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Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)

  1. Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)

    Hi all

    Ive always been a long time lurker of these forums but never had the balls to write anything up about my saves/woes of the FM series.

    Well here goes! I must admit im pretty rubbish at writing blogs, my last attempt got such cr*p reviews that I retired from blog writing 2 days after I started!!

    I love FM14 but at the moment I just cant myself into any kind of save, mainly because of the ME but also because I have the patience of a fly.

    Whilst looking at the story forum I came across a guy called W4NKER, he was attempting over a long save to complete numerous challenges using FMC and Instant Result, this intrigued me massively, ive never played FMC or used Instant result but I could see the advantages.

    1) You could complete a season with the right build up in under 2 hours
    2) You dont have to worry about the ME
    3) Things such as position training, team talks, etc are not in FMC

    So, I have decided to give this a go, over the next few weeks ill post my progress, I wont go rambling on about games, etc. Ill just put up a post at the end of each season, pictures of the tables, siginings, and how I did in the cups.

    I already have completed 3 seasons which ill put up in due course

    Any tips for me please let me know. But go easy on me!!!

    My aims/objectives:

    Complete the Pentagon Challenge - COMPLETED 25/4/2029
    AFRICA COMPLETED (See Post #9)
    ASIA COMPLETED (See Post #22)
    EUROPE COMPLETED (See Post #38)

    Complete the hero acheivements: England, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy and Brazil

    Get all the acheivements:
    Currently 67/108 (Updated 18/1)

    Win all International Competitions
    WORLD CUP WON WITH ARGENTINA 2026 (See Post #36)

    Top the Hall of Fame in each continent

    Throughout this I will use FMC and Instant Result, I will leave the matchday stuff to my assistant manager. I will be in charge of training, signing of players and staff and contracts.
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  2. My career so far:

    2013/14 - Jomo Cosmos (Post #4)
    1st inSouth African First Division
    FA Cup Runners Up

    2014/15 - Jomo Cosmos (Post #5)
    4th in South African Premier Division
    FA Cup Quarter Finals
    Knockout Cup Semi Finals

    2015/16 - Jomo Cosmos (Post #6)
    9th in South African Premier Division
    FA Cup Semi Finals
    Knockout Cup First Round
    Super 8 Runners Up

    2016/17 - Kaizer Chiefs & Australia (Post #7)
    KC - Be the Coach Winners
    KC - Super 8 Winners
    KC - Knockout Cup Runners Up
    KC - FA Cup Winners
    KC - 1st In South African Premier League
    KC - African Confederations Cup Winners

    AUS - South East Asian Championship Winners

    2017/18 - Kaizer Chiefs & Australia (Post #8)
    KC - 1st In South African Premier Division
    KC - Semi Finals of FA Cup
    KC - Semi Finals of Knockout Cup
    KC - Super 8 Winners
    KC - Be The Coach Winners
    KC - African Super Cup Winners
    KC - African Champions League Winners (See Post #9)

    AUS - Qualified for the Asian Cup

    2018/19 - Kaizer Chiefs/Sydney & Australia (See Post #14)
    KC - Super 8 Winner
    KC - Quarter Finals on Knockout Cup
    KC - Be the Coach Runners Up

    AUS - AFF Championships Winners
    AUS - East Asian Cup - Out in Group Stage
    AUS - Quarter Finals of Asian Nations Cup

    SYD - 3rd in Hyundai A League, lost in final of Hyundai Series

    2019/20 - Sydney FC (See Post #15)

    1st in Hyundai A League
    Winners of the Hyundai Series (Qualified for Group Stage of Asian Champions League)

    2020/21 - Sydney FC

    2nd Place In Hyundai A League
    Winners of Hyundai Elimination Series

    2021/22 Sydney/Jeju (See Post #21)
    On 11th Janaury 2022 I left Sydney to embark on a new challenge at Jeju
    1st In K League with Jeju
    Quarter finals in South Korean FA Cup

    2023 - Jeju (See Post #22)
    Winners of the Asian Champions League
    Semi Finals of South Korean FA Cup
    1st In K League

    2024/25 - Napoli
    4th In Serie A (Qualfied for Champions League Play off)
    Semi Final of Italian Cup
    Sacked due to Boar Takeover at end of 2025 season

    2026/27 - Barcelona/Argentina (See Post #36 (WC) and #38 (Barca Season)
    Arg - 2026 World Cup winners
    Bar - European Super Cup Winners
    Bar - Spanish Super Cup Winners
    Bar - Spanish Cup Runners Up
    Bar - 2nd in La Liga

    2027/28 - River/Argentina/LA Galaxy (See Post #42 for Copa America and Post #44 for River Season)
    Arg - Copa America Winners
    Riv - Premier Division Winners
    Riv - Semi Final of Copa Sudamericana

    End of Sept 2027 offered LA Galaxy Job, end of MLS but still in North American CL

    LA - NACL Winners (See Post #46)
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  3. The Start of the Game

    Leagues Loaded: South Africa, South Korea, China, Australia and Mexico

    I started my journey unemployed and instantly applied for all jobs available, there were around 8 jobs and after a day or two of waiting I had a couple of interviews.

    Only one stood out: Jomo Cosmos, they are in the South African First Division and were predicited to come 2nd in the league. I accepted their job offer and the journey begins!
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  4. Season 2013/14

    So after starting unemployed I got the job at Jomo Cosmos

    A fantastic season I finished 1st in South African First Division

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-african-national-first-division_-overview-stages.png

    Nothing else major happened, I was predicted to come 2nd and in the end breezed away with the title.

    I also came runners up in the FA Cup losing 2-1 to Sundowns

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-african-fa-cup_-overview-stages.png
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  5. Season 2014/15
    A fantastic first season in the Premier Division ending 4th

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-african-premier-soccer-league_-overview-stages.png

    Nothing much more to note, cups were nothing to write home about, hoping to push on next season or get a new job at a better team as budgets at Jomo are terrible (30k transfer and 30k wage)
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  6. Season 2015/16

    A pretty disastrous season, after coming runners up in the Super 8s I expected to really challenge for a top 4 spot again, but with low budgets and inconsistent performances I came 9th

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-african-premier-soccer-league_-overview-stages-2.png

    Ignore Kaizer Chiefs being highlighted I hadn't saved the screenshot of the season before I got new job

    Again nothing decent to report in the 2 main cups

    Decided at the end of the season I had to find a better job and the Kaizers came calling, with a whopping ?8m transfer budget I couldn't say no. They came 3rd the previous season but as they won the FA Cup they qualified for the African Confederations Cup (the 2nd continental comp in Africa)

    I also applied for the Australian National Job and I was surprised when they offered me it, out of the World Cup Qualifying very early so a lot of work to do!
    I will post more screenshots after this season as I have now caught up with myself!

    Any tips/ideas on how I can improve this please let me know
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  7. 2016/17 Season

    A great start to the season winning the Be The Coach Final 4-1 against the Champions Orlando Pirates

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-orlando-pirates-v-kaizer-chiefs_-info-overview.png

    Another trophy won, this time the Super 8 and again beating Orlando Pirates, this time 2-1

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-orlando-pirates-v-kaizer-chiefs_-info-overview-2.png

    Lost the Knockout Cup Finsl against Ajax CT, ended 2-2 and we managed to lose on penalties

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-kaizer-chiefs-v-ajax-ct_-info-overview.png

    With Australia ive managed to Win the AFF Championships or the South East Asian Championships as I call it
    Pretty easy to be honest, here's our group

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-east-asian-football-championship_-overview-stages.png

    And here's the semi finals and final, tough semi finals, we lost the first leg 1-0 to Thailand but won the second leg 3-1, and we hammered Singapore in the final 3-0 in both legs

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-east-asian-football-championship_-overview-stages-2.png

    End of the season, we won the league with record points and record goals scored

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-south-african-premier-soccer-league_-overview-stages.png

    And to cap it all off we won the FA Cup as well, great season overall, 4 trophies and 1 loss in a final.

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-kaizer-chiefs-v-dynamos_-info-overview.png

    The African Confederations Cup is still going and doesnt finish until Dec (even though our next season has started!)

    African Confederations Cup Winners!! Next stop win the Champions League then I can get out of Africa

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-kaizer-chiefs-v-club-africain_-info-overview.png
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  8. Season 2017-18

    Well another season bites the dust and again it was very successful

    In the league we didnt do as well on points as the previous season, mainly becuase of a lot of games and some very strange defeats. We still managed to win the league though with a game to spare

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-lge-17-18.png

    The 2 main cups didnt go as planned, being knocked out in the semis in the Knockout and FA Cup

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-ko-semi-17-18.pngEmulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-fa-cup-semi-17-18.png

    In the other South African Trophies, we won the Super 8 and the Be The Coach , both wins against Orlando Pirates

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-coach-17-18.pngEmulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-super-8-17-18.png

    We also beat Orlando Pirates in the African Super Cup

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-african-super-cup-17-18.png

    I am also competing in the African Champions League, we have qualified for the group stage, hopefully we can win it and then I can get out of Africa and complete the first step in the Pentagon Challenge

    With Australia I have qualified for the Asian Cup very comfortably

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-asian-nations-cup-qualifying_-overview-stages.png

    On a side note I have entered the African Hall of Fame, currently I am 4th with 332 points but a long way off the No. 1

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-game_-_long-game2__-hall-fame-continent.png
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  9. Ill be doing a separate post on the African Champions League seeing as its one of objectives for this save. The Group Stage has just been drawn and my god its tough, got my rivals Orlando Pirates in the same group, luckily its top 2!

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-african-champions-league_-overview-stages.png

    Breezed through the group, with only 1 defeat

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-african-champions-league_-overview-stages-2.png

    Semi Final pits us against USM Alger, Orlando Pirates still there, can see it being an all S.A final!

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-african-champions-league_-overview-stages-3.png

    Comfortable win against Alger, 8-4 on Aggregate, and unsurprisingly its Orlando Pirates in the final!

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-kaizer-chiefs-v-usm-alger_-info-overview.png

    Fantastic 1st leg, winning 2-1 away

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-african-champions-league_-matches-fixtures-results.png

    Kaizer Chiefs are the champions of Africa, winning the second leg 4-1. Part 1 of the Pentagon Challenge complete, Asia here we come!

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-african-champions-league_-matches-fixtures-results-2.png
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  10. Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-stephen-robbins_-news-inbox.png

    Yes after winning the Africa CL I have decided to step down from Kaizer Chiefs and move on to a new continent, with the leagues I have loaded at the moment its going to be Asia Or North America

  11. NEW JOB

    Attachment 467267

    The new job is Sydney FC, currently 8th in the Australian A League after 16 games of 27 game season. They are predicted 2nd

  12. Great read so far mate, keep it up. I'll keep reading!

  13. Thanks very much for your kind comments, ill try and keep going well!

  14. Season 2018/19

    So as you can see on the previosu few posts this season was eventful, I won the African Champions League (See Post #9)

    In the other comps I lost in the final of the Be The Coach, one of the very few times Orlando Pirates got the better of me

    Attachment 467672

    I won the Super 8s Final

    Attachment 467675

    Then as Post #10 I decided to embark on a new stage of the Pentagon Challenge, I quit my job at Kaizer Chiefs and was offered the Sydney FC Job, forecast to come 2nd in the Australian Hyundai A League they were languishing in 8th place with 11 games to go, the top 6 teams qualify for the Hyundai Elimation Stage and the winner of that would qualify for the Asian Champions League

    I had an amazing last 11 games of the season and ended up in 3rd position

    Attachment 467680

    In the Elimination Stage I got all the way to the final but ended up falling short, after being 2-0 up at half time, my team collapsed and at full time it ended 2-2, we then lost on penalties 5-4. So near yet so far!

    Attachment 467681

    So a pretty decent season again, I ended up 3rd in the South African Hall of Fame and am currently 4th in African Hall of Fane, I will come bak to Africa at some point to try and win the African Nations. I also am 8th in the English Nationality Hall of Fame

    My hope for the 19/20 season is to win the A League with Sydney and attempt to win the Asian Champions League at the first attempt

  15. 2019/20 Season

    Well a very uneventful season to be honest, we breezed through the Hyundai A League winning at a canter with 4 games to go

    Attachment 468147

    In the Hyundai Series we got a bye to the Semi Finals as we won the A League

    We won ended up winning comfortably and also against Melbourne in the final

    Attachment 468150Attachment 468152

    Because we won the Hyundai Series we automatically qualify for the Group Stage of the Asian Champions League which starts in February 2021

    Hopefully we can win and move onto the next part of the pentagon challenge

    Nothing else to report, like I say a very uneventful season!!

  16. 2020/21 Season

    Well after a very successful season last year this one was a bit more difficult, mainly as my main striker last year wouldn't sign a new contract and left on a free.

    In the end we came 2nd, not a bad achievement seeing as with 5 games to go we were 9 points behind the leaders

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-asian-champions-league_-overview-stages-2.png[/SIZE]

    We managed to win the Hyundai Elimination series on penalties, which means we qualify for the group stage of the Asian Champions League

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-sydney-fc-v-central-coast-mariners_-info-overview.png

    In the Champions League we managed to win the group pretty comfortably with what seemed to be a very tough group , Saitama Utd won the CL last season so ending above them in the group was a massive achievement

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-hyundai-league-regular-season-_-overview-stages.png
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  17. Asian Champions League 2020/21

    So as the previous post says I won my group of the Asian Champions League, next up in the 2nd round is Al-Ain from the UAE, on paper they have a much better team than us so its gonna be a struggle to get past them

    2nd Round Leg 1 - Wow what a first leg, winning 5-2, hopefully we can hold out in the 2nd leg!

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-sydney-fc-v-al-ain_-info-overview.png

    2nd Round Leg 2 - A 2-2 draw which is enough for us to progress to the next round

    Emulating W4NKER!! (My attempt to replicate a legend)-al-ain-v-sydney-fc_-info-overview.png

    Quarter Final Draw - And we manage to draw Saitama United in the Quarter Finals, gonna be tough!

    Out in the quarters, 5-2 on aggregate, too gutted to even post a screenshot!
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  18. Season 2021/22 NEW JOB

    After toiling with Sydney, im 2nd after 14 games but really struggling to attract players to improve my team

    I have been approached by a team in the South Korean Top Division called Jeju, a pretty poor previous season ending 11th/12 they are predicted to come 10th. Good thing about this league is the top 4 qualify for the Asian CL
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  19. Tough decision to make.. i would wait until the end of the season. See how you do then maybe leave.

  20. The problem is this is the start of the Korean league whereas its half way through the Australian, so if I wait until the end of the Australian season its half way through the Korean!

    Also the Korean actually follows the Asian CL whereas 50% of teh CL ends up in pre season in Australia. Jeju haven't got a good team but I think 1 season and then maybe get a job with a higher placed team

  21. Season 2022

    All I can say is WOW, for a team predicted to be 11th out of 12 teams this is incredible. I have posted our seasons positions as well as the league table to show the amazing turnaround

    We won the K Lge with a game to spare which is just incredible and we now have another shot at the Asian Champions League

    Name:  K LEAGUE CLASSIC_ Overview Past Positions.png
Views: 248
Size:  213.2 KB

    Name:  K LEAGUE CLASSIC_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 222
Size:  330.8 KB
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  22. Season 2023

    What a season it ended up being, we did it, we won the Asian Champions League, beating and putting out some of the Asian greats on the way!

    In the Group Stage we drew my old team Sydney and the previous Finalists! Somehow we played pretty decent to top the group

    Name:  Asian Champions League_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 242
Size:  420.9 KB

    This is the second round against our Korean neighbours, losing first leg at home 2-1 but battling back to win 3-0 in second leg

    Name:  Chunnam v Jeju_ Info Overview.png
Views: 213
Size:  411.2 KB

    In the Quarters we faced UAE team Al-Ain winning 4-1 on aggregate

    Name:  Jeju v Al-Ain_ Info Overview.png
Views: 239
Size:  411.2 KB

    In the Semis we faced a huge challenge, Al-Sadd, probably the best team in Asia, who knows how it happened but we won the first leg 2-0 and held out for a draw in the 2nd leg to get through to the final

    Name:  Al-Sadd v Jeju_ Info Overview.png
Views: 217
Size:  409.4 KB

    The final went according to plan, the team we played were good (Zob Ahan fron Iran) and we ended up comfortable winners 2-0

    Name:  Jeju v Zob-Ahan_ Info Overview.png
Views: 217
Size:  409.1 KB

    In the K League we scraped 1st place in the league on the final day of the season and on GD as well

    Name:  K LEAGUE CLASSIC_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 230
Size:  331.8 KB

    An absolutely amazing season, I have resigned from the job and am now heading to Europe, it is now December 2023, In May 2023 I added England, Spain, France, Italy and Scotland to my playable leagues, Im hoping now to win the European Champions League and maybe once ive done that try and do maybe 2 or 3 of the hero acheivements

    Wish me luck!!!
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  23. Great story so far, just a bit of advice could you make the pictures bigger? I find it frustrating to have to click on each picture to see what's happened.

  24. If you can tell me how then ill do it mate, p*ssing me off too! I have tried the advanced option but cant find a resize button

  25. Dont worry mate ive realised my basic error! Should be bigger now

  26. Much better now and great stuff with Jeju, I've decided to go against the trend and I have started off in Iceland with Fram.

  27. Ha ha how weird I did a Fram game when FM14 first came out, didnt too bad from what I can remember, think I won one title

  28. Could you post your tactic on my profile? I can't seem to get any consistent results.

  29. Ill have a look for it mate, will have to see if I still have the save somewhere

  30. NEW JOB

    After 6 months applying, and rejecting jobs I have found one that appeals to me

    Napoli, a good ?22m budget with around 200k for wages, they came 8th in Serie A last season and failed to qualify for Europe, can I get them back where they belong?

    Name:  Stephen Robbins_ News Inbox.png
Views: 251
Size:  337.9 KB

  31. Season 2024/25

    Well not much to say really pretty uneventful season, some great results, some truly shocking results. Half way through the season we were 2nd and pushing for the title but tailed off and ended 4th, getting ourselves a Champions League qualifier to get into the group stage

    Name:  Serie A_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 240
Size:  285.3 KB

    The rumour mill is saying that the Liverpool manager is set to leave and im favourite for the job, they are an establish top 3 team in England so may be tempted to leave. Finances at Napoli are dire so there will be no money to spend and an emphasis on selling players


    Yes a business man has taken over, and he has decided to releive me of my duties, presume getting Napoli into the Champions League just wasnt enough

    Let the job search begin

  33. Tough luck with the Napoli board, maybe Liverpool will come knocking now?

  34. Quote Originally Posted by Worldwide FMer View Post
    Tough luck with the Napoli board, maybe Liverpool will come knocking now?
    Absolutely nothing available, sacked me on June 12th so all end of seasons sackings already been and gone, maybe have to wait for mid season

  35. Argentina Appoint Robbins as new manager

    Well its not a club job to carry on with my Pentagon Challenge, but its a job I couldnt say no to, 2nd in the World Ranking, Already qualified for WC2026, 12 pts clear at top of group with 4 games left

    A good job to take while waiting for that top european job

    Name:  Stephen Robbins_ News Inbox-4.png
Views: 234
Size:  339.4 KB
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  36. World Cup 2026

    We went into the World Cup as No 1 in the world so was expecting big things, wasnt expecting to go this well, we won the World Cup at a canter, only slight slip up was winning the fianl on penalties, and yes I DID beat Spain 11-1 in the Quarters!!!

    We won the group stage comfortably with 3 wins out of 3
    Name:  World Cup_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 213
Size:  404.8 KB

    We got Germany in the last 16 but easily beat them 2-0
    Name:  Germany v Argentina_ Info Overview.png
Views: 197
Size:  414.7 KB

    We scraped past Spain the Quarters ;-)
    Name:  Argentina v Spain_ Info Overview.png
Views: 189
Size:  417.8 KB

    South Africa in the Semi Final was a nervy 1-0 Extra Time win
    Name:  South Africa v Argentina_ Info Overview.png
Views: 233
Size:  425.8 KB

    And in the Final we beat France 7-6 on Penalties
    Name:  Argentina v France_ Info Overview.png
Views: 182
Size:  448.6 KB

    Absolutely Epic and my first step towards winning ever International Comp, next up the Copa America
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  37. Season 2026/2027


    It took me over a year to get a new job but it was worth the wait, Barca offered me the job, they arent the force they used to be, coming 4th in the 25/26 season which means I have a play off to Qualify for the Group Stage, the team we drew? NAPOLI! Ironic!
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  38. Season 2026/27

    Wow what a season, we won the European Champions League and won 2 other trophies, unfortunately we came 2nd in La Liga by 1 point to Real Madrid

    Here is how the league ended

    Name:  LIGA BBVA_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 190
Size:  285.8 KB

    We beat Real over 2 legs to win the Spanish Super Cup

    Name:  Spanish Super Cup v Real Madrid 6-2.png
Views: 196
Size:  407.3 KB

    We beat PSG to win the European Super Cup

    Name:  Euro Super Cup Final 2-0 v PSG.png
Views: 165
Size:  420.1 KB

    This is how the CL went, in the group stage we scraped top spot on the final game

    Name:  European Champions Cup_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 186
Size:  420.7 KB

    In the last 16 we played Ajax

    Name:  Barcelona v Ajax_ Info Overview.png
Views: 193
Size:  413.5 KB

    We breezed past Real in the Quarters

    Name:  Barcelona v R. Madrid_ Info Overview.png
Views: 161
Size:  412.4 KB

    We played Monaco in the semis and beat them on away goals in extra time

    Name:  AS Monaco FC v Barcelona_ Info Overview.png
Views: 204
Size:  419.2 KB

    And in the Final we beat PSG on Penalties!!

    Name:  Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona_ Info Overview.png
Views: 212
Size:  445.2 KB

    Not sure what to do with my career now, I fancy trying to get some of the in game achievements, to do this I need to stay a t a club, not sure I can do any better with Barca though, do I go to England and try my hand there? Or do I go to South/North American and carry on with the Pentagon? Your thoughts?

  39. carry on with the pentagon challenge i think! then find a club to build up and stay at for a long time

  40. Cheers, I have added Brazil and Argentina leagues which should come on in the next 4-6 months, then i think ill move there

  41. Can someone help me understand something? Im looking at the South American and North American Champions League, I can see the North American one but in South America there is just the Copa Liberatodores, but in that there is North american teams! I'm slightly confused, is there a specific South American CL? Because if not I can go to Mexico and win both the South and North American CL's with 1 team!

  42. COPA AMERICA 2027

    A very comfortable Copa America Win, not much else to say, played fantastic

    Group Stage we breezed through

    Copa Am

    Beat Bolivia in the Quarters

    Name:  Bolivia v Argentina_ Info Overview.png
Views: 256
Size:  410.6 KB

    Scraped through against the hosts Uruguay

    Name:  Argentina v Uruguay_ Info Overview.png
Views: 243
Size:  413.2 KB

    And played amazing against Peru in the final, winning 3-1

    Name:  Peru v Argentina_ Info Overview.png
Views: 251
Size:  420.5 KB

    So after winning the World Cup and the Copa America I have resigned from Argentina, will see what other International Jobs come up to carry on completing the International Challenge
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  43. NEW JOB

    River Plate appoint Robbins as Manager

    Name:  Stephen Robbins_ News Inbox.png
Views: 256
Size:  330.7 KB

    Let Stage 4 of the Pentagon Challenge begin!
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  44. SEASON 2027/28

    Another amazingly successful season with River Plate. We won the Copa Libertadores at the first attempt

    In the league we came 3rd in the First Stage and came 1st in the Final Stage

    I have stupidly not saved a screenshot for this and have removed the leagues from my game

    In the Copa Libertadores we breezed through the group stage

    Name:  Copa Libertadores_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 225
Size:  403.3 KB

    Beat Once Caldas in the last 16
    Name:  River v Once Caldas_ Info Overview.png
Views: 236
Size:  421.3 KB

    Veracruz in the Quarters
    Name:  River v Veracruz_ Info Overview.png
Views: 216
Size:  421.3 KB

    Estundiantes (LP) in the Semis

    Name:  River v Estudiantes (LP)_ Info Overview.png
Views: 217
Size:  412.6 KB

    And Sao Paolo in the Final

    I have immediately quit from my River job and after waiting around 2 weeks was offered the LA Galaxy job, they have lost in the Semi Finals of the MLS but are still in the North American CL, the quarter finals start in Feb 2029

    Will I finish the pentagon challenge??!
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  45. I have no idea why the Sao Paolo screenshot, my apologies

  46. 2029 Season

    North American Champions League Winners!!!!!!! And on my 700th Career game!

    Yes I won the NACL with LA Galaxy, fluky really as when I got the job offer they were already in the Quarter Finals!

    Heres how it went, see screenshots below

    Name:  Olimpia (HON) v Los Angeles_ Info Overview.png
Views: 228
Size:  417.7 KB

    Name:  Pumas v Los Angeles_ Info Overview.png
Views: 214
Size:  426.9 KB

    Name:  Chivas v Los Angeles_ Info Overview.png
Views: 231
Size:  425.9 KB

    And yes thats the pentagon challenge complete, who would have thought when I started with Jomo Cosmos id have won all 5 champions league in 16 years!!! I want to thanks everyone for reading my story,

    I think my next challenge is im gonna try and top the english hall of fame and get in to the world wide hall of fame, also try and win some more top leagues and get some more acheivements. Would anyone still like updates?

  47. Want to thanks everyone for reading my story, I will be continuing my save but due to lack of responses to my question I wont carry on updating this story, If anyone wants me to keep updating, drop me a message

  48. The last two screenshots show you lost though? lol

  49. The screenshots are the 2nd leg, check the aggregate score, semi was 6-6 and won on away goals, final i wont the 1st leg 5-0 so aggegate score was 6-3

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