World Cup Challenge

  1. World Cup Challenge

    I noticed not many threads in regards to a world cup challenge. To repeat the success of Hiddink in 2002 and 2006 as well as many minnow teams fighting it out for World Cup Glory.

    Rules I'm following:
    Win the world cup without using a team in the top 32 nations as of the start of the game or any of the current top 32 teams as of 14th Jan. And cannot be a team already Qualified for the world cup or in the Playoff matches. (so first world cup games are 2018)

    List of Banned international teams at start of game:
    1. Spain
    2. Germany
    3. Colombia
    4. Argentina
    5. Netherlands
    6. Italy
    7. Croatia
    8. Portugal
    9. Brazil
    10. Belgium
    11. Greece
    12. Uruguay
    13. Ivory Coast
    14. Bosnia Herzegovina
    15. England
    16. Switzerland
    17. Russia
    18. Ecuador
    19. Peru
    20. Mexico
    21. Chile
    22. USA
    23. France
    24. Ghana
    25. Norway
    26. Czech Republic
    27. Denmark
    28. Mali
    29. Ukraine
    30. Montenegro
    31. Sweeden
    32. Hungary

    Ones in the current top 32 not listed above also banned:
    Costa Rica

    Teams still Qualifying
    If your looking at a team who is in the Qualifying stages and not in the top 32. Create a manager and just sim past the playoff stage and then see if they made it in or not (save it before the playoffs). If they didn?t get in, the suggestion is to then create a new manager and take over the team, then retire the original one. Simming past the 2014 stage then taking a team that competed in the 2014 world cup in game is not allowed.. don?t be cheap. Idea is for a WC challenge not a stroll in the park.

    Starting Conditions:
    Must load up the bigger leagues on each continent: England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, USA, Korea, Australia.
    - Can load up the league of the nation of your choice if it?s in the game but not listed above.
    Attribute masking is on
    Sunday League Footballer Experience
    England (9th July) start.
    NO editor data or custom leagues.

    My Nation of choice and why.

    There are a few good options I can begin with for my International team. Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are available and each have a future place in world cups but.

    I?ve decided to go for a bit more of a Challenge and not pick either of them but instead head to China.

    The China team are ranked 100th in the rankings at the beginning of FM14 and as of Jan 14th they are ranked 92nd and the Chinese Super League is ranked 2 stars.

    Before selecting them and going through their Senior Squad. They have only 1 player playing outside of China and that is Wang Shangyuan, Age 20 who plays for Club Brugge

    The value of their u19?s and u21?s are 200k or below.

    I think it would be a worthwhile challenge.

    So what makes the challenge?
    Asian Qualifying:

    Being an Australian, I have some knowledge of the qualifying rounds of the Asian federation. It was something all Aussies had to pick up recently when in 2005 (After Australia Qualified for 2006 World cup via the Oceania Playoff route vs Uruguay) FIFA announced that after the World cup Australia will cease being an Oceania team and now Qualify via the Asian route. The reason for this was that Australia was just unfairly beating the little nations into the ground most of the time with only New Zealand barely being able to amount a Challenge. We would have second string teams beat nations 24-0 and 32-0 and our European contingent of players just had no reason to fly half way around the world to play for us except for the Playoffs.

    The ?this is your life? part aside.
    Asian qualifying has 4 rounds.
    1st round is to weed out the lower ranked teams by pitting them against each other in a winner takes all two legged knockout stage (teams ranked 28th ? 43rd in Asia)
    Second round adds the 8 winners from above along with the teams from ranked 6-27 once again in a two legged Knockout round. (Where china entered in the 2014 quals)
    The Third round is the top 5 in Asia making their first appearance along with the 15 winners above and are drawn into 5 groups of 4. They play each other twice with the top two teams moving onto the Fourth round

    The Fourth round is another group stage where the 10 winners and runner up teams are drawn into two groups. The top two in these two groups qualify for the world. Whereas the third place teams play each other in two legged knockout and the winner of that then has to play a playoff vs another team from another confederation (5th in South America, 4th in CONCACAF or the Oceania team iirc) and the winner of that playoff goes to the world cup.

    In the 2014 World cup Quals, China where ranked 16th best Asian team in the seedings (so second round entry) and defeated Laos 13-3 on Aggregate but then got knocked out in third round, finishing third in their group nine points ahead of Singapore (0) who failed to register a point and behind Iraq (15) and Jordan (12) who finished first and second respectively.
    They have only made the world cup once, in 2002, when Korea and Japan automatically qualified. They finished last in their group with 0 points. Losing 2-0 to Costa Rica, 4-0 to Brazil and 3-0 in Turkey.

    Besides the world cup, China also competes in the Asian Cup (Euro cup equiv) which runs every four years with the next being in 2015.

    The host Automatically qualifies along with the top three of the previous Asian cup and the two winners of the previous Challenge cups which are for the real low team minnows which China isn?t apart of.

    The rest of the teams go into a group into 5 groups of 4 with the top 2 qualifying and the best third place team as well.
    In real life as of Jan 14th China are second in the group, 2 points ahead of Iraq with 1 game to play.. which is against Iraq, away. (Iraq?s home games are on Neutral soil which is usual Jordan or UAE hosting it. Still tough to play in those countries cause the weather is different.)
    In game it appears however that previous games that were played prior to the start game (which is 1 game) as well as the fixtures aren?t actually the same as in Real life. While the group is exactly the same, the fixtures aren?t. Which is strange for SI because I?m sure the fixtures would have come out at the same date as the group draw.

    They also compete in the East Asian cup. A 4 team group that consists of China, S Korea and Japan + 1 qualfying team.

    No Asian team has won the world cup.
    So lets begin!

    Chinese National Team 2013

    So, my Fixture/Result list for 2013 is as follows:

    4-0 win at home against Indonesia prior to start.

    14/8Iraq Asian Cup A W 3-2
    I won 2-3 Away to Iraq and it was a close one. I called up a young squad in hopes of getting some players set for WP?s. I took a 1-0 lead before it became 1-1. Then got a 2-1 lead going into half time. Went 3-1 up after the break before Iraq got down to 10 men. However, they got one back 2 mins after the red card and for the remaining half hour they siege the goal hitting the wood work twice. They finished with 21 shots to my 5.

    Asian cup Qual group as it stands
    China Pl2 W2 D0 L0 F7 A2 P6
    Saudi Pl2 W1 D1 L0 G4 A3 P4
    Indo Pl2 W0 D1 L1 G2 A6 P1
    Iraq Pl2 W0 D0 L2 G3 A5 P0

    6/9 U.A.E Friendly A Lost 5-2
    Played a very young squad in the hopes of seeing what there is.. sort of regret the keeper choice, played more like he was afraid of the ball. Keeper Mechanics change please SI. My defense was really young and under skilled but my attack tho young showed promise, they had to clear the ball about 3-4 times off the line.

    10/9 Oman Friendly H 1-1 Draw

    Disappointed with that result I had 16 shots to 10, 4 CCC?s to 0 but only 2 shots on target to their 5. Didn?t make the most of chances and I have slipped to 103 in the rankings so far.

    11/10 Saudi Arabia Asian Cup H 2-1 Win
    My good start to competitive games continues. I lost my main striker and went a goal down but a suprising pass from my RB to my RST to my LCM who found the open LB was just brilliant piece of attacking football. I then manage to get my target man striker into some space and put him through. I?m very pleased with this game.
    The other game ended in a draw so I?m 7 points clear from 3rd with 9 pts to play for.

    Asian Cup Qual Standings
    China Pl3 W3 D0 L0 F9 A3 P9
    Saudi Pl3 W1 D1 L1 F5 A 5 P4
    Indo Pl3 W0 D2 L1 F3 A7 P2
    Iraq Pl3 W0 D1 L2 F4 A6 P1

    15/10 North Korea Friendly H Lost 1-2
    My friendly?s just aren?t working for me, I slipped to another disappointing loss. Hopefully my competitive record keeps rising.

    15/11 Indonesia Asian Cup A Win 4-2
    Squad selection had me worried. I play 5 at the back and when I first saw the squad list I had 5 injuries.. all defenders. SO I played the current Liverpool way, Score more then the opposition. This result means I qualify for the Asian cup. I believe that finishing first or second doesn?t matter as it is based on your Ranking rather then ur finish.
    Table Standings as of this game:
    China Pl4 W4 D0 L0 F13 A5 P12
    Saudi Pl3 W1 D1 L1 F5 A 5 P4
    Indo Pl4 W0 D2 L2 F5 A11 P2
    Iraq Pl3 W0 D1 L2 F4 A6 P1

    Thus Ends the Year 2013
    Games (not including the win in the asian cup game prior to starting)
    China: P6 W3 D1 L2 F13 A13
    World Ranking: 100 at start. 31st of Dec I finished in 90th.
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  2. Good idea and hardly any International based stories on here. Good Luck, I'll be very interested in how things go.

  3. Chinese National Team 2014 Fixtures/results

    22/1 Iraq Asian Cup H 2-2 Draw
    My first dropped points in the Asian cup. I took a quick 2-0 lead but it slowly went downhill and they were allowed too much of the ball.

    4/3 Saudi Arabia Asian Cup A 4-2 loss

    My final competitive game of the year ends in a downer.. I dominated early but conceded 2. Couldn?t claw my way back into it.
    To Finish the year, because of all competitive games being completed, It will be Friendlies. I?ve taken a mix of lower teams and higher teams all at Home

    Final group standings
    Saudi pl6 W4 D1 L1 GD+4 P13
    China Pl6 W4 D1 L1 GD+6
    Iraq Pl6 W0 D3 L3 GD-3
    Indo Pl6 W0 D3 L3 GD-7

    World Cup 2014
    Argentina 2-0 Germany in the final.
    Asian teams: Australia: Rnd16, Japan, South Korea and Iran: Group Stage.

    5/9 Singapore Friendly Win 4-1
    A simple walk over win. Some debut goals from youngsters.

    9/9 Thailand Friendly Won 4-2
    Went 2-1 down but pulled back for a 4-2 win.

    10/10 Friendly Canada 2-2 draw
    My two goals came from my RB crossing without it touching any other of my players. First one straight into the net from the cross, the second one took a wicked deflection. I was lucky not to lose this one in the end. Canada are higher then me so I think I get some more ranking points.

    14/10 Friendly New Zealand Won 2-1
    Very Easy win, nothing much to comment on.

    18/11 Friendly Northern Ireland Win 2-1
    They had 27 shots to my 8 but I came through. 2 easy goals and a consolation for them.

    End of 2014
    Chinese National team record for 2014
    Pl7 W4 D2 L1 F20 A11
    Combined Record with China
    Pl 13 W7 D3 L3 F33 A24
    World Ranking as of 31st of December: 95th (Down 5 from last year)

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