Slough Town FC - A Tier 8 Story

  1. Slough Town FC - A Tier 8 Story

    Hey guys, so i've finally got the full game working. Atm it's a bit slower than I would like because of the number of tiers I have on but hopefully I can get promoted first season and take one off at least. This is made possible by a gamebooster, helped a lot. If I quit this game it would be because of system requirements (apparently my new laptop is ****) but yea enough of that. I downloaded a league system down to tier 10 but am only using down to 8 for my home town club Slough Town. Slough are a great semi-pro club with a long history. The highlight being a Conference premier side in the 90's I believe. A few years ago we were on match of the day because of a cup run, going out in the second round or something. May have even been earlier, but for a club like this, that's amazing. They have now been heavily sponsored by some myclub website but I really don't know what that's all about, I think the website once tried to give its members complete control over a club with polls etc, but now it's just a sponsor.

    On an interesting side note, the chairman seems to share my surname? Not sure if randomly generated or not but is awesome for explaining how I got the job.

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    Wow sorry, a lot of waffle there. So yea, we start the career with a small and rubbish squad. A miniscule wage budget, and a whole 8k in club balance. I'm currently just cutting down my team and looking for some key free transfers, but if anyone would be interested in a story this low down, i'd definitely be willing to update this thread.

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    So to sum up, the club is expecting to go bankrupt. I am the chairmans son and probably can't manage for ****. My laptop is ****. My team is ****. What could possibly go wrong? On a side note, some of these players are incredibly bad. There are leagues below this... and then there's us or well definitely me, you guys might be ok at playing. I would definitely have negative stats I think.

  2. Sorry for the 'unprofessional' first post and big pictures. It will be laid out better in future, but it's 7am and I haven't slept xD. I will also reserve this post for short season summaries for when the thread actually gets going. Assuming it does. Thanks for reading everyone!

  3. Make some cup runs and avoid going bankrupt!!

  4. This thread is dead. My database crashed for some reason. I've decided to re-do this with my own editing, literally just switching Slough Town into the Skrill South in place of Farnborough. Will make the new thread when I confirm that database at least works for a bit. If it does fail, i'll have to give up on this idea unless someone more knowledgable could help me out.

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    Not the mighty slough!!! Re do it!!!

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