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A Pedro Gonzalez Story

  1. A Pedro Gonzalez Story

    Pedro Gonzlez:
    A young Spanish manager(36) who wants to throw his hat into the ring of English lower league management.
    With a passing style and 4-3-3 to go hand in hand he looks to turn a side into the football league to an English Barcelona!
    With big hopes to the side he lands with.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-manager-profile.png

    Colchester The team of choice!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-281df28f39f970a10b362736657120ac.png

    A bit about the club.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-info.png
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-facillties.png

    Gonzlez wastes no time in getting some key players in using the free market quickly snapping up Bernardo Corradi and Dellis Anou both in to play a key part in the sides league 1 campaign.
    Within another 10 days Juvenal and veteran goalkeeper Andriano Basoo.
    With Basso not being what Pedro hoped Jamal Blackman was brought in as a number after the link with Chelsea was announced.
    Also players leaving the club going to forest green on loan for the season
    Mark Cousins was deemed not good enough for the squad by the manager and left the club for 38k to Stevenage.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-transfers.png

  2. Some of our key players already at the club going into the season!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-key-player-season-1-watt.pngA Pedro Gonzalez Story-key-player-season-1-eastmond.pngA Pedro Gonzalez Story-key-player-season-1-eastman.png

    Also some good news in the window!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-good-news.png

    Here is who we picked
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-parent.png
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-feeder.png

    With the silk 4-3-3 passing style that Gonzlez brings to league 1 it has won over fans,
    players and matches at that. The passing being the main part of the tactic that stands
    out always out playing the other team and making them chase the ball before out of
    no where you find Pedro counterpart 1-0 down.

    With the formation and players in place and Pedro looking very happy going into the
    league 1 season but defeat to gillingham 0-2 they were outclassed on a tricky away

    game goals from Cody McDonald and Man Mountain Akinfenwa on the score sheet.
    The next game game was a very tricky home tie to championship side Brighton
    Harry Kane, Stephen ward and Leonadro Ulloa scoring.
    But the fight of the U's with goals from Young talent Sachez watt and Jabo not
    making it the easiest of the jobs for the seasiders.

    Back into action 4 days later at home to port vale and things are starting to click an
    massive 3-1 with Sanchez Watt, Bernadro Corradi and Dery wight getting on the
    score sheet.

    Next game was a very tricky away tie to sheff united looking to brush the U's aside
    but today is not the day! The U's pull off a massive win Eastman and Watt on the
    scoresheet giving Perdro's side all 3 points.

    Back at home and winning again! A 3-1 win over Carlisle with Gavin Massey bagging
    2 goals and Corradi getting in on the fun.

    Another win?! Yes! Massive 4 goals helps Colchester climb futher up the table.
    Orient powerless to fight it with another brace from Massey! The man is on fire
    Before Watt getting 2! These boys love scoring!

    Colchester are sitting 2nd on the league but only stopped by Preston having a better
    goal difference But 12 points from 5 games gives Colchester a great early start!

    Player of the month for me is Sanchez Watt. In 6 games scoring 5 and grabbing 2
    assists with 1 man of the match award. The start of an amazing young player and
    praying his can continue this form through the season.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Key player - season 1 Watt.png
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ID:	465151

    Overall a great start to the season and a great start for Perdro.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-1.png
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    My direction of football has signed: Lesse Vigen on loan from fulham 2/12/2013
    A good signing in a area of feild we have had a few injures here or there

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-deadline-day-deal.png

    Also forgot the league table:
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-1.png

  4. And my tactics!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-tactics-1.pngA Pedro Gonzalez Story-tactics-2.png

  5. Good Start mate. How did u do your manager profile pic? I'd be keen on a similar one if you could help? Cheers
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Streaky25 View Post
    Good Start mate. How did u do your manager profile pic? I'd be keen on a similar one if you could help? Cheers
    I used a facegen modeller from online and shirt and hair pack is from different packs inside FM mods(More regens faces etc)
    I could make you one, mine only took 15-20 minutes

    And cheers smashing the season now!

  7. Story update 2
    Pedro second month into management with Colchester is going great! better than most would think keeping up the start of the season many raised an eyebrow at. The players are kicking on and showing no fear of the big sides and some very good football and passing is the result of this.

    A lose in Johnstone's Paint Trophy 1st round to stevenage.
    Played a weak squad for this game and didn't mind going out, more time to focus on the league.

    We try to bounce straight back with an away trip to cash strapped Conventry a solid 2-1 away from home as Watt AGAIN getting on the score sheet from the left wing! Okuonghae bagging the winner getting us all 3 points!

    Another away trip 6 days later to new boys Bradford his time keeping a clean sheet by the scoreline is the same as 2-0 as Okuonghae getting on score sheet again and Corradi back to scoring ways.

    A tough draw at home to crawley only saved by a early peno Converted by Juvenal. Before Crawley bossed the game in the top of the table clash.

    The last fixture of the month see the U's get another massive away win! Over Bristol city. Getting all 3 points in stoppage time at Corradi scores a brace.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-2.png

    Player of the month
    Corradi! having a great season and scoring important goals and doing a great job leading the line.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-month-2.png


    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-2.png

    Overall a good month for Pedro not just football matches but friends too.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Maney View Post
    I used a facegen modeller from online and shirt and hair pack is from different packs inside FM mods(More regens faces etc)
    I could make you one, mine only took 15-20 minutes

    And cheers smashing the season now!
    Yeah if you wouldn't mind making me one that would be great. If I sent you a pic of me, could you do a similar avatar of myself? I like the suit, so a dark blue navy suit with tie be great!

    Keep up the good work mate.

  9. Yeah could do mate, PM me your skype and cheers update coming up tonight

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Maney View Post
    Yeah could do mate, PM me your skype and cheers update coming up tonight
    Did u get my PM message mate?
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  11. Month 3
    Things just get better and better for Pedro! unbeaten again and scoring for fun! some big deals home and away have not enjoyed there 90 minutes against the U's

    The month starts with a tricky tie to most people number 1 choice to go back up: Wolves, a good 3-2 win Corradi and Watt who cant stop scoring and our goal machine at Center back Okuonghae! Secures the win in a very tough game all 3 points was a sweat feeling.

    Brentford away easily the hardest game of the month! only saved a point with a late goal from Corradi the goal machine! to make it 1-1.

    We bounce back by smashing Shrewsbury a massive 5 goals to zero.
    5 different scores on the way all coming after the 58 minute. Watt, Pappoe, Wilson, Gilbery and again Corradi! with a huge win and helping us keep top stop.

    Peterborough at home tried there best by scoring 3 but we got all 3points firing 4 back of our down with 2 own goals and Massey before Watt grabbing the winner in the 44th minute.

    Scoring 4 again past the Saddlers! with 2 late goals from Juvenal and Wright getting all 3 points in another amazing month to be a U's fan.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-3.png

    The league table is looking Quality as Colchester are running away with it 35 points from 14 games and 2nd place 28 points.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-3.png

    The player of the month was hard to choice from it was tossup between play maker Juvenal or Watt
    But Watt wins again with 9 goals in 16 and 3 assists and very good passing and dribbling been our key man going forward and helping us score 3,4 or 5!

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-month-3.png

    Also nice little gem for Pedro after a great month
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-month-3-manger-month.png

  12. A tough month and brought down to earth the hard way, not scoring but we look a lot strong at the back.

    First game away to Rotherham Alex Gilbery scored for the U's but rotherham showing there class by getting 2 goals and taking 3 three points and giving us our first lost in a long old him

    The FA Cup 1st round vs Boreham wood is just what we needed to get back on track with a massive 5-1 win! Corradi who is never shy to shoot bagged 2 with Ibehre getting a brace and Wilson also getting in on the action.

    After a long 12 say break we go away to Preston in a frustration 0-0 draw showing a good back line away from home, a result I will take!

    We return home after 3 games away with a 1-0 over MK dons with Watt getting on the score sheet!

    The last fixture of the month was also away to tranmere a 2-2 draw away from home, not a great result should be winning or not letting 2 in!

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-4.png

    We are sitting 2nd in the league but its not all bad news.....I got a new contract already!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-board-love-me-month-4-.png
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-done-deal-moth-4-.png

    Sanchez Watt got caped for wales!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-watt-wales-month-4-.png

    Some very big positive this month I hope by January we are back to top spot

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-4.png
    Player of the month
    Defensively we have got a lot better this month and this man is a rock at the back and one of best players this season but this month he stood out!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-month-4.png

  13. After a month wish could have been better we ended the year with a great month bring on 2014!

    Swindon was the first game of the month and 3-0 the score with Gilbey, Juvenal and Eastmond all with the goal showing class.

    The FACup 2nd round showed a classy 2-1 over Bradford with Eastmond scoring again and Corradi getting in on the fun!

    Notts Co came close to beating the U's but failed as we walked away with all 3 points after Juvenal and Eastman getting the goals.

    Oldham were poor! 4 goals and we were away from home! Corradi cant stop scoring bagging a hat-trick! and 94 minute goal for big bad Center back Okunghae making it 4

    A surprising lose at home to stevenage with Bean doing all he could but not enough to even get a point!

    We end the year beating 9 man crewe 3 - 0 with Okunghae, Corradi and Wright all getting involed.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-5.png

    Top of the league going into 2014 but 5 points!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-5.png

    Juvenal Picking up the player of the month award and playing the best in whole league 7 assists and 5 goals and 88% pass completion in only 21 starts!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-month-5.png

  14. 2014 Kicks off and a mix bag of results.

    We start 2014 with a draw away to the Dons in the league Tom eastman getting us a point from the tricky away trip.

    Smashing barnet 4-0 in 3rd round of the FA cup with Watt scoring his first for a while, Wright and Jabo get in the goals.

    A quick 3 day turn around away to port vale were we took all 3 points thanks to goals from Bean and Morrison!

    Another cracking game 3-0 to the gills who beat us on the opening day showing how far we have come. (Ibehre Okuonghae and wright with the goals)

    Tough away trip to Carlisle drawing 2 all a late O.G from Livsey lets the U's take a point back home.

    Sheff united show class to upstage us at home with Eastman doing his best to get us someone out of the game, no luck!

    4th round of the FA cup tie to premier league boys everton. Smashed 5-1 and showing we are not ready yet, Baines own goal, nothing brag about as our FA cup run comes to an end.

    But we finish the month on a high with a scrappy win over Shewsbury Eastman and wright both on the score sheet again this month
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-6.png

    A steady lead at the top now 8 points clear but second place Crawley do have a game in hand.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-6.png

    A few players stood out this month but young 18 year old Dret Wright getting the player of the month for the U's bagging a few goals and assist here or there and being an overall good attacking threat.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-month-6.png

    Oh and the tranfer window!
    With CB and CM loan running out before the end of febuary
    We got in a cover RB Alan Lowing.
    Ryan edwards until the end of the season and a great deadline day deal with picked up Ross jenkins from watford, cracking player on a free.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-tranfers-2.png

  15. Nice updates mate, easy to read, yet very informative. Keep it going.

    Did you get my PM?

  16. Yeah I did mate, i can do it Tuesday or Wednesday. Cheers.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Maney View Post
    Yeah I did mate, i can do it Tuesday or Wednesday. Cheers.
    Cool, cheers mate

  18. A Short month but back to business.
    We start of the month to In-form peterborough 1-0 with our bad form I amstarting to worry if we don't pick up more points.

    Rotherham was a team we needed 3 points from and that what we got thanks to the welsh wounderkid Sanchez Watt and of course Corradi!

    A massive win! 5 GOALS we beat swindon with goals from Wright, Eastmond, Jenkins, Watt and a O.G in injury time.

    We finish the month at home to preston 1-1 the final score with wright helping us grab a point.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-7.png

    Player of the month is Dery wright in the England under 19's he has been class and at 18 playing at this level he is unreal, bright future ahead.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-month-7.png

    Top of the league with 5 points, looking good to go up this year but you never know!

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-7.png

    Vigen loan is up :/ but we are looking to re-loan him A.S.A.P until the end of the season, key little player for us!

  19. Is this curt the FM streamer ?

  20. I'm Famous! haha yeah its me dude, sup

  21. March is always a good month things like intake the tail end of the season.

    We start off with a 2-2 draw away from home to Orient with Eastman scoring early but being saved with a O.G to grab a point

    First home game of the month we blasted 4 past Coventry at the foot of the table Watt getting an early goal and Corradi and Wright getting in on the fun with a Joe murphy own goals with that it was 4! they replayed with 2 of there own but it didn't matter really.

    1-0 at home to bradford dug deep and another early goal from Sanchez Watt gave us all 3 points.

    A top of the table clash ended in a defeat losing 1-0 away to Crawley.

    We replied with a bang scoring another 4 this time Bristol the team on the receving end 2 goals from both Wright and Watt our young wingers being some of our best players for the season.

    The wright show! with a 2-1 away to high flying wolves Wright gets another brace getting us all 3 points

    Notts Co away was a tough tie with Wright getting us a goal but still got nothing out of it losing 2-1.
    Attachment 468182

    We secured a play-offs spot at the end of the month with the championship looking ever closer!
    Attachment 468179

    Top of the league still and by a few points.

    Attachment 468178

    Wright has been amazing this month! scoring 6 goals for a 18 year old right winger! Class on Grass!
    Attachment 468176

    Intake -
    Attachment 468169
    Attachment 468159Attachment 468162Attachment 468165

  22. End of season review part 1/2

    April/May and a season review

    We snatched the league !
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-winning-league-1.png

    They are loving me
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-glory-winning.png
    Winning the aprill boss
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-april-manager-month.png

    A great end of the season unbeaten

    A 2-2 draw at home to tramere with Wright and Jenkis getting the goals.

    A 2-1 away win to stevenage was standard as Wright on the scoresheet again and Ibehre getting his first goal for a long time

    Another 2-1 this time at home to Oldham Watt and Jenkins helping us get all 3 points.

    4 past crewe with Jabo Ibehre getting a brace with Watt and Okuonghae getting in on the fun!

    a draw in our last home game to Brentford and Jabo getting the goals for us in some form!

    and 2-0 win to finish out the season to 24th place walsall with Watson and eastman getting the goals
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-9.png

    97 points 99 goals and only losing 7! Smashed the league
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-1-league-month-9.png

  23. The team stats
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-final-stats-players-season-1.png

    A few of my stars this season, it speak for itself
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-season-1.png
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-season-2.png
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-season-3.png

    and the league Overview for players.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-league-stats.png

    A quick look at the championship before the season awards.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-championship-season-1-who-we-will-facing.png

    Wright gets player of the year at 18!!!!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-player-year.png

    Gonzalez manager of the year!!!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-manager-year.png

    Blackman, Wilson, Eastman and yes Wright in the team of the year! 'Mon the U's
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-team-season.png

    Budget for pre-season 168k!

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-budget.png

    See you next season.

  24. Good job mate, KUTGW

  25. Pre season:
    we are looking to stay up in the championship and these are players I brought in to help me

    David cornell is a good GK who is fighting to be my first choice keeper

    Stuart O'Keefe on loan a bit of depth in the midfield

    Boss Perry looks like a class CB and for 71k I hope he comes big.

    Camerson Stewart is a great pick up for free and helps us on the wing some good pace and knows how to cross a ball

    Conor Newton is a great all around midfeilder on a free from newcastle

    Darrne Holden comes in as our first choice LB from Hartlepool

    Benik Afobe and Benjamin Siegrist
    Both came on frees and some very good players who will help us stay up this season

    Same Vokes a big signing for us a striker who can score for fun at this level.

    Finally Harry jones the young CM with some good passing joins as a squad player.

    On the outs
    Brain wilson
    Freddie Ladapo
    Chinton Morrison
    Daid Wright
    Adriano Basoo
    Shaun Phillips
    Ryan Melaugh
    Mason Spence
    Andy Bond
    Ryan dickson
    all left on frees as deemed not good enough by pedro

    Craig eastmond left the club for ?1 million the amount was to good to turn down and we have the player to replace him.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-transfers-season-2.png

    In pre season we got a job offer from Deportivo, no chance I am staying in england!

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-preseason-job-offer-1.png

    Some pre-season fixtures!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-pre-season-2.png

    Thats about it hoping for a decent season!

  26. A tough first month in the championship!

    Derby a tough opening game away from home getting slapped 3-0

    A much need 4-0 in CoC first round vs league 2 Torquay with Corradi, Eastman,Vokes and O.G gives Pedro all 3points and a 2nd round tie

    3-1 Win in the league! Outclassing doncaster at home with Vokes getting a goal, Wright and Vigen getting in with the goals

    A tough tough away trip but a share of the points with Vokes popping up with both goals!

    We were sat down VS wigan with the score line 3-1 Eastman scores when 3-0 to give us a small lift

    A lose in CoC to stoke at home with a semi rational side

    But a humiliation lose to Barnsley away 4-0 need to improve this

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-10.png

    Vokes scoring a few is the only player showing fight no choice really for player of the month

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-2-player-month-1.png

    The table after an awkward start in the championship
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-2-league-month-1.png
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  27. Another tough month

    A 1-0 Home defeat to Blackpool, so lucky to lose this :/

    Another 1-0 home lose this time to heading again so unlucky and we needed some points and soon!

    A massive 3-1 over Charlton at home showing why we should stay in this league a first goal of the season for Afobe! Stewwart and Jenkins helping us on our way to 3 points!

    a 1-1 draw away to wolves a 89 minute goal from wolves showing just how unlucky we are, Stweart with the goals for the U's

    And a lose to Bristol city with a goalkeeping howler getting him chipped for 25 yards gets us 0 points Vokes with the goals for us.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-11.png

    The league table is not great but only 2 from safety the table is so tight, a good month and mid table would be were we are sitting, just need a little more luck!

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-2-league-month-2.png
    No one stand out this month but Stewart scoring one nice goals and looking good in an attacking sense
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-2-player-month-2.png

    Little side note: Got offered the Bordeaux Job
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-job-offer-2.png

  28. Turning it around?!

    Starting the month poor and unlucky to brighton losing 1-0 same old story!

    A big 2-2 draw away from home! Bournemouth threw everything at us this game but Watt and Stewart both with let goals get up a point!

    3 POINTS AT THE DEN!!!!!!
    Afobe with an early goal and Watt just before half time gets us all 3 points and clean sheet 2-0. Bosh.

    We cant stop!
    4-2 at home to Leicester with Watt and Afobe scoring but twice each! massive win with a late goal squashing any worries.

    Another win?! Yes baby 9 points from 9 is our last 3 Arobe again scoring!!!! Juvenal and Stewart also on the score sheet to edge past Bolton.

    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-fixtures-12.png

    Bradsley comes in at RB we needed a solid lad and he is the man.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-help-us-stay-up.png

    A great month and another job offer!
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-another-job-interview.png

    Up to 16th in the league after an amazing end of the month and if we finish here come the end of the season i am a happy man
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-2-league-month-3.png

    Man of the month!
    Scoring for fun now! keeping us up.
    A Pedro Gonzalez Story-season-2-player-month-3.png

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