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  • Yeovil

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  • Bristol City

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  • Lincoln City

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  • Portsmouth

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  • Sparta Rotterdam

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  • Red Star

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New football manager video story poll

  1. New football manager video story poll

    I've already started a video series with the team I support Burnley. But would also be interested in doing another story and am looking for a good challenge and story.

    So the Challenges I've thought of so far are

    Yeovil- See if I can make the team with the smallest budget in the Championship a force to be feared.

    Bristol City- See If I can get them back into the championship and a force in the second tier again.

    Lincoln City- Aim to bring them back into the football league then try to make some history.

    Portsmouth- End the slide and drag them back up the football league.

    Sparta Rotterdam- Get the oldest pro club in Holland back the the big time!.

    Red Star- A thrid tier French club with a rich history maybe it's time to make some more!

    That's just a few ideas I've thought of if anybody has any other ideas that would make a good story let me know. I'm open to doing a story in any country.

  2. Also do you want me to have any targets. Such as All the squad to be from that nation, Aim to have a certain percent of player under a certain age with a time frame etc.

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