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Swimming in Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Redux

  1. Swimming in Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Redux

    The first attempt came to a stop as I didn't realise I hadn't removed nation restrictions so I couldn't add/remove leagues, so I've decided to switch to the full version, add loads of leagues via the editor and do it all over again! Luckily I have the instant result button still so I'll just be overseeing things and still get through seasons quickly, just to show how many nations there are, here is the startup and potential database:

    I'll be starting in Afghanistan before going into Albania and follow that by going to Algeria, I'll be using this website List of countries of the world in alphabetical order ​because I'll only forget what comes next otherwise!
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  2. De Abasin Sape (or The Abasin Waves) is a football team in Afghanistan. They play in the Afghan Premier League.

    The club was founded in August 2012 by the creation of the Afghan Premier League and the club played in one of the league's inaugural games. Club players were chosen through a casting-show called Maidon-E-Sabz ("Green Field").

    The club represents the South-Eastern region of Afghanistan.

    The team is named after a Pashto language name for the Indus River - Abasin ("Father of Rivers").

    Kabul National Stadium - Home to all Afghanistani teams.

    'Key' Player:

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  3. Okay, so this will be even looooooooooooooooooooooooonger. Looking forward to it.

    Probably the youngest first team I've seen I think!

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