Forest Green Rovers - Conference to Premier League Challenge

  1. Polo429

    Forest Green Rovers - Conference to Premier League Challenge

    I achieved the feat of taking a conference team to the premier league last in in FM2010, taking Stevenage Borough from the Conference to the Premier League in just 6 seasons, since then I have been unable to repeat this, and have tried each year with a different team. This years attempt is with Forest Green Rovers, and as it seems to be catching on to video document this, I have decided to share it with you all that way

    Now I am already one season in, as I had trouble figuring out screen recording, but the first video is up on YouTube under my channel, Paul's FM Party, if anyone would like to check it out

    Im well into my second season now and will be looking to post another video fairly soon, as things stand though my squad is coping well with league 2, and fortunately we are picking up some good results, the signing of David Dunn has been very helpful in this I feel, although he hasnt played all that much as yet, results picked up after I signed him so I'm hoping its down to his influence.

    Anyway I'll leave it at that, please feel free to check out my video, I will upload it here also once I've figured out how!

  2. Polo429
    Been trying to upload the video here all yesterday and today and I cant get it to work so instead I'll post a link to it, if anyone watches and has any feedback for how I can improve it please let me know.

    Forest Green Rovers Episode 1 - Recap of the first season - YouTube

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