Football Manager Experiments

  1. Football Manager Experiments


    This is the first in hopefully many Football Manager experiments. Basically what will do in these videos is swap around players, managers and clubs using the editor and holiday through a few seasons and see what happens. Inthis experiment I put Ian Hollowayas the manager of Millwall and see how he does.

    If you have anymore ideas for experiments I could do in the future, then please feel free to comment them in this thread and if I like the sound of them I will do them.
    Football Manager Experiment - Ian Holloway at Millwall - YouTube

  2. Jelevic And Long at Hull

    In todays experiment I put 2 of Hull's new signings (Nikica Jelavic and Shane Long) and see how they settle in at there new clubs

    Football Manager Experiments - Long & Jelavic at Hull - YouTube

  3. Daehli, Eikrem and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Cardiff please mate

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