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A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story
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  1. A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story

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    "The club would proudly like to announce that we have hired former Leverkusen player as well as club Icon Michael Ballack as our manager. He has been signed on a one year contract, since this is his first venture into management."

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    Club Info

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    Club History

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  2. Transfer Budget

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    I'll be realistic with this story. Won't use the knowledge I've acquired over here(at FM-base). There will be no 'particular' objectives. I'll be working to improve the team and gradually win the first German first division title for this club (hopefully will be able to stay here that long).
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  3. Squad

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  4. German Cup Draw

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  5. Any kind of constructive criticism/suggestion is welcome, I'd like to improve this story since my last one was a flop (Maybe because of the club I chose , Chelsea, one of the most hated ones).

  6. Sweet! xD Just one recommendation, please change the title to Bayer Leverkusen;; =P

    But otherwise, nice! Ballack was one player I really liked, so nice to see a story involving him. Who are you anticipating your key players to be?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Sherkey View Post
    Sweet! xD Just one recommendation, please change the title to Bayer Leverkusen;; =P

    But otherwise, nice! Ballack was one player I really liked, so nice to see a story involving him. Who are you anticipating your key players to be?
    Bender is a given, Werner is a great Striker prospect in Germany (A position where NT has struggled). I'll be looking to get the best out of these guys, also the GK looks great. I have my eyes on Fabian Schar for January/Next year. Leverkusen have some great youth prospects, Oztunali, Emre Can, Son-Hieung Min. Rest as the players will perform, they'll get their chances. (I won't care about PA/CA stats since I'm hoping to make this realistic, some players with low PA/CA perform well).

  8. Leverkusen has a good attack, would be a nice story to follow.

    I had an unemployed save and was just hired by Leverkusen in my 3rd season.
    My key players are

    Son has been sold.. Palop has retired.
    Still trying to figure out the team..
    Would like to see how you pan yours out.
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  9. Board Meeting

    Philosophies proposed : Give youth a chance in first team.

    I had some demands..

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  10. Name is still Bayern Leverkusen...

    And yeah, I agree, Son Hieung Min grows to be a monster, if used constantly;;

  11. Transfer Rumours/News

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    German Super Cup

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  12. Oh snap, fail. My bad. Just noticed it. xD
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  13. Managerial debut

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    Sunday | 4th August, 2013

    German Cup 1st Round

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    Next Round Opponent: SpVgg Greuther Furth
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  14. Good luck mate, look forward to see how Emre Can turns out.
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  15. Just when I thought I was done with transfer business

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    He told me this by the time most clubs were done with transfers, only Manchester United were interested in him but were only bidding ~12-13M, so I said I'll let him go next season.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by TicTactition View Post
    Good luck mate, look forward to see how Emre Can turns out.
    Now that Bender is asking for a move, I'll be looking to integrate Emre Can more and focus on his development, hoping he won't ask for a move one day.

  17. August 2013

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    4th August, 2013 | Sunday

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    A good solid win to start off my career, would've liked to score a few more against a third division side. They had no ambition going forward, ended up with zero total shots.

    10th August, 2013 | Saturday

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    They were happy to defend and knock off long shots, had only one shot on target from set-piece and it went it. Still they caused us for too difficulty for my liking. (For a team who's predicted to finish last, that is)

    18th August, 2013 | Sunday

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    Friedburg surprised everyone by finishing 5th last year, they surprised us even more. Despite the game being played at BayArena, it was like they were playing a home game and we were playing an away game. They dominated the match, had more chances and shots. Freidburg had feeding frenzy on the counter, my defenders were horrible.

    24th August, 2013 | Saturday

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    I wasn't too keen to face Bayern in my first month as a manager, we were very lucky to escape a draw.

    31st August, 2013 | Saturday

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    They played very well and camped in my half most of the time in first half, I went with the wrong strategy and they made me pay (albeit from set-pieces only). I barely had a sneak at their goal for first 50-60 minutes, after that I exploited their high line fully on the counter, ended the match with more chances and shots than Dortmund. Sidney Sam's superb long range Free Kick was undoubtedly a highlight of this match.

    End of the month thoughts
    I had to face both German Giants in my first month, and arguably my most difficult game of the season, to finishing this month unbeaten is a great achievement. There were some nerve wrecking moments and some joyous moments. I'm happy with the start of my managing career.

    Bundesliga Table

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    Group Stage Draw

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    We probably got the toughest group of all, group of death. I honestly don't think we have a realistic shot at going to last 16, but there's always hope we might pull out some surprise results.


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    A match between my former teams, I'd have obviously liked if Chelsea would've won it.
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  19. September

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    14th September, 2013 | Saturday

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    The match was a tough battle, KieBling missed two great chances but put the third one away just when he was going to be subbed off, referee was horribly biased, they injured two of my players, even got a wrong penalty, but Bernd Leno saved it and was named POTM.
    17th September, 2013 | Tuesday
    (European Champions Cup, Group C)

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    Simeone fielded a 4-2-4, I overloaded the midfield and isolated their forward. They had zero shots on goal from open play. David Villa's penalty was saved by Leno, the kid's been the star in last two of my games.
    21st September, 2013 | Saturday

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    And the fairytale continues, HSV played quite well and forced me to back foot, just when I was staring at my first defeat, Kruse who had just come on in 80th minute equalized on a counter-attack. Oztunali then scored the winner against his former side.
    25th September, 2013 | Wednesday
    (German Cup, 2nd Round)

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    Were cruised to win here, regardless of the scoreline. The game looked over in first half, although team did get lethargic in second half. The O.G. was hilarious, FK was taken from almost half line, the kick was going away for goal, Rolfes just wanted to score. They got a penalty from set-piece scramble, Palop was playing and he couldn't save it.
    28th September, 2013 | Saturday

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    Hoffenheim are sitting bottom of the table with no wins. Derdiyok scored from a set-piece (set-piece defending his horrible in recent patch) and Rudy's goal was result of some hilarious defending and goalkeeping from my side. (I usually forget to change the GK whenever I play backup GK, Leno might've saved the shot for second goal).
    Manager's thoughts at the end of the month

    I'm enjoying the start, the team is buying into my methodology. The fighting mentality they're showing to not give is the way I want them to play. A good result against Atletico in an away game, Leno saved us in two games by saving penalties, deserves a special mention.

    Bundesliga Table

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  20. I'm kind of experimenting with layout, any kind of suggestions are welcome.

  21. Managerial changes and other news

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  22. October

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    2nd October, 2013 | Wednesday
    (Champions Cup, Group C)

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    Park the bus! Arsenal created A LOT of chances, but they were all Half chances and long shots, I had more CCCs and also hit woodwork, it was a fair draw but could've gone either way.
    6th October, 2013 | Sunday

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    Although they might have dominated the numbers, we again sneaked a goal on the counter, created more scoring chances. Grabbing these late 1-0 wins will prove to be very significant.
    19th October, 2013 | Saturday

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    A horrible, horrible loss in front of home fans, against a rival. They had only ONE shot on target, yet scored two goals (One being O.G, heh). We definitely deserved a better result.
    23th October, 2013 | Wednesday
    (Champions Cup, Group C)

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    Now that makes two consecutive loses, we're doing very poorly in Champions League. Haven't yet scored a single goal against European opponents, not good, not good. I went into this match with conservative approach but they didn't threaten much going forward. I changed my tactics but Reina and their defenders ensured a victory for them.
    26th October, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  QnmrXGp.png
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    A thoroughly deserved win, another goal conceded from a set-piece, this is infuriating. Satfylidis scored a free kick fluke goal from almost around half line.

    End of the month thoughts

    Not so good month for me and the team, certainly not for fans who probably only enjoyed the last game. I should have pushed for a victory against Napoli, they scored an early goal and then just defended. My first defeat couldn't have been a worse one, at home, against a rival.

    Bundesliga Table

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    We're still in touching distance of Bayern after 10 games, which is a good achievement.
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  23. More manager appointments and sackings

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  24. November

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    2nd November, 2013 | Saturday

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    Probably first game of the season where my team dominated like a real title challenger. They pressed us heavily in first half and it ended 0-0, My players then exploited their fatigue in second half, they had no answer to direct running.
    5th November, 2013 | Tuesday
    (Champions Cup, Group C)

    Name:  5HZYaD1.png
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    Our first European win of this campaign, and we managed to open our scoring account as well. Napoli again were disappointing, It's like they weren't willing to defend at all. A good solid home win.
    9th November, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  Oc1tOuy.png
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    Sam made sure he piled on Schalke's misery this season, he was their top target during summer, I rejected two of their bids. A solid 1-0 win, take the lead, defend it.
    23rd November, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  H6MrxD2.png
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    I have a fairly small squad, had an important game on Wednesday and League is pretty tight ATM, had to rest my key players, an emphatic 3-0 win, good times.
    27th November, 2013 | Wednesday
    (Champions Cup, Group C)

    Name:  hoIWQPI.png
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    I was feeling confident since I was able to hold Atletico in the away game, I went for the win at home, we needed this a lot. Two great goals from Sam. He has been firing all cylinders since he came back from injury, and got injured in this match again.
    30th November, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  cMMrj3T.png
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    A great win in a difficult win to end a perfect month. I almost smacked the referee in this match, there were injuring my players yet the refs missed two clear bookings. Mainz also got a wrong Penalty but Leno again saved it. He hasn't let in a single penalty yet, 3 saved. Incredible.

    Thoughts at the end of the month

    Incredible month, we only conceded one goal in a busy month against good sides, special mention to Omer Toprak & Philipp Wollscheid who have been my defensive pair in 90% of the games this season, other defenders have started complaining about less playing time. I'm still beaming with the 4-0 win against Frankfurt, some memorable goals in that game.

    Champions Cup Group C

    Name:  WH3XPqL.png
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    Things are looking better after two wins this month, Arsenal were complete disappointment in all the matches except the one against my team. They dominated a lot at my home, I'm afraid they'll most likely end my team's European campaign this year. The group of death is still tight, even Atletico can go out if I win and Napoli also manage a win with more than 1 goal.

    *Forgot to take screenshot of Bundesliga Table at the end of November, I was at first position with Bayern at second, just one point behind me, equal amount of games played.
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  25. More news on Manager sackings and appointments & contract extensions.

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    Name:  nDeu1a4.png
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    *This guy(Marcelo Bielsa) almost reaches everywhere I manage.

    Name:  HtBU7oJ.png
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  26. Name:  rBmZzLL.png
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    Name:  anh_dep_cau_thu_bong_da_football_doi_hinh_meocuoc.com755_Lars_Bender.jpg
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    We're hearing rumours of a rift between Michael Ballack and Leverkusen Vice Captain Lars Bender. We are unable to get the full details of what the dispute is about. We also understand that Lars Bender had asked for a transfer move in summer and Manchester United are keeping an eye on this situation. Michael Ballack's behaviour is well known, this probably won't end well.

  27. Name:  slzkgOT.png
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    Name:  ho03m1S.png
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    10th December, 2013 | Tuesday

    It's 10th December and we today have two very important matches in the group of death in Champions Cup. These two matches will decide the fate of 3 teams' Champions Cup campaign, with Arsenal already out. No one is safe, a Napoli win and a Leverkusen win could see Group leaders Atletico go out, it's incredible tight.

    Arsenal were probably the team everyone else in group might be fearing the most at first, but they've been surprisingly disappointing, having lost all the matches against Atletico and Napoli, drawing the away game against Leverkusen. Today they will be on the mission to protect their dignity and get their first win in group stages.

    Kick-Off Time : 19:45

    Team News

    Atletico vs Napoli

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-kdm8mst.png A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-pnfvkhn.png

    Arsenal vs Leverkusen

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-2ggzcyp.png A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-a1fbtmc.png

    19:51 (6') - Atletico lead by a Toby Alderweireld goal! a good goal from a set-piece to give Atletico an early lead.

    19:55 (10') - Atletico double their lead. Atletico came out firing all cylinders and secured their place in last 16, there is no chance Napoli are coming back from this. Even a Draw will see Atletico quality, even if Leverkusen win.

    20:20 (35') - Diego Costa scores a beauty. Now the game is beyond doubt and Atletico cans can enjoy the game.

    20:29 (44') - Gonzalo Higuain is down and is crying with pain, the injury looks serious. He is now being stretchered out of the field.

    20:34 (45+4') - First half comes to an end in both games (4 & 3 minutes of added time), with the Arsenal and Leverkusen game going really boring, both teams are at 0-0 and nothing of enough significance has happened.


    20:50 (45') - Second half starts

    20:54 (49') - Napoli's first chance of the game and first shot on target, Courtois parries it away.

    20:56 (51') - Leverkusen take the lead!!! KieBling intercepted Monreal's dodgy backpass and was through on goal with only Goalie to beat, he didn't disappoint.

    20:59 (54') - Wenger subs in Giroud and Arteta for Ozil and Wilshere, changes to attacking 4-4-2 meanwhile Ballack subs in Oztunali for Captain Rolfes who's suffering from a knock. Rolfes hands over the Captain's armband to KeiBling.

    21:09 (64') - A good chance goes begging for Arsenal as Oxlade-Chamberlain shoots straight at Leverkusen GK (Leno), who has no trouble catching the ball.

    21:20 (75') - Both games are boring ATM with both Atletico and Leverkusen happy to defend.

    21:30 (85') - There's a scramble in Leverkusen penalty box and Giroud receives a nice ball, heads it and it hits and post and Bendter is there to pounce on the rebound, GOAL!!! Arsenal have a late equalizerrr. Leverkusen supports who were shouting loudly here at Emirates until now have fell completely silent.

    21:36 (90+1') - Emre Can gathers the ball after a heavy touch from Giroud, passes it to Donati who's out wide, Donati then lobs it to Castro who heads it towards a running KeiBling who ... SCORES!!!! Leverkusen fans are screaming at their loudest, WHAT A DRAMATIC ENDING. KeiBling has done it, the man with Captain's armband has done it.

    This is unbelievable stuff from KeiBling. Leverkusen are celebrating like they've already won the Champions Cup.

    Name:  3FukA4f.jpg
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Size:  87.2 KB

    Post Match Review

    with Andy Townsend

    A cracking win for Atletico, Napoli have been going into matches with quite poor tactics, opting for way too many long shots, doing hard tackles. I was not impressed with Benitez's side, they were horrible, barely had a chance in whole game. Managed to test Atletico GK only once and created almost no great scoring chances. Atletico exploited it and went on all out attack in initial 20-30 minutes and it clearly worked for them.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-q5s8d29.png

    Leverkusen were undoubtedly the underdogs in this group of death, and the manager handled the situation very well. Playing for draws in difficult away games, Napoli scored 1 and then defended to win 1-0 against Leverkusen, their only loss, I'm impressed.

    In this match, Ballack knew that Arsenal will try to attack and Wenger goes in with the philosophy of possession football, most managers would instruct their team to press hard and fight for possession, he instead chose to do the opposite, gave Arsenal the ball and saved his players' energy. Arsenal had a tough time breaking them, they had a lot of possession but looked pointless in possession. Ballack instructed his played to play on the break and they did it effectively, producing more scoring chances than Arsenal.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	lCDPUrL.png
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ID:	483071

    Click image for larger version

Name:	N9UaCYz.png
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ID:	483074

  28. December

    Name:  ucKqYAg.png
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    3rd December, 2013 | Tuesday

    Name:  4rOQDql.png
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    Heung-Min came back from injury to score his first and then second goal for the club. A walkthrough against a good second division side, team got lethargic towards the ending and let in a goal. Still a good solid win.
    7th December, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  oWPmbxy.png
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Size:  17.1 KB

    Their GK was MOTM, just couldn't penetrate them. Their only shot on target went in, Rolfes equalized from a penalty. A poor poor match. They had 67% possession, though, lol.
    10th December, 2013 | Tuesday

    Name:  qeqq8c6.png
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    I never knew happiness of this level existed before this day, an emphatic win and we qualify to last 16 of Champions Cup. I wouldn't have minded even if the world ended tonight.
    14th December, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  qBvt14D.png
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    This match brought me back down to earth, awful performance and result. Had only one SOT.
    21st December, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  5ILPXTA.png
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    THIS is the way to bounce back from a bad result. Werner, who has found limited opportunities this season in his natural position (ST) ran the show today. KeiBling hasn't gotten out of form, nor has he got injured for even a single game so Werner was playing on Left Wing. More headaches, dammit.

    Manager's thoughts at the end of the month

    A great month, I don't care about the bad results, we had 2 great high scoring victories and a priceless win against Arsenal to push us to Last 16 Knockout round of Champion's Cup. I'm still glowing from my win. It was a great month. I've forgotten about whatever bad happened this month, although fans might not.

    Champions Cup, Group C

    Name:  nbxCl56.png
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    First Knockout round draw

    Name:  mDOQehk.png
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    Bundesliga Table

    Name:  4x9ndkL.png
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Size:  129.2 KB

    We go into Winter break top of the table. Dortmund have a game in hand and Bayern have a couple, they'llmost likely be above us come next year but this is still fantastic way to finish a great year, for me and the team.

  29. Ballack drops the bomb, Manchester United sign Lars Bender.

    Name:  Lars-Bender--007.jpg
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    Bayer 04 Leverkusen have announced departure of Leverkusen's star player and Vice Captain Lars Bender. The Fee being reported is 13.5M GBP with addons rising upto 16M GBP. Lars Bender was a fan favorite, fans are clearly disappointed to see a player of Lars Bender's quality leave, but they're also worried that club sold him quite cheaply because of internal dispute.

    When the questions were asked to Ballack, he said "No player is bigger than club, he would come up to me and speak things like he's the boss around here. He'd take things for granted thinking he is untouchable at the club. The board has showing fantastic support in me, I appreciate that."

    When we asked Lars Bender regarding Ballack's comments, he had following to say "The boss is trying to prove that I was the cause of trouble, we had a small dispute but he's trying to make me the villain in front of fans."

    Clearly there's something we don't know, but one thing is for sure, it was more of a forced transfer than just a normal one. Ballack has said that he has recalled Dominik Kohr from his loan spell and will give him the chance in first team, along with Emre Can instead of spending the money.

    The club has also confirmed that Stefan KeiBling will be the new Vice Captain of the team. KeiBling has been ever-present for Leverkusen side and has been in good form, scoring 14 goals in 20(2) appearances.
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  30. Leverkusen announce signing of Brazilian striker Luan.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	n_atletico_mineiro_luan-5977063.jpeg
Views:	1171
Size:	38.3 KB
ID:	483144

    Bayer Leverkusen have announced the sining of Luan from Atletico Mineiro. We understand that he was signed for 1.6Millions Pounds. Luan Madson Gede?o de Paiva is not a well recognized talent and this signings has surprised many fans. Although Ballack believes he has addressed team's only weakness with this signing. Luan is equally capable of playing on either wings, and is a technical player.

    There's a lot yet to be known about this transfer.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ROlOE8y.png
Views:	535
Size:	481.6 KB
ID:	483158

  31. Mid-Season review & Awards

    Click image for larger version

Name:	hHfUOD6.png
Views:	551
Size:	347.0 KB
ID:	483164

    To go in top of the table into Winter Break is incredible. I know We'll most likely be third after Dortmund and Bayern play equal amount of games as we've played but it's still nice to be on top of the table.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	XPUuMBx.png
Views:	570
Size:	468.9 KB
ID:	483165

    The table looks nothing like predicted at the beginning, The real surprise being Schalke performing poorly and now laying at 13th spot. Also Davide Santon coming to Bayern, who already have two World Class Fullbacks.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gk5zoLO.png
Views:	750
Size:	447.4 KB
ID:	483166

    I have the best defence in the league, well joint with Bayern. I play Counter-Attacking football yet my team has very good discipline. We've started firing some goals to lately, was nowhere near top 5 in goals scored chart initially.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ptHHfbv.png
Views:	648
Size:	494.6 KB
ID:	483169

    I terminated Eren Derdiyok's loan after I signed Timo Werner as I thought I could use that loan spot for reinforcement in some other department and he duly made me regret my decision, he's scoring for fun ATM, although Hoffenheim are still sitting at the bottom.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	D3nINPP.png
Views:	508
Size:	215.5 KB
ID:	483172

    Marcelo Bielsa is once again appointed by a team in the league I'm managing. Always happened, regardless of the league (Talking about top 5 European Leagues).


    Ballon d'Or

    Click image for larger version

Name:	d8m83FV.png
Views:	766
Size:	350.0 KB
ID:	483179

    Poor Ronaldo, couldn't win in it in the game.

    European Golden Boy

    Click image for larger version

Name:	MRjRKyx.png
Views:	532
Size:	271.4 KB
ID:	483180

    Philippe Coutinho beat the likes of Neymar(!!) and Isco for this award, I'd say this is brilliant achievement for the lad. (I guess any Liverpool fans reading this story would be really happy)

    World Team of the Year

    Click image for larger version

Name:	fkzUZ9y.png
Views:	647
Size:	649.3 KB
ID:	483185

    I think the CF has surprised everyone. Mario Gomez? Seems like they only count goals because Suarez is undoubtedly performing best among top European strikers, although he played 5-6 less games because of the ban.
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  32. Does anyone even read this story?
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  33. Quote Originally Posted by AayushCFC View Post
    Does anyone even read this story?
    You are only a day in and halfway through your first season give it time!
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  34. Quote Originally Posted by coolmcool View Post
    You are only a day in and halfway through your first season give it time!
    Haha yeah, the details consume a lot of time so the progression is kinda slow.

  35. January Transfer Window


    Lars Bender: He was causing too much trouble, could've sold him for more but I still got solid 13.5M for him, rising upto 16M. Fans have started trusting my decisions and were not too sad to see the VC leave.

    Jens Hegeler (loan): He wasn't getting too much playing time because I have way too many quality midfielders, he was very professional about it and quietly went on loan for rest of the season at the age of 26.


    Luan: I've covered the Brazilian striker who signed for 1.6 from Atletico Mineiro. He's short but technical, capable of playing on either wings.

    Dominik Kohr: I've recalled him from loan and promoted to first team after Bender's departure.
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  36. January and February

    (I'm doing em together because of Winter Break in January).

    Name:  3YSiUQ9.png
Views: 409
Size:  129.2 KB

    25th January, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  8LA1frY.png
Views: 345
Size:  19.9 KB

    Great way to come back from the winter break, it was a fairly even match but we were more clinical in front of goal.
    29th January, 2013 | Wednesday

    Name:  aY18PQk.png
Views: 365
Size:  20.3 KB

    KeiBling (Would people prefer if I call him Kiessling?) ran the show tonight, he started the season slowly in the league now he's in golden boot race with a bang. Braunschweig are relegation candidates and rightly so, barely ventured forward.
    1st February, 2013 | Saturday

    Name:  L7eovS8.png
Views: 335
Size:  16.6 KB

    (Screaming..)Donati, you're a right back, defend, hey what are you doing in opposition box ..and GOOOAAALLL! Gonati made a run from deep and scored a screamer from edge of the box, we won against reigning champions! This was a more equal game, I still can't quite believe it.
    8th February, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  ncXpdex.png
Views: 369
Size:  19.1 KB

    We face both of the German giants consecutively once again! There's something fishy about this, a horrible match. Whenever we started a counter, Subotic and Hummels would foul us and stop it, they still didn't get booked, Stafylidis got his second yellow in stoppage time.
    11th February, 2014 | Tuesday
    (German Cup, Quarter Final)

    Name:  XsLygZk.png
Views: 351
Size:  31.6 KB

    A very very close game, won by Papadopoulos's brainfarts. They could've easily won it on any other day.
    15th February, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  yVjAsaV.png
Views: 368
Size:  17.9 KB

    I couldn't believe how we didn't win this game, We battered them left and right yet the late equalizer, UGH! And it was a fluke goal, out of nowhere.
    22nd February, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  tQKGKjl.png
Views: 337
Size:  20.5 KB

    Son Heung-Min was being booed by HSV supporters, he replied them in style, 4 frigging goals in one match. He's had a quiet season after arriving for a hefty 8.5M fee from HSV but he today showed glimpses of what he can do.
    26th February, 2014 | Wednesday

    Name:  Z9RbzAj.png
Views: 343
Size:  18.2 KB

    It was nice to see my old friend Drogba but he caused a lot of trouble, Props to Leno for three OUTRAGEOUS saves, unbelievable saves. Luan hasn't gotten much chances but he's been making contribution coming off the bench (3 assists), today was his CL debut and he scored a brace! We now have a solid lead that we'll take to Turkey and hopefully will progress.

    German Cup

    Click image for larger version

Name:	lPeWuMF.png
Views:	441
Size:	306.1 KB
ID:	484280

    We'll be facing Gladbach in Semi Final, I'm glad we dodged FC Bayern.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	6m5xYrl.png
Views:	499
Size:	165.6 KB
ID:	484282

    Dortmund are cruising in the league ATM, FC Bayern have had some bad luck with injuries and Manuel Neuer has been out for upwards of 3 months from first team action, having only played 10 games till February. A Goalkeeper can win many matches on his own. We're tied at 50 points but Dortmund have better GD and a game in hand, top three is pretty tight ATM. Schalke down at 10th, whoops.

  37. your doing well mate, was nice to see an aussie in Robbie Kruse bag a couple earlier in the season. Just subscribed so keep the updates coming
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  38. Quote Originally Posted by walkinshaw87 View Post
    your doing well mate, was nice to see an aussie in Robbie Kruse bag a couple earlier in the season. Just subscribed so keep the updates coming
    Kruse is only player in my team who likes to pass instead of shooting. That's why doesn't score all that often.

  39. Nice to see your giving him some games then mate... Just a shame his passing is only like 10 at the start of the season lol.

  40. March

    Name:  zVyf51o.png
Views: 360
Size:  35.0 KB

    *I changed the skin back, I like this simplistic one more. Apologies if you find this odd.

    1st March, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  iqPDbMd.png
Views: 350
Size:  12.7 KB

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE REF. Oztunali scored a great goal to start things off, at 18th minute Spahic was sent off for a normal tackle that he made to stop a Hoffenheim counter-attack, it was barely a yellow card offence, straight red was horrible horrible decision. I appealed and the ban was lifted, but it still cost us the game. We just couldn't control the game with 10 men.

    8th March, 20134 | Saturday

    Name:  RInEDbu.png
Views: 332
Size:  13.0 KB

    They were up by 2 goals in 25th minute, I was infuriated but within 12 minutes it was level, Super come back. Timo Werner then just ran riot against his former team, 2 goals and 1 assist, the kid made something happen everytime he touched the ball. A great 5 goal comeback, thoroughly delighted

    14th March, 2014 | Friday

    Name:  leuIGaY.png
Views: 327
Size:  8.7 KB

    I [fun]ing hate playing Gladbach. We wanted to take revenge of last loss but they scored an early goal and just sat back, frustrating game for both the team and fans.

    18th March, 2014 | Tuesday

    Name:  nqbPdKI.png
Views: 371
Size:  13.3 KB

    I set up to defend out first leg lead but Werner had different plans, he's been in scoring form of late, from left wing. Kiessling finds himself in trouble, he has been out of form and hasn't perform well except that one game against Stuttgart.


    21st March, 2014 | Friday

    Name:  pI3zooB.png
Views: 326
Size:  12.2 KB

    Werner is becoming a more complete player. He was playing as striker today and assisted both of the goals. Luan has been doing good work at right wing as well. I keep interchanging position of my players in match, at ties Sam was playing on right, Luan as striker and Werner on left. Mark them if you can.

    29th March, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  XWVY8Wp.png
Views: 332
Size:  12.3 KB

    OH MY GOD. We came back THRICE in this game after falling behind, ultimately to claim a win. What a fighting spirit, THIS is a Ballack team, this. I feel so proud of this performance.

    Manager's thoughts and other stuff

    We've been conceding quite a few of late, but we're outscoring opponents. It is good for fans but it has also cost us a couple of games, each of which was very important considering how tight it is at the top of the table.
    Name:  x0yX7Q3.png
Views: 407
Size:  22.8 KB

    This was a rather high scoring matchday, 5 goals avg. per game.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	UJJH5mg.png
Views:	394
Size:	43.3 KB
ID:	484365

    I usually don't mention injuries but he's the only player I have as a natural RB, he has been relatively injury free this season, now I will have to play Castro there who isn't great defensively. I don't feel too confident about it. 2 of Frankfurt's goals came from right side, they exploited Castro to the fullest.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	axHmdyE.png
Views:	390
Size:	36.4 KB
ID:	484367

    God I love this chairman. He hasn't disagreed/rejected my single request as of yet. I'll ask him for stadium expansion when we start filling our stadium more.

    Champions Cup

    Name:  c49ohUK.png
Views: 391
Size:  44.3 KB

    Again we dodged the big guns. Some delicious looking fixtures in R.Madrid vs Chelsea and Atletico vs Barcelona.

    Bundesliga Table

    Name:  4uGWF6B.png
Views: 432
Size:  68.4 KB

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  41. Just check Bayern's players and stats, Pep Guardiola is a mug on this game, he keeps playing Claudio Pizarro and brings Mandzukic off the bench, even though Manduzkic is Bayern's highest goal scorer in league, he choses to go with Pizarro Nor does he play Muller or Goetze as striker (False 9). Usually they sign Kevin Volland but he went to Dortmund in this save as Barcelona signed Lewandowski.

  42. the trio of Keibling, Luan and Werner are deadly for you, I was going to have a go at Werner just b4 but went for Mitrovic instead as he was cheaper

  43. Werner cost me 7.5M, hottest Striker prospect in Germany. I had an aim before story that I won't go for the wonderkids I've come to know about from this forum to make it bit more realistic.

  44. don't worry about that mate I mean you hear managers say stuff like Wenger recommended him to me... Ferguson blah blah etc just get the best players you can

  45. Quote Originally Posted by walkinshaw87 View Post
    don't worry about that mate I mean you hear managers say stuff like Wenger recommended him to me... Ferguson blah blah etc just get the best players you can
    Leverkusen have a great youth recruitment and setup, I even agreed to philosophy of giving youth a chance. And I can get the chairman to do almost anything I want if I say "It'd help in developing young players" . Next update is youth-intake, there are some pleasant surprises.

  46. Youth Intake

    Hot Prospects

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-vdsxb5c.png

    Holy mother of god, I was insanely happy when this kid arrived, a Leverkusen fan! A playmaker who has the potential to be World Class at Ozil level. His stats are good enough for me to slot him in first team, and to think he's 4 years away from first team football. His 19 determination and 13 leadership hint he's something really really special.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-qv5gxcw.png

    Another player who has the potential to be World Class. He has a lot of room for development, he is very raw I can mould his game any way I want to.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-qbf1jfo.png

    Psst, another defensive midfielder. I already have plenty in first team and they all are quite young. His Bravery and Work rate are incredible.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-5avrs20.png

    A right winger, I prefer left footed right wingers (Inside forwards), I'm definitely going to retrain him as left winger.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-6l4ks74.png

    He is determined, has potential to be one of the better Fullbacks in the league. What an insanely good youth intake.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-obl7fxe.png

    He will remain on the left wing, His crossing is too good to be wasted. I will wait on this one and see how his pace/acceleration develop. He's too slow to be a wide player ATM.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-ng5gvxy.png

    Are Germans usually so determined? Very good. He can develop into a very good second choice goalkeeper, even force my first choice GK into rotation when he gets out of form. His reflexes and Aerial Ability are decent already.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-mssaqvf.png

    A box to box midfielder! Michael Ballack is his idol, what else do I need to tell?


    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-zizuwoo.png A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-swc0anx.png A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-7cy7hra.png

    I did not sign the ones with 2 star potential, I had already gotten an incredible youth intake.

  47. April

    Name:  ifmmnpg.png
Views: 401
Size:  41.2 KB

    1st April, 2014 | Tuesday
    (Champions Cup, Quarter Final Leg 1)

    Name:  IGILjIv.png
Views: 386
Size:  10.6 KB

    I set up not to concede and maybe sneak a goal or two on the counter but god, Jackson Martinez is incredibly solid in air, just couldn't keep him quiet. Castro snatched a last minute away goal, I'm still hopeful.

    5th April, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  qL8tBcH.png
Views: 382
Size:  13.3 KB

    Going behind in first minute and then piling on 4 goals in first half itself. I was expecting 6-1 at final whistle, but oh well.

    9th April, 2014 | Wednesday
    (Champions Cup, Quarter Final Leg 2)

    Name:  8me8GQG.png
Views: 397
Size:  11.6 KB

    Jackson Martinez is a frigging beast, Luan came on as a sum to score a consolation goal in injury time. But had Castro not given that pen, god knows what would've happened. I miss Donati.

    12th April, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  oDks7JL.png
Views: 379
Size:  13.1 KB

    Oh FFS, a loss to Hertha Berlin. Luan again came off the bench to score in last few minutes, this might be crucial considering importance of GD this year. But this should've been a win, poor stuff.

    16th April, 2014 | Wednesday
    (German Cup, Semi Final)

    Name:  O6ol2IF.png
Views: 380
Size:  12.3 KB

    This is revenge. At least something to be happy about this month. Finally we've beaten Gladbach and what a way to do so, 4-0 thrashing.

    19th April, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  2rsdKI9.png
Views: 393
Size:  8.7 KB

    A great 3-0 win, even Dortmund and Bayern won their respective matches 3-0 on this matchday.

    26th April, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  qJYAzKr.png
Views: 385
Size:  9.3 KB

    We've just thrown away our best chance at first ever Bundesliga title. A horribly wrong call by refs, I'm still infuriated by it. EXTREMELY POOR.

    A Michael Ballack - Bayer Leverkusen Story-7w10mqz.png


    Manager's thoughts and other stuff

    A poor poor month for us, German Cup Semi Final was probably only positive of this month. While FCP are very good team, we gave them a tough fight. The League results have been horrible, the defense that was rock solid for first half of the season has been shaky as hell.
    Name:  nl5TIl0.png
Views: 454
Size:  35.7 KB

    Good on him, he's running away with the Golden boot this season, has been very very good for us despite some tough competition in Werner who's been producing goods too.

    German Cup

    Name:  MaPg7ik.png
Views: 440
Size:  28.2 KB

    Nurnberg pulled off an upset, now we are the favorites to win the cup, hopefully won't [fun] it up like the last game against Nurnberg.

    Champions Cup

    Name:  6nFmkSZ.png
Views: 456
Size:  25.4 KB

    Samuel Eto'o scored 3 goals of the 6 in that tie, he hasn't scored 10 goals this whole season, seems like he was on fire to score. I hope Chelsea win it for the second time.

    Bundesliga Table

    Name:  7mvKkK2.png
Views: 4174
Size:  70.5 KB

    Bayern are suddenly leading the table, Dortmund only drew one game and Bayern have kept up their pace. They haven't been first in a long time. The last match of the season, the title decider if you will is between Dortmund and Bayern at Allianz Arena. This will be fun.

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  48. what a game to end it, hopefully you can have a good win and Bayern put a few past Dortmund.

    Nice youth by the way.............. better than the crap i got at Marseille this 1st season lol

  49. The best one I've ever had, mate. I usually get one 4 star player with rest 2.5/3. I sweep regens from other teams, hehe.

  50. May

    Name:  FZEMfoE.png
Views: 365
Size:  11.6 KB

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PfpAfo6.png
Views:	397
Size:	58.9 KB
ID:	485038

    3rd May, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  49270ap.png
Views: 345
Size:  12.3 KB

    A good win but both Bayern and Dortmund won, the gap between us and first placed FC Bayern is 4 points, goodbye League title. Dortmund is just 1 point behind them.

    10th May, 2014 | Saturday

    Name:  yOA6jrl.png
Views: 354
Size:  12.5 KB

    That is a good way to finish the league, something to cheer about for the fans. Let's see how the title decider went.

    Name:  yKSALG0.png
Views: 352
Size:  11.5 KB

    Ow, what a humiliating defeat. FC Bayern have shown that League is not a sprint, it's a marathon, Dortmund have lead the league for majority of the season shared with my team but Bayern pulled off a great winning run at the end and have retained the title.

    Bundesliga Table

    Name:  KRnlxpY.png
Views: 406
Size:  71.3 KB

    Dortmund had better GD than us before today's game, it was a big gap of four which I didn't think I'd be able to close in on, but last day thrashing of Bremen and courtesy of FC Bayern we finished 2nd.

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