feather' Ravanelli is back-b42.jpg
    Transfers: View image: tra all
    Stats: View image: statok
    Italian Cup matches: View image: coppa
    and the Final: View image: coppa finale
    The best players:
    Vichi, home grown for the club: View image: Vichike
    Insigne, with less stunning performance than last year: View image: insigne
    Top perfomer Aveni: View image: aveni
    Good old tank forward: View image: caracciolo

    Well, my goal scoring record was broke by Aveni, but I am not that sad about it: View image: golcsucs

    Serie A, here we are coming!

    AC Perugia - Fabrizio 'White Feather' Ravanelli is back-ravanelli.jpg

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