A strange old journey.

  1. A strange old journey.

    Hi all, this is my first post. Lets hope it goes down well.

    After AVB's woeful start at Spurs this season he was shown the door by Daniel Levy after 14 months in the job. Levy was left with his boss and star player gone in a matter of days. Rumours where spreading that he had a trusty contact who knew a very successful Sunday league coach who'd been desperate for a big break. Levy pondered for 24 hours whether this could work. The daring Levy thought he'd do it, it could be a master stroke.

    He got his man almost immediately.

    The Era had begun.

    Welcome Mick Wilson to the club.

  2. Interesting, looking forward to see how that is played out! (spurs fan here so dont let us down!!)

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