Producing a Vintage Claret Story..

  1. Producing a Vintage Claret Story..

    I've just started my first Football Manager 2014 story series. It features me attempting to follow in the ginger Mourinho Sean Dyche's footsteps and get Burnley fighting for promotion. It will also feature me getting to grips with the new football manager as this is my first ever save of the game.

    Take a look at my video and see if you think it could grow into an interesting story..It'd be great to have a good community getting involved with the series and actively shaping the story and helping me to inprove the experience as much as I can. Also it would be good to have a wide range of different football fans to participate and share banter and your experiences with the game. It could be you'll be able to help me shape the tactics a bit better or you know of a bargain player that I've overlooked, As like I said I'm new to this latest addition to the FM series. It'd be really cool to have a story that you as a viewer had a hand in steering and making a great interactive experience.

    Anyway the link for the first video showing how I've started off so far is here.

    Football Manager 2014 Story A Vintage Claret Playthrough - YouTube

    Take a look and leave some Feedback or get involved and show your colours with which team you support. Thanks in advance for any positive or helpfull feedback I recieve It's all greatly appreciated!

  2. This is the second video where I restarted after some dismal luck with injuries. It then shows my tactics and transfer choices for the reboot. Then shows my first month of results before going on to show the big clash between the Clarets and the Rovers in the East Lancs Derby!

    Football Manager 2014 A vintage Claret Playthrough. The East Lancs Derby!!! - YouTube

  3. This shows my result against Birmingham. And Live footage of our match aginst our Yorkshire Rivals Leeds!

    Football Manager 2014. A Vintage Claret playthrough. - YouTube

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