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The project

  1. The project

    The project-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.pngI will start a story soon but here is how i am doing at the moment...
    i am also in the Capitol one cup final...

    The project-blackburn-rovers_-squad-players.png
    The project-blackburn-rovers_-squad-players-2.png
    The project-blackburn_-transfers-transfer-history.png
    more to follow soon

  2. Right guys there will be an update around 1pm and bimonthly after tht

  3. sheff united to premier!wow..!can you screenshot their roster???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by zefinho10 View Post
    sheff united to premier!wow..!can you screenshot their roster???
    Yeah if course they have beem doing very well I have played 4 times and only beaten them once

  5. Did a billionaire takeover at Blackburn!! ?3.5m wage budget is insane!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by andy_14clark View Post
    Did a billionaire takeover at Blackburn!! ?3.5m wage budget is insane!!
    Yeah I got a takeover and he upgraded training and youth facilities aswell as increaesd transfer and wage budget to my delight

  7. Quote Originally Posted by zefinho10 View Post
    sheff united to premier!wow..!can you screenshot their roster???
    The project-sheffield-united_-squad-players.png

    he you go mate....there is a big name at the blades( can you spot him)

  8. right guys i messed up with the update lol so will put it the results below and the big signing i brought in and then the next update will include all transfers and an academy round up so you can see which youngsters i have coming through...
    Right i will right a proper OP lol

    As we enter the 6th season in charge of blackburn we look back at Alan shearer's time in charge...

    1st season: we finished top of the championship with jordon rhodes scoring 35 goals and alan judges netting 15 from the left wing
    2nd season: Finished 5th in the prem and also won the fa cup
    3rd Season: reached 1/4 final of europa league and finished 12th in the prem
    4th season: Finished 11th in the prem and won the Capitol one cup
    5th season: Reached 2nd round knockout of the Europa league and came 14th in the prem
    6th season: ? where will we finish

    i feel i could have done better but we do play well and control games i just need a goalscorer for when rhodes and destro go walkabouts which is alot latley

    July and August

    Training camp in America

    3-0 vs Chicago
    3-1 vs Columbus
    3-0 vs Chivas USA

    Pedro Testimonial
    Barcalona 1 vs Blackburn 2

    yes we did beat Barcalona at the nou camp...i think we got this testimonial for him beacause we had him on loan for a season

    Olymiakos 0 vs Blackburn 3(could be 2 will change if i am wrong lol doing this from memory)

    Premier league

    Blackburn 2(Van Ginkel,Destro) vs Norwich 1

    A good opener although should have been more comfortable destro played well and staked an early claim to the striker role but club legend Rhodes came on and looked lively

    Newcastle 1 vs Blackburn 0

    The right way to lose as we held our own against a strong newcastle team
    Capitol one cup 2nd round

    Blackburn 4(peiro x2,Rhodes,zander) vs Huddersfield 1

    A rampent performence from the young guns in particular Peiro and zander(i will go further into detail next update) and then Rhodes scoreed and contraversaly celebrated against his former club and safley through to the 3rd round against Norwich

    SO to the BIG transfer 29 Year old japanese attacking midfeilder for a fee around 4m from Man Utd
    Sinji kagawa

    Attachment 474326

    i am happy with this signing as it gives us cover in the attacking third and alos gives us revenue from Japan with shirt sales etc

    The biggest sales would have to be David silva(32) and Jesus Navas(32) going on loan to middlesbrough in League 1...

    i did let Jiri ahokas (Young regen) go to Nott forest for around 3.6, and emilano Insua who left for malaga for 250k

  9. Just popping in to say there will be some more updates tomorrow from august to march

  10. Just a short recap on what tropheys we have won...
    Fa cup-2014/15
    Capitol one 2016/17

    The project-blackburn-rovers_-fixtures-schedule-6.png
    The project-blackburn-rovers_-fixtures-schedule-7.png

    Right hre is the fixtures from september- March (i am having a little trouble transfering documents from my laptop to a library pc)

    The project-blackburn-rovers_-fixtures-schedule-5.pngThe project-blackburn-rovers_-fixtures-schedule-4.png

    i have 1 result to add to this and it is:

    Man city 3 vs blackburn 0

    we were 2nd best in this game and did not deserve to go through city were just too strong on the day..

    March-April review

    My youth intake....

    The project-blackburn-rovers-youth-candidates_-squad-players.png

    Garry Bonner ML is the best player to come through since i started this save and is tipped to be world class at only 15 and we have him on a pre-contract already ..
    Russel Brown is another i am keeping an eye on he looks ok stat wise for his age so lets see if we can bring our own through

    Blackburn (2) vs Sheff Utd (0)

    back to winning ways in the league and a double over relegation candidates helped maintain our recent good form in the prem

    Swansea(1) vs Blackburn(1)

    An ok draw swansea are a hard team to beat with their possession football, but perio impressed again..

    West ham(1) vs Blackburn(3)
    Van ginkel,Hunt,Destro


    Man utd (2) vs Blackburn(0)

    we held out for over an hr against utd and this game showed me we are nearly there in terms of challenging for points just 1 or 2 quality players in and maybe just maybe 3 points next time..

    Blackburn(1) vs Arsenal(2)

    just torn apart with very fluid counter attacking football by the gunners and even a cracking game from Koval good not stop them..

    Blackburn(2) vs West brom (0)
    Van Ginkel x2

    Much better from us today and Suprise top scorer getting another 2 not bad from wide target man

    Blackburn(3) vs Liverpool (0)
    Van Ginkelx2,Perio

    i would normally say what a result but this liverpool team are nothing anymore and are ona relegation we have done the double against them as we beat them at anfield earlyin the season.. this did happen in march but i turned it down..The project-alan-shearer_-news-inbox-3.png

    Stoke (1) sv Blackburn(0)

    A bogey team of mine since fm09 just cannot seem to get anything from them at all and was the same today.

    Final Game of the seaso
    " although this game is a dead rubber i want cracker from you all"

    Blackburn(4) vs Southampton(3)

    well i did no mean this....a 7 goal thriller to end the season..hoped the neautals enjoyed match of the day.

    So to the end of the season review..

    League position 8th

    Player of the season: Ryan Shawcross 31 now but showing quality still
    32 games 5 goals and 4 Man of the matches..7.42 rating

    Young player of the season Jose Vicente Piero
    20(8) games 11 goals, 7.07 rating

    Top goals scorer: Marco Van Ginkel 13 Goals

    so i have to say after that stick patch i had were i nearly lost my job we came back and finished 8th and if some results that went against us were different and went with how well we played in them we could have got 6th and europa league football, but not to be and next season we will be challenging them to the very end

    Who is leaving the club in the summwer

    David Silva- Retiring...a good servent when he played but spent his last year in football on loan to middlesbrough
    Petos-joining PSV on a free
    Hanley-does not want to sign a new deal and will leave at the end of the season
    Huth-34 now so not gonna be in the team at all
    Jesus Navas-32 and his legs have gon...he was on loan with Silva and middlesbrouh last season.
    Hiroshi Kyotake- just did not work out so is transfer listed
    Jannik vastergaard- just could no force his way past Okore and shawcross and with stefen Zander coing through i just cannot see a place for him
    ? maybe Khune as he wants 1st team football and with Koval he may not get any

    Targets in...i have not yet looked into this but maybe a backup left back...a young Rb for the future
    a striker as peiro is only 20 so don'r want all the pressure on him and destro and rhodes just are not scoring enough so may look to sell them too

    so hopes for next season
    7th+ in the league
    1/4 final of capitol one
    6th+ in fa cup
    .................................................. ..................
    so so far i have been offered the man city,arsenal,liverpool and newcastle x2 interviews during the 2018/19 seasobn but i signed a new 3 year deal to stay with Rovers and try and build them into a force but i may give it these 3 years and see where we are at and if we not where i want to be a may move on and find another join me won't you in see what we can and will achive
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The project-english-premier-division_-overview-stages-2.png  

  11. Ahhhh my team blackburn not doing bad mate some nice signings in there and glad to here Venkys have left if only

  12. Quote Originally Posted by SVB View Post
    Ahhhh my team blackburn not doing bad mate some nice signings in there and glad to here Venkys have left if only
    Yeah they would not upgrade anything so glad new owners did...I will b doing a transfer and August update tomorrow

  13. August/september review..

    so i enter the 2019/2020 season with renewed love for this team as our strong finish last year and just missing out on eruope..i realised i needed to shake things up and let some dead weight go and get some new blood will we do...lets found out.

    Blackburn(4) vs Crystal Palace(2)
    The project-blackburn-v-crystal-palace_-overview-overview.png

    so a good start to the season with my defenders showing the strikers how to finish..

    Wigan(1) vs Blackburn(1)
    The project-wigan-v-blackburn_-overview-overview.png

    Not the result i wanted but nice to see how young greek winger getting his 1st of the season as Van Ginkel was injured for 6 weeks..

    Capitol one cup

    The project-crewe-v-blackburn_-overview-overview.png

    A nice wing although not happy we conceded 2 against crewe but Young wonderkid Jon Kelly grabbing a hatrick and another young gun Eronna getting his 1st for the club.

    Blackburn (1) vs Man City(3)
    (i forgot the screenshot)

    we did play ok in this game but man city showed why they have won the league 3 years in a row

    " a indifferent month but i saw a lot of good things in this month so hopfully we can continue it"

    Transfers in:
    Kaloudis Giannids-Free(young greek DM)
    Alberto Cerri 2.3m from juve
    Fernando Llorente 250k from Juve
    Lucas anderson 2.8m from ajax
    Jan Vertonghan-free( but not gonna play)
    Itumeleng Khune-resigned as back up
    Jannik Vestergaared-resigned as back up
    Stjepam Makovic(young croation regen)

    Vertoghan was not scouted i just saw the name and offered a contract...he has done his hamstring 4 times had knee tendinites so he has dropped so much....cerri was brought in as Destro left the club and i needed someone else incase Rhodes or peiro got injured..Makovic was brought in for the future but is staing a claim to start at 19 years old...and Fernando llorente i just had to still got good stats for a 32 year old and will act as good back up

    Transfers out:
    Sam Lavelle 2.6m-fulham
    Grant Hanley-would not sign a new contract(now at celtic)
    Petos-free to psv
    Destro 9.75m(could rise to10.5m
    Hiroshi Kiyotake-free to wigan

    Academy review
    i am just going to show some of the highly rated players coming through the ranks..The project-stjepan-matkovic_-overview-profile.pngThe project-stefan-zander_-overview-profile.pngThe project-soulis-moukeas_-overview-profile.pngThe project-russell-brown_-overview-profile.pngThe project-andjelko-situm_-overview-profile.pngThe project-leigh-stewart_-overview-profile.pngJosThe project-jon-kelly_-overview-profile.pngThe project-gary-bonner_-overview-profile.pngThe project-keith-ferguson_-overview-profile.pngThe project-sunday-eronna_-overview-profile.png

    here is 11 of the most talented players of the team..perio and zander have already broken into the 1st team as we situm who plays of the bench and Kelly who plays cup games and lower reputation league games

    (what do u guys think of them)


    Blackburn(2) vs Liverpool(1)
    The project-blackburn-v-liverpool_-overview-overview-2.png

    Another win against liverpool...who are struggling like mad and are currentl 19th after finishing 17th last year...if they are not carefull they will go down..they did bring Rodgers back as manager..

    Arsenal(2) vs Blackburn(0)
    The project-arsenal-v-blackburn_-overview-overview.png
    we didn't have they ball much and got taken apart again by them

    Capitol one cup

    Blackburn(4) vs Millwall(1)
    The project-blackburn-v-millwall_-overview-overview.png

    Domination at it;s best really we played so well and could have got a few more..

    Barnsley(1) vs Blakburn(4)
    The project-barnsley-v-blackburn_-overview-overview.png
    Zander with another 2 goals for the club from CB...Byram has a throw like Rory Delap did...a flat one that any player gets on the end of it it is likley to be a goal

    I did get my team to train attacking set peices for a whole season so probs why i am scoring so many from them

    So player of the months..Byram and Zander..played so well scoing goals and getting plenty of assists

    League position: 8th

    Capitol one cup 4th round vs Man city( i kno cruel but will try to beat them)

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  14. Some good youngsters coming through for the future

  15. Quote Originally Posted by SVB View Post
    Some good youngsters coming through for the future

    yeah if u click on JOS(it did not come out there) he is my best so far

  16. i have played till the end of the season and 3 games into the new season..(probs cos i do not have a 2nd save to play) but will update you on how i am doing

  17. The project-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.png
    as you can see we some how finished in 3rd place but Rhodes and Peiro have a solid partner ship which got us this place

    The project-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages.png

    here is the champions league group one i think we can qualify from
    prediction 2nd..Atletico will win the group

    The project-italy_-overview-profile.png

  18. right guys i am back with this story sorry for the long long absence i had no internet so only had my phone so suspended it but i have been playing it offline and have gone from 2019-2026 now and some big changes have occured update in about 20 mins on what has happened since

  19. The project-alan-shearer_-overview-profile.png

    Right guys here is some of the sats of my career and as you can see i am not at blackburn anymore as after 11 years i felt a change was in order so i resigned and went job hunting Blanc left Dortmund so i took his job and was there for about for 13 months before i was then offered the chelsea job and decided i wanted a return to the prem( i should have looked at teh whole team before i went because they were shocking nobody in reserve) i only lasted 4months before i resigned Moyes left Man utd to join chelsea ann then the porto manager joined utd so i am now the Head coach at porto..i do plan to be here for a couple of years then may move to italy or spain

    So my trophey haul so far

    English Premier league x3(blackburn)
    FA Cup x4 (blackburn)
    Capitol one cup x3(blackburn)
    Champions League x4 in a row(Blackburn

    Bundesliga x1 Dortmund
    German Cup 1 Dortmund
    Europa League x1 Dortmund

    Chelsea 0 trophies(EPIC FAIL)

    Well i will try and do bi monthly updates or monthly depending in you guys.. but the next one will be my new team report and maybe a couple of games..

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The project-alan-shearer_-history-biography.png   The project-alan-shearer_-history-club-history-2.png   The project-alan-shearer_-history-club-history.png  

  20. After a brief look at the sqaud i discovered some real talent more than i had at chelsea i also have a famileir Player in former arsenal no.1 wojciech Szcesny

    The project-wojciech-szczesny_-overview-profile.png

    the big pole is 36 now and declining a bit as a player but still my number 1 for the rest of the season.. so here is my squad that i have at the moment..also we do lie in 2nd a little bit behind the leaders i will certinly be trying to catch them but if not we have the Europa league to aim for where we play Spartak Moscow in the 2nd knockout round....

    So here is the 1st team sqaud
    The project-fcp_-squad-players.png

    Judging by this the Keeper situation is sorted once Wojciech leaves or retires and the full backs are good prospects too so all in all very good..

    The B team
    The project-fcp_-squad-players-2.png

    2 very good looking players here and a few squad players or one's we can sell for a bit of money.

    and lastley my under 19's with only 2 decent ones in who will stay there till the end of the year and then be sent to the b team

    so we have some gd talent at porto. so will just have to see what happens
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The project-fcp_-squad-players-3.png  

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